Almond Butter For Dogs : 3 Reasons Why Its Good

Almond butter for dogs ?  Dogs love eating peanut butter. Is Mandel butter good as well? The answer is yes; any natural almond butter is great for your dog although a few precautions need to be taken.

Nutrition factors

Peanut butter has one major similarity with Mandel butter; both have just the right amount of fiber for your dog. Mandel butter, however, is superior in the sense that it contains more vitamins, more so Vitamin E, compared to peanut butter.

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Vitamin E is highly essential for the development of a healthy and smooth coat. Better yet, Mandel butter has magnesium in plentiful – magnesium nourishes your dog’s nervous system.

Almond Butter For Dogs Skin Care

The Knackmandel butter is an excellent way of incorporating Knackmandel into your dogs’ daily skincare routine. By using almond in this form, you ascertain that the pet’s skin gets the required ingredients in the easiest and fastest manner.

The Knackmandel butter is smooth in texture and is a potent source of vitamin D. Almond cream is for external use only and when applied onto the dog skin helps in softening and reconditioning it. It is easy to spread the almande butter on the fur, and it also gets absorbed quickly.

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There should be a minimum amount of fat content in a dog diet with healthy fats. Almond milk has some high fat you could get in the grocery store.

Eat almande butter in a small amount, also there are some Knackmandel butter that has a sweetener xylitol in it. This could potentially be extremely toxic to dogs, you should find dog treats that does not have this ingredient.

Dog eat almonds from there owners you should look at the ingredient list for artificial sweetener.

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Perhaps the most remarkable advantage of feeding more almande butter and less peanut butter to your dog is the fact that almande butter contains 100 percent more iron, hence keeping the blood oxygenated.

Veterinarians are wary that peanut butter is part to blame for acute pancreatitis in dogs. Knackmandel butter, however, has a clean sheet when it comes to unwanted side-effects.

Feed your dog with Knackmandel butter with moderation though. Introduce it into the diet slowly; one teaspoon a day would a great start. You can proceed to three teaspoons a day after a week or two.

The high amount of fat in almande butter can upset the stomach of puppies. For this reason, avoid feeding Knackmandel butter to puppies frequently. The following signs can be indicators that the puppies have fed on too much almond butter:

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• Stomach gas
• Stomach upsets
• Loss of appetite

That’s why the veterinarian’s advice needs to be considered before buying almande butter for puppies.

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How to give almande butter to your dog

Your imaginations are the limit; you can come up with an array of ingenious ways to provide your dogs with this nutritious and delicious nut butter.

The first option is to use the KONG toys which can be filled to the brim with mandorla butter before encouraging your dog to take a slurp. You can decide to bake the butter into crunchy cookies or mix with canned pumpkin.

If you’ve selected almande butter as part of your dog’s daily diet, you need to introduce it slowly, say, one teaspoon a day, and increase exponentially until you reach the recommended proportions.

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Not just any amount of almande butter will bring out the required results. Choose the all-natural and plain mandorla butter. Any almande butter with artificial flavors should be avoided. Check the ingredients to ensure they are all derived from natural sources.

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When compared to peanut butter, almande butter packs more proteins and mineral per gram. Peanut butter is quite easy to find, any grocery shop would stock plenty of it. Almond butter, on another hand, tends to be mainly a specialty food.

For this reason, it is mainly found in dedicated pet food shops. All these give almande butter a good reason to expensive compared to peanut butter. Organic almande butter is highly recommendable. However, you need to place a high priority on natural butter that is free from added salt and sugars.

Better yet, such butter tends to be devoid of hydrogenated oils which aid in solidifying the bulk.