Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Car Travel ?

Best cat carrier for long distance car travel ? As the days go by many companies are coming up with cat carriers that it could be hard to choose which cat carrier is the best for your furry friend especially if you are fond of traveling long distances.

It is advisable to invest in a cat carrier as it assures you of both your safety and your cat’s. This is because a cat can get curious and touch something as vital as a peddle which could lead to serious consequences

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Factors to consider when purchasing the best cat carrier suitable for long-distance travel

Size-it is said that a perfect sized cat carrier is usually one and a half times the size of the cat as these will actually not be too small or too big hence the cat will be comfortable.

Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Car Travel

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Carriers’ material-if your cat is the anxious type and tends to scratch it is advisable to purchase the plastic carrier which is quite hard but one has to keep in mind to put a soft material at the bottom of the carrier

Presence of buckles-they tend to secure your cat in the carrier

Cost-this is a primary factor as it would be unreasonable to purchase a cat carrier that would, later on, cause a dent in your wallet.

best cat carrier for long distance car travel

Pet Luv cat carrier

This five stars rated cat carrier has the best features any cat carrier could have. It is user-friendly and allows comfort while you carry the cat from a place as it has to carry padded handles. Besides, it has shoulder straps that can be adjusted to the length you see fit and comfortable.

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Great cat comfort-this is because it has extra room to allow your cat to stretch to their heart’s desires without feeling trapped and uncomfortable. It also comes with a comfy pillow that allows your cat to take naps comfortably while you drive the car.

It allows for visibility. If you are travelling and the places you pass through happen to have breathtaking features the cat can also catch a glimpse of this as it has windows all around. These windows also offer proper ventilation to the cat.

Privacy-cats are known for their need to keep to themselves hence the manufacturer thought long and hard and came up with a closable flap which offers more privacy to the cat hence quite ideal for your cat. The good thing about these closable flaps is that they are long-lasting due to their ability to resist tear.

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Keeps the insects away-this is due to the presence of the mesh which you can choose to put it up or not. Its work is to keep the insects at bay.

Assures safety-this particular cat carrier comes hand in hand with buckles which are better referred to as seatbelt loops. Their work is to keep the cat safe while you control the steering wheel. Your cat’s safety is also reinforced by the existence of the seams that are reinforced and zippers.

One can easily reach the cat after a long drive after with minimum effort due to the top opening and the access panels which are four in total.

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As a cat owner you want a soft sided cat carrier that has a shoulder strap, cat carriers are known to be airline approved and machine washable with a pet bed. In long distance travel soft sided carriers also has a soft sided pet carrier with folds flat and car seats for car travel. The maximum weight to fit under the seat is 22 pounds that has ventilation and visibility. Litter boxes for per owners as well and cats love mesh sides which is an extra plus.

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