Authority Cat Food Reviews: Pros and Cons

Authority cat food reviews ? Authority cat food is manufactured by a company called Pet Smart. Petsmart was founded in the year 1986 and it is commonly known for its production of cat food, right from the Authority cat food, which is higher brand, and the Sophisticate brand cat food.


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The authority cat food is not a generic type. It is made towards the expertly formulated, science based foods. The company claims that their products are made in the United States and some are imported ingredients.

Description of Authority cat food

The authority cat food is enriched with taurine to mostly help support eye and heart health for cats. It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 which genuinely have fatty acids that help nourish healthy skin and shiny coat of the cat.

It also has Natural fibers and prebiotics which help maintain digestive health of the cat. An ora shield system crunchy kibble in it helps reduce plaque and tartar

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This cat food brand weighs 1.58 kilograms and the food type in it is generally dry. The basic flavours food in the Authority cat food is chicken and rice.

This cat food mostly provides the adult cat with the everyday required nutrients needed to thrive. The company offers nutrients that are delicious dry blend and help support eye and heart health of the cat.

authority cat food reviews


Authority Cat Food Reviews And Ingredients

The most common ingredients is the chicken, chicken meal, brewers rice and the corn protein concentrate. It does not contain ingredients such as ground com and corn gluten meal.

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There is the element of Dried cellulose present in the Authority cat food. The caloric content in it is about 3944 calories per kilograms and 404 kcal per cup.

The authority cat foods present a significant percentage of corn as the primary carbohydrate and therefore they are not suitable for cats that have allergies to corn to use them.

The owner of the cat must make an obligation checking the ingredients of any cat food product so as not kill the cat due to allergies that the cat may have.

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Recipes of Authority cat food

There are three top recipes of the Authority cat food that are well known:

1. Authority hairball control and weight management chicken and rice formula adult dry cat food- the food type in it is dry. It costs an average of 0.09 dollars. It has moderate protein, low fat and high carbohydrate content
2. Authority chicken, rice and turkey formula dry cat food- the food type again is dry. Averagely costs 0.14 dollars. It has moderate protein content with moderate fat and high carbohydrate content.
3. Authority chicken entree adult pate canned cat food- This has high protein content with moderate fat and low carbohydrate content. It contains 183 calories per 5.5 ounce can or 33calories per ounce. It costs 0.16 dollars.

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Pros of Authority cat food

• It is convenient
• It can be bought in large bags hence saves
• It is a Reliable choice of cat food
• It is relatively safe for the cat
• It is nutritional for the cat

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• It is expensive
• May cause allergies to the cat
• Can lead to dehydration since it contains less sodium and moisture (wet Authority cat food).


When generally analyzing authority cat food in general, the information given out should be about the standard of the food, the species which the standard can be fed, the variety of this standard and its specific quality.

The other thing to describe about the food is the quality of the ingredients that are contained in this type of cat food.

Authority cat food can be rated to be above average on these various factors hence can be a good choice for your cat. This brand food has been in the market for some time since the late 90s hence a more developed brand in the market hence very reliable.

Some pet food may contain copper sulfate or sodium hexametaphosphate and amino acids. But you should aim to keep you food for you cat normal as possible, such as ground corn, corn wheat, chicken fat these are ingredients that you can find in good pet foods such as authority pet foods and are a good fat source and has natural flavor. These includes vitamins and minerals for your indoor cat and it should contain dietary fiber, some wet foods can include pea protein.