Best Bernedoodles : The Amazing Cross Breed

Best bernedoodles ? The Bernedoodle is cross breed from Bernese and the poodle. These crossbreeds are quite popular and many would like to be in possession of this friendly dog. It inherits most of its favorable traits from its predecessors. Its traits include its intelligence, friendliness and beauty.

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Many people, regardless of whether or not they are allergic to the fur or coat of any animal would find them attractive as they happen to have a hypoallergenic coat.

The F1B Bernedoodle is of two sizes that is the one in a standard size and the one which is smaller. The mini one is a cross breed of a mini poodle and a mini Bernedoodle.

This is the best Bernedoodle for those people who have an allergy of a moderate or severe intensity towards fur as this type of Bernedoodle hardly sheds. Their coats are wavy and curly. Another type of Berne doodle is the F1 Berne doodle which happens to be good for those with mild allergies to the dog’s coat as they do actually shed but not so much.

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best bernedoodles


Best Bernedoodles

Another advantage of having the dog as your dog pet is that they are meant to be part of one’s family this is because of their friendliness and playfulness.

The family setting is an ideal environment for it for their loving behavior as they are always ready to grab your attention and please you. This is particularly friendly to your children as they have the playful nature that mimics that of a child.

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If you are one of people who enjoys the comfort of more than one pet then you need not to worry about your other pets not getting along with the Bernedoodle as they are friendly to other animals as they are to human beings.

What you need to understand about Bernedoodle is that they need an hour or so of physical exercise done on a daily basis. Just like any other pet they need to be purchased from a reputable and licensed breeder so as to avoid them from suffering from a disease you know nothing about another precaution you need to take is to first take them to be tested as they may be suffering from which has a genetic source.

You also need to understand that it’s not the ideal dog to provide with security due to its friendliness. This friendly behavior might lead them to help thieves instead of scaring them away.

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They also require grooming in intervals of 10 weeks as they hardly shed due to their curly fur. The dog’s average price is $4000 but the puppy could be approximately $3000 but the tri-color one are extremely pricey but highly wanted by many people. Their life span is dependent on its size that is the smaller dogs have a life span of around 2 decades while the standard size is around 15 years.

Breeding can make a great family dog. The F1b bernedoodles and bernedoodle puppies need to get their health testing to ensure they are ok.

The F1 standard bernedoodles can be sometimes a small or tiny bernedoodle. Depends on the breeding program when mixing the poodle and bernese, you want quality bernedoodles and having a mini bernedoodle will not be the same size as a bernese mountain dogs or standard poodles. The australian bernedoodles are black and white.