Are Tomatoes Bad For Dogs : Mr. Tomato Wants To Know

Are tomatoes bad for dogs. Yes, tomatoes are ok for dogs. Tomatoes have many health benefits. These are considered good for the dogs like the humans. Most dogs eat tomatoes.

They might experience some side effects depending on the quality and quantity of the tomatoes.

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If you are a dog owner and you are a bit confused about to include tomatoes in your dog’s diet or not, then this article is written for you only. In this article, you will get all the required details about the quantity, benefits, and when you need to avoid the tomatoes.

Are Tomatoes Bad For Dogs : I Need To Understand

Why are tomatoes ok for your dog?

Tomatoes are good for your dog without any doubt. You can go through the following benefits to consider including tomatoes in your dog’s diet.

• Helpful for the vision

If you want to improve the vision of your dog, then tomatoes will be the right choice. It has plenty of Vitamin A and beta-carotene that are very effective to improve the eye health of your dog.

If your dog is very active and spends a lot of time in playing, you need to take care of his vision to ensure that he is able to protect himself from any unpredictable condition. Besides, it will prevent the night blindness that affects some outdoor dogs.

are tomatoes bad for dogs

are tomatoes bad for dogs

• Reduces the cholesterol levels

With the high cholesterol level, your dog might have some health complications including abdominal pain, itching, diarrhea, and hair loss. If you want to lower the cholesterol level of your dog and to prevent all the above-mentioned conditions, you should think of giving your dog tomatoes.

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• Improves the bone’s health

Your dog needs to be strong to be constantly active. If you want to improve the bone strength of your pet, then offer tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin K and calcium that will help in the bone growth and will make the bones strong as well. It will be more helpful if your pet is getting older.

Are Tomatoes Bad For Dogs : What About Heart Health ?

• Good for the heart health

Tomatoes have potassium and vitamin B that are considered effective to treat heart ailments. A tomato-rich diet will prevent heart attack, heart strokes, and other heart-related diseases.

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• Minimizes the risk of hypoglycemia

Blood sugar is the key source of energy that your dog will need to be active on the day to day life. If the blood sugar level is normal, your dog will be able to lead a healthy and active life.

But when it drops, your dog will face many health complications due to the hypoglycemia including low energy levels, weakness, and unconsciousness in rare cases.

It can be more dangerous if you do not treat it at the right time. You can avoid this condition by including tomatoes in your dog’s diet as tomatoes have sugar contents and that can keep hypoglycemia at bay.

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Tomatoes includes stem and leaves that could cause an allergic reaction to your dog. Parts of a tomato could be used to make tomato sauce in human foods.

It is a good idea when feeding your dog a ripe red tomato that the leaves of the tomato are not toxic to dogs. The question remains if ripe tomatoes are safe for dogs.

Cherry tomatoes possibly could be used for dog treats but make sure that they don’t contain tomatine poisoning.

are tomatoes bad for dogs

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• Fights degenerative diseases

Some dog breeds suffer from the degenerative issues. You can consider treatments to cure your dog. If you are looking for a natural remedy, tomatoes will be the best option.

• Improves the digestive system

Tomatoes are rich in fiber. Tomatoes can help to improve the digestive system of your pet by fighting diarrhea, diabetes mellitus, and constipation.

All the above benefits make it clear that tomatoes are good for your dog. But there are some negative sides as well. In some instances, it can harmful and toxic. Go through the followings to know when the tomatoes can be dangerous for your pet.

When should you avoid the tomatoes?

Tomatoes can be harmful to your pet in certain conditions. Excess of everything is bad. This is applicable to both the humans and animals. You should avoid large quantity.

Moreover, though the tomatoes are good for the dogs still the tomato plant is harmful to your pet. The leaves and unripe or green tomatoes can be detrimental to your pet.

The tomato plants contain Alpa-tomatine and Solanine that are not considered good for your pet’s health. If your pet ingests some of the harmful substance, he might experience some discomfort including both the major and minor complications.

However, the impact will not be immediate. These symptoms can be cured as well.

Some of the common symptoms are stomach pain, weakness of the muscles, loss of coordination, difficulty in swallowing, body tremors, cardiac effects, gastrointestinal upset, dry mouth, constipation, difficulty in breathing, and dilated pupils.

Whenever you notice any of these symptoms, you will have to stop giving them tomatoes immediately. The condition will improve within a few days. If the condition deteriorates, visit your veterinarian for the treatment without any delay.

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How many tomatoes will be safe?

You will not find any satisfactory answer to this question. It will vary depending on different conditions including the age of your pet and health condition.

You can include the tomatoes in your pet’s diet. But you will have to avoid overfeeding. According to the research reports, overfeeding will not be a good option for any age group.

If you want to include the tomatoes in your pet’s diet, then offer them on an irregular basis. You can offer them on every alternate day instead of every single day. Moderation will be good option to avoid complexity and to get the benefits.

Are Tomatoes Bad For Dogs : What about the Puppies ?

Yes, puppies can eat the tomatoes just like the adult dogs. The same logic will be applicable to the puppies.

You will give them in a small quantity. But make sure the weaning period is finished and your puppy is able to digest solid food. Puppies might not prefer the tomatoes for the taste. You will have to include it gradually.


In conclusion dog eats ketchup and dogs can eat ketchup in moderation. You might have got the answer to your question. You can include tomatoes in your dog’s diet irrespective of the age.

Be aware of the quantity and make sure that your puppies or adult dogs are not coming in contact with the tomato plants. You will have to avoid unripe tomatoes as these are not good for your pet.

You will have to offer moderate amount to avoid any complication. Even if there is any complication, it will take a few days to be fully recovered. If it is severe, visit your ped straightaway.