Are Pretzels Good For Dogs : What Is The Effect On Sodium And Ion ?

Can dogs have pretzels ? Besides regular dog food, some owners like sharing of human food with their dogs. You can only serve them as a special treat since some foods are very dangerous for dogs. It is essential to know the dog’s digestive system is too sensitive to withstand some human food.

Therefore, a dog owner, you should be well informed about the foods that you should feed your dogs. In this discussion, you will get to understand the impact of pretzel on a dog’s health.

Pretzels are crisp biscuit-like flavored with salt. They made from dough, with sugar, chocolate, and seeds as ingredients. If your dog has ever fed on a pretzel, there is no need to panic since small amounts of pretzels cannot harm it. Dogs can hardly resist them, but you should be aware pretzels are not the best choice.

The risk of giving pretzel to dogs comes from the flavors. There are very few reasons why you may want to provide pretzels for your dog while these snacks enjoyable by humans. Most of the pretzels’ ingredients can be dangerous to your dog if not poisonous. The salt content will keep many dog owners away from feeding their dogs with pretzels. The ability of a dog to tolerant salt varies.

Some Dogs will vomit immediately; they take anything salty while others will seem to do themselves no harm during their first intake. High salt and sodium concentration affect the hydration rate in dogs. Apart from ruffle behind dogs’ ear, a smidgen of salt can make your dog thirsty for the rest of the day.

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It gets worse when your dogs are addicted to pretzels as it exposes them to a real risk of sodium ion poisoning. Your dogs will be exposed to dehydration as there is more salt in their body than water to react to it. Their body will try to expel water to balance sodium ions present in their bloodstream.

can dogs have pretzels

Dehydration can cause high body temperatures or even neurological disorders in the long run. Dogs lack an effective mechanism to digest sodium ions and deal with its side effects. Studies depict that dogs can be feed with pretzels once a while as occasional snacks.

Too much salt causes urination and thirst for dogs. Pretzels lead to dogs suffering from sodium ion poisoning whose symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, high body temperatures, depression, seizures, and tremors. In other cases, it results in coma and death.

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Once you notice these signs, you will need to stop feeding your dog with pretzels. Also, you will need to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. The blames on how your dog functions day-to-day should not be on pretzels but also on any salty food your dogs have been feed on overtime.

Dogs should be feed with one small, hard-baked pretzel per day. For puppies or the lower bread, it should be even less. Even if you bake pretzels at home, it is advisable not to feed them to your dog regularly and pay a lot of attention to the ingredients.

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Although these snacks contain much of carbohydrates that play a significant role in building your dog’s body, they have plenty of nastiness. Dogs system is not very good at processing carbs; therefore, they end up converting them into fats, which can lead to excessive weight gain. Overweight in dogs is a stepping stone to more significant health issues such as diabetes. Provide alot of fresh water to your pups once they have fed on pretzels, especially is their first time.

There are many ways in which dogs can get into contact witH pretzels, from big soil bags on the kitchen floor to being handled by a well-mannered relative. It is an emergency if they are flavored pretzels of onion, garlic, or they are more of the chocolate variety. In such a situation, you will require you to contact your vet for advice.

The vet can ask you to take your pup for a check-up or monitor keenly to see any developing symptoms. These effects are not limited to stomach aches but also their tongues, my swollen. Dogs can also experience dizziness, disorientation, and nausea from consuming too much of pretzels.

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As a general rule, pretzels are neutral food to feed to dogs. They do not cause any harm if they feed on a small amount. Also, they dont do not add nutrients to your dogs. The flavoring of pretzels is what creates significant risk on your pooch. The flavors may include high toxic, for example, coating of garlic dust or onion powder. They cause not only severe but also nasty problems for your dogs.

A dog eats for a dog s health and digestive system and the veterinary advice that you get can prevent your dog from salt poisoning and also could help prevent lead to sodium ion. Macadamia nuts could possibly cause kidney failure or sodium ion poisoning. People food such as pretzels could cause excessive thirst and urination because of salty foods, in a small amount could be highly toxic and may cause vomiting diarrhea. Potato chips are also toxic to dogs also onions and garlic, and garlic powdered dog food could also be trouble as well.