3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Dog Treats : Yummy !

3 ingredient peanut butter dog treats ? Every dog would love to be treated out with peanut butter. However, making this peanut butter for them so they can sound delicious and sweet is something you need to know the entire recipe and the ingredients required.


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When you know the needed ingredients for your butter dog treat, you will easily make these dog treats at home without any problems. There is a fantastic ingredient list of three with the recipe for making this beautiful dog treat. When making the treat, you can personally whip out the dough provided you have all needed ingredients at your hand.

When you start making the peanut butter treat, remember the part for using your cookie cutter is what will take some times so that you can cut the gifts in the best shape you need.

However, the process is very much relaxing hence can’t give you pressure and the mini bones will be very cute and tiny for your dogs. The best cookie cutter for peanut butter homemade dog treat is the mini bone.

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3 ingredient peanut butter dog treats


The best three ingredients for peanut butter dog treats are as simple and readily available meaning you can easily afford them. They include;

• The whole wheat base floor which can be all-purpose or even whole wheat can be the best alternative since it tends to be very nutritious. There is also an alternative of using a gluten-free option like the garbanzo bean flour, sorghum, or even the oat.

• Peanut butter is another ingredient. It adds up the best peanut butter flavour with very healthy fat.

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• Some mashed bananas or even apple sauce can do, which will add some little sweetness feeling.

• Also, the chicken stock or the veggies which are best in adding flavour and moistening the dough.

After mixing the dough, you need to ensure than the money is cut into the required shape, then bake it. The recipe only requires for you to know the exact ingredients necessary to be in that treat so you will be at comfort when knowing what are the preservatives, any unusual ingredients, or if there are additives. These peanut butter dog treats can be made yummy and wrapped in a box which then will be given even as a gift.

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Some dogs have happened to taste this treat, and they have come to love it due to the ingredients used to bake them. They re sweet and last for sometimes without going bad.

Peanut butter is for most fanatics, and no dig can deny that treat since it’s made with simple but the best ingredients and recipes which are explained in this chapter.


Whenever you want to make peanut butter dog treats, always use the above three ingredients since they are the best which will give you the results of the gifts your dogs need. They will still like them for their sweetness and flavour.

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This is a simple recipe which some owners will try to buy it store bought for their furry friend. But basically you need a baking sheet and set the time to 00 pm 30 minutes and you want to roll the dough that dogs love. Make sure you have a floured surface and absolutely love the brown rice flour which by the way makes this a great recipe. You can create a bone shapes with natural peanut butter, oat flour, wheat flour, and make dog biscuits as well.