Applaws Cat Food Review: Pros and Cons

Applaws cat food review ? Many things contribute to the well-being of your cat. Exercise and proper grooming are among them. However, the most important one is diet.

Your cat should feed on healthy balanced meals to be able to thrive. However, finding nutritional cat meals can somehow be challenging, especially for new cat owners.

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There are thousands of products you’ll find on the shelves today. It, therefore, becomes difficult deciding the most suitable one for your furry friend.

Applaws Cat Food Review And History

Applaws is among the most common cat food brands available today. For those who want to try this brand, we’ve written this Applaws Cat food review to help you determine whether or not they’re worth your money.

About Applaws

Applaws is a company that makes pet foods. They believe that pet food matters. That is why, according to their website, they are dedicated in producing high quality food for your furry friends.

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All their foods have no artificial flavors or addictive. They believe in wholesomeness, hence refer their meals as ‘natural simplicity.’

One thing that makes people love this company is the high ethical standards they practice when sourcing their food. They claim that they don’t fill dry food kibbles using cheap/unnecessary things.

They also say that there are no hidden ingredients in their meals. Plus, they only use animal proteins of the highest quality.

applaws cat food review


Popular Flavor Choices

Well, this brand produces many food flavors. But, note that all their flavors have been carefully examined to ensure they’re safe for your cat’s consumption. Some of the best choices include:

Tender Chicken Breast that comes with Tuna Roe. It is a delicious combination that offers a balanced diet for your feline.
Tasty Sardine with Mackerel. For those looking for an excellent source of Omega 3 for their cats, this is the right choice.
Tasty Tuna Fillet with Prawn. Since cats love eating fish, this combination will be suitable.

Features of Applaws Cat Food

Applaws have more than ten years of experience in making and selling cat foods. The company is famous as it sells quality meals. But what makes this brand a suitable choice for your pet? Here are some reasons why individuals buy Applaws Cat foods.

1. Excellent Meat Content

Like humans, cats also require protein to survive. And since they’re obligate carnivores, they need more than vegetables alone. Applaws puts focus on your cat’s protein diet. They ensure that this meal has sufficient meat. Therefore, if you continuously feed them this food, you’ll notice a significant change in your pets’ appearance.

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2. Limited Ingredients

In as much as ingredients make food delicious, some won’t add any value to your cat’s health. But, it’s not easy to tell whether or not the ingredients are too much in most commercial foods. Fortunately, Applaws has a way of ensuring that they only use necessary ingredients when making pet foods. Meals are made with carefully selected ingredients, and this company also strives to ensure that these ingredients few. Some of their meals have as few as three ingredients. Therefore, cat owners can have peace of mind knowing their pets aren’t feeding on unhealthy additives or flavors.

3. Sources of Taurine

Taurine is an essential nutrient in your cat’s diet. It promotes your cat’s eyesight as well as his heart health. If it is supplied in low amounts, your pet may be at risk of getting ill regularly. Luckily, Applaws cat food has taurine. Therefore, your pet will be less vulnerable to illnesses if you feed him this meal.

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Pros and Cons of Applaws Cat Food


Suitable for older cats who have digestive problems
Delicious food than many other cat foods
Fewer additives and high quality meal


Some individuals have complained about the pricing
Some felines may refuse to eat this food

Final Thoughts

Well, Applaws cat food from Applaws is a popular meal among pet owners. The company focuses on providing convenient food for your furry friend. And they do that without compromising the quality. But, while this is a good choice, it is a bit pricey. Therefore, it can be hard feeding it to your pet regularly.

When you think about a cat pot you want to have quality ingredients and that includes ingredients in cat food which has quality proteins and grain free.