Ant Proof Dog Bowl : 3 Types Every Dog Need

Ant dog proof bowl. There is a high probability that ants will find food was left lying about and invite their mates for a meal. If your dog leaves some food in the bowl, the ants will find it and your dog might not eat the food with ants.

You should hence ensure your kitchen has nothing to attract the ants. Using the ant proof dog bowl is also a perfect way of preventing ants from finding their way into your pets’ food.

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Ant proof dog bowls that protect against infiltration of the ants are available for purchase. Here is an exclusive look at everything you need to know about ant proof dog bowl.

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Ant Proof Dog Bowl Types

Some of the ant-proof bowls available in the market include;

Moat Barrier Bowl

This dog bowl uses water as the moat to keep the ants out. You can customize your moat barrier using two stainless pet food dishes, one that is slightly smaller than the other. Attach a piece of a block to the smaller bowl using industrial strength glue to prevent the plate from tipping over while keeping it raised above the water. Leave the glue to dry and put some water in the bigger dish.

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The Antser

This dog bowl prevents ant’s invasion by pacing a soap and water combination in the bottom of Antser. Water and food bowls are placed on the flat top. This prevents the ants from reaching your dog’s food. However, the water should be replaced at least once per month.

Dog Food Dish

This is one of the best dog bowl that eliminate all the chances of ants. This bowl is made of non-toxic resin that is free of chemicals. This bowl is designed to have a secondary lip that gives it an appearance of two stacked together bowls. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t use water.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Bowl

Majority of pet owners find it challenging to keep the ants away from the bowls of their dogs because there are very few effective ants proof bowls. Some of the tricks used by people before the innovation of custom pet bowls included;

• Putting limited food in the bowl

• Only placing the food bowls down when the dog is hungry

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• Placing the dog food dish on a cookie sheet that contains water

However, these tricks come with many drawbacks such as probability the dog does not eat to the satisfaction, or the feeding area is messy. Generally, these are not perfect solutions to the ant issue.

A stainless steel ant free water bowl can help to stop ants.

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The first thing that you should look for in dog bowl is the design. Most of the dog bowl options are relying on slight elevation from the floor that keeps the food dish floating over the water dish on a pivot. However, the plate might easily tip over if your dog eats forcefully or clumsily.

You also consider the material of the dog bowl. The material should not have chemicals harmful to your four-legged friend. The best material of the anti-proof dog bowl is plastic that is BPA free.

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A dog bowl is essential for dog lovers in putting away the ants, which might even irritate our pets. The above examples and tips will help you find the best dog bowl according to your needs and preference.