American Journey Dog Food Reviews : 7 Sweet Choices

American journey dog food reviews ? As a dog lover and owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you feed your furry friend the required diet.

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American Journey Dog Food Rating : 5 Good Things

Taking care of a dog involves more than just playing fetch with him/her during the weekends. You are in charge of your dog’s health, food, and general wellbeing.

One area that dog owners really struggle with is diet. There are a lot of dog foods out there. This makes it extremely hard for dog owners to choose the most nutritious and safest meals for their dogs.

American Journey Dog Food Reviews

Have you recently come across American journey dog food? Or maybe a fellow pet owner recommended food from this company? Below is the American Journey Dog Food Review.

Who is the American Journey?

It is a house brand for, which is an online pet food and products retailer. American Journey offers nutritious and healthy recipes for different sizes of dogs. Each recipe provided by this company meets the AAFCO requirements and, therefore, safe for pet consumption.

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The foods from American Journey available at Chewy include a variety of formulas. There are six formulas with rice and seven grain-free formulas. The brand also has some supplements for dogs, such as the wild Alaskan salmon oil and oven-baked dog treat recipes.

Currently, American Journey does not have an online presence. Therefore, most information and news regarding their products is derived from the Chewy website. Although their foods are made in the US, according to previous emails from clients online and on Chewy’s website, it has been established that some of their ingredients are sourced from outside the US.

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american journey dog food reviews


The Top 7 American Journey Dog Food Reviews

1. The Salmon and Sweet Potato

Suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and contains salmon, which is a highly digestible protein. The formula allows your dog to maintain healthy and strong muscles. The sweet potato, on the other hand, is responsible for offering your dog fibers and antioxidants.

2. The Chicken and Sweet Potato

If you are looking to introduce your dog to a healthy lifestyle, then you should highly consider this formula. This recipe is not only tasty but offers a lot of essential nutrients. The fruits do a great job of improving your dog’s immune system.

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3. The Beef and Sweet Potato

This particular recipe contains everything that your dog may ever need ranging from proteins to vitamins and minerals. The Beef and Sweet Potato ensures healthier skin and cognitive development.

4. The Limited Ingredient

Looking to improve your dog’s digestion? The limited ingredient has all the essential nutrients for this. It is also suitable for puppies with digestive complications and sensitive tummies.

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5. The Healthy Weight

If weight management is the end goal for your puppy or dog, then feeding him this low-calorie formula will ensure you keep his weight in check.

6. The Puppy Chicken and Sweet Potato

This recipe is designed to help puppies develop and grow as expected. The mixture of sweet potato and puppy chicken supplies your furry friend with the required amount of carbs.

7. The Puppy Lamb and Sweet Potato

The Puppy Lamb and Sweet Potato is another excellent formula for puppies. The lamb meat is an excellent source of protein, and the fibers promote eye development.

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Why American Journey Dog Food is So Popular

In the past few months, American Journey Dog Food has increased in popularity. It has become the top pick for many dog owners and lovers, as well. Here are some reasons why buyers love it so much;

Rich in essential minerals and nutrients
Excellent source of protein
It is packed with dietary fibers
Most foods are accompanied by treats
It targets different dog breeds and sizes
It is made in the US
Contains quality fruits, meat, and vegetables

The Bottom Line

American Journey dog foods are a nutritious and healthy recipe for dogs. They are a reliable company with lots of positive feedback from their customers. Note that, at the moment, there are no recalls from the FDA regarding this brand.

Some cat foods has brewer rice and menhaden fish meal which has essential fatty acid and omega-3 fatty acids. Dry dog food could contain mixed tocopherols and controversial ingredient.

American journey lamb has chicken fat and chelated minerals which can help at different life stages. As far as a specific food brand just make sure it has dry matter and pea protein which could be beneficial for your dog.