Beagle Lab Mix : What Should I Know About This Breed ?

Beagle lab mix ? Beagador is the popular name that refers to the mix between the purebred Beagle and Labrador Retriever. The intent of this mix was to realize a dog that is loving, energetic, and also friendly.

You will note that this breed is medium-sized, and will weigh about 25 – 45 pounds. This breed of dogs usually grows to about 13 – 22 inches when mature. You may not necessarily be able to predict the dogs appearance nor their temperament, unless you look at the breeds of their parents.

Beagle Lab Mix ? Characteristics And Traits

It is now clear that this mix is arrived at by mating a Beagle breed of a dog with the Labrador Retriever. For you to clearly understand why this mix was initiated, it is wise to look into the parents. This will greatly explain their traits and why their mix was beneficial to this new breed.

History of the Beagle

Having been acknowledged in 1885 by the reputable organization known as American Kennel Club. Their strength lies in their ability to effectively track smells from long distances, their beauty, as well as their immense energy levels. Though the origin if this dog breed still remains unknown.

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beagle lab mix

However, many people believe that this dog breed started in the USA. It was regarded as a small hound dog and had close resemblance with the Dachshund or the Basset Hound, though its legs were straighter.

History of the Labrador Retriever

This dog breed is proudly a sporting group member, unlike the Beagle which is a hound dog. The American Kennel Club got to recognize this breed in 1917. There is no denying that this dog breed ranks highest among dogs bred in the USA. It is an amazing family dog, but will also do great as a hunting companion. You can also comfortably use this dog breed as service dogs, especially because of their great level of intelligence and their friendliness. Though it was originally bred for fisherman to assist in their work.

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Beagle Mixed Puppies Appearance

You should note that the traits of a puppy born of mixing two breeds will never be predictable. This is because they could either have the characteristics of both their parents, or they could exhibit the characteristics of either of their parents. Let’s look at the ranges of various characteristics that this mix will likely showcase.

Weight and Size

As we have elaborated above, it would be hard to pinpoint the exact weight and size of a Beagle Lab mix. However, we can get an estimate range considering the sizes and weight of their parents.

The Labrador will have the following weight and size respectively in its adulthood: 55 – 80 pounds, and 21 – 24 inches tall.
The other parent, Beagle, is smaller than the Labrador, and has the following weight and size in its adulthood: Up to 30 pounds, and 15 inches tall.

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When you are considering the size and weight of the mix, you will get a dog that is in between these sizes.

Colors of its Coat

You will certainly get a host of possible color combinations with this dog breed mix, especially considering that there is possibility of inheriting from either of the parents. You will most likely expect a dense, double coat that is short for the Beagador. Your mix could also inherit the water-resistant capabilities of the Labrador coat, or have a soft texture as that of the Beagle.
You will basically expect to have a dog with beautiful colors that are inherited from their parents.

Beagle Labrador Puppies Temperament

Just like the other aspects discussed above, the Beagle Lab mix will not exhibit a particular temperament, but could inherit the temperament from either of the parents.

Beagle – this dog is inquisitive, friendly and loyal. They are also great at smelling and tracking various targets. This trait makes them fantastic hunting dogs. Their energy levels are also incredibly high, which coupled with its innate curiosity makes it a very active dog.

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Labrador – this dog is very social, friendly, and loyal, which makes it the perfect and most preferred family dog. They are the dogs that will great every visitor with a lot of confidence, sometimes unintentionally intimidating guests. You will also be able to train this dog very easily as it is intelligent. When hunting, you can train them to be your retrievers for small game.

The american kennel club is a great organization which also have a family dog for families and the beagle and the labrador is an interesting mix. There is a separation anxiety for the popular dog in the united states these dogs tend to be 19 to 24 inches in length and these dog breeds or mixed breeds are easy to train.

Some times they may have health issues and as a beagle parent with family pets you want to ensure your providing the best health available. These designer dogs are a perfect dog and has a great sense of smell can be be found in newfoundland canada. The labrador retriever is a loving dog and eager to please.