Best Buddies Dog Training : What They Do ?

Best buddies dog training ? Are you having behavioral issues with your dog? Welcome to Best Buddies Dog Training. Here, we offer affirmative training programs for dogs, regardless of age or breed.

These programs focus on meeting your needs and enhancing a good relationship with your dog. You will learn how to read your dog’s body language and how your personality also affects your dog’s behavior. Let’s find out more about Best Buddies Dog Training.

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Best Buddies Dog Training

About Practice

Sonia is a professional dog trainer having over 16 years’ experience in dog training. Her passion started when she received behavioral training services for her Springer Spaniel dog. Since then, she has put in effort helping her clients with behavioral and obedience dog issues. In her experience as a dog trainer, Sonia masters different personalities in multiple breeds and how to handle them.

About Services

Best Buddies Dog Training offers multiple dog-services to their clients. Sonia, the trainer, is passionate about dogs and learning their various behaviors.

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The different training programs focus on positive training-creating a harmonious relationship with your dog. For instance, she doesn’t use punishments and choke chains.

The facility focuses on individualized care, taking less than ten dogs, at a time, during interactive sessions. The sessions are informal hence encouraging your input. The following are some of the training programs provided at the center.

best buddies dog training

Two-Month Behavioral Support Programme

The first session in this program mainly involves some consultation. Asking the dog-owner some questions to try and find the dog’s personality, and try figuring out the causes of the behavioral issues.

The next stage, scheduled about two weeks later, involves demonstrations on how you should communicate with your dog. These demonstrations involve learning the dog’s body language and using the right tones to create that harmonious relationship.

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General Basic Obedience Programme

Does your dog pull on the lead? Get easily distracted when strolling in the park? This obedience program will help you teach your dog good character using your tone and body language. The program consists of three visits, three hours for the first visit, and two hours for the remaining two visits.

Puppy Management and Training Programme

Are you having behavioral issues with your puppy and want to teach it how to behave? The puppy management program only consists of four visits, three hours-1st visit, and one to two hours for the other appointments.

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The first visit is an assessment of your puppy at your home environment, followed up by outdoor visits to instill character to your puppy. This training program needs consistency to enhance its effectiveness.

One Off-Visit for Puppy Management

This program involves one visit of about three hours. It’s a one-on-one visit that focuses on teaching your 8week-2-month-old puppies some positive behaviors. The program starts on the assessment of your puppy, and later teaching it various positive characters, such as toileting, jumping, interaction with other pets, not responding to their name, etc.


If you have any inquiries about these programs, you can contact us by filling out the online forms. Some of these programs require follow-ups, and you can make consultations online through telephone or Skype. You can receive services such as minor behavioral issues, crate training, and preparing your dog for baby arrival.

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BBDT receives 5-star ratings and great reviews from their clients. Check out their website on some of the testimonials from their clients.


BBDT provides information on body language, nutrition, and safety to their clients through their blog articles. Some of these articles include how to choose a puppy, dog food, and poisonous plants. Sign up to the BBDT newsletter to receive dog-behavior related articles.

To sum up, BBDT works on the principle that no dog is born with bad behavior, regardless of its breed or background. The trainer believes that you can change the behavior of your dog through consistent training programs. These programs focus on understanding the dog’s body language and enhancing a harmonious relationship with it, having any behavioral dog problem? Enquire for BBDT services through or mobile, 07812-975166.