Best Cat Food for Constipation And Relief

Best cat food for constipation ? It is important to ensure that your cat has access to water whenever he needs it as water is vital in digestion. Lack of sufficient water gives your cat constipation. If the condition goes on without treatment, it leads to grave consequences that might sometimes include surgery.

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Signs that your Cat has Constipation

• Reduced frequency in defecation
• Strained defecation
• Dry and hard stool
• Bloody stool
• Straining without results
• Visible discomfort
• A reduction in energy levels

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Apart from water, cats need fiber-rich foods to aid in digestion. You should ensure that the cat food has some of these foods that are rich in fiber:

• Chia seeds
• Green beans
• Cat Grass
• Flax seeds
• Pumpkin Puree

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Causes of Constipation in Cats

• Dehydration as a result of insufficient water intake
• Reduced fiber intake
• Consuming foreign materials that lead to obstruction of the digestive system
• Colon obstruction due to a tumor or hernia
• Ingesting hairballs as they groom themselves
• Obesity from lack of exercise
• Medication where constipation could be a side effect from some types of medication

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Best Cat Food for Constipation And Relief

How to Pick Out the Best Cat Food

Fiber content – make sure the food is rich in fiber; however, the food should not contain high levels of carbohydrates. Other sources of fiber include flaxseeds, pumpkin, and cellulose. The fiber rich food and the bulk in ingested food thus increase peristalsis reducing the risk of constipation.

Moisture content – if you are feeding your cat dry food, you can add broth or water to moisten it as most of the dry food available has a moisture content of 10% whereas wet cat foods have about 80% moisture.

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The moisture helps in digestion of food the waste will be smooth as some water is absorbed a good amount is left making it soft and easy to move to the respected area thus reducing constipation.

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Digestible ingredients – try giving your cat less processed foods as they are difficult to digest, instead, give them food that which contains whole food ingredients to ease digestion.

Probiotics and prebiotics – these are supplements that aid in digestion by providing useful bacteria to break food down. This bacteria reside along the Gastrointestinal tract thus as the food passes through it they aid in digestion thus reducing constipation.

1. Weruva Cats in the Kitchen

This is healthy food for cats that is mostly chicken with pumpkin, guar gum, locust bean, and xanthan gum.

Guar gum acts as a laxative hence ensures that the cat has non-strenuous defecating. Xantham is obtained through fermentation of simple sugar; it should be not be given to cats that are allergic to wheat, soy, or dairy.

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Price: $34.99

2. Turkey & Chicken Recipe from Nulo Lifestyle

This cat canned food has various supplies of protein and fiber from agar agar and guar gum. It also has pumpkin and small amounts of helpful vegetables and useful fruits. The main ingredients are chicken, tuna, turkey, and turkey broth.It is ideal for a cat and is not associated with constipation as is made with some broth.

Price: $47.40

3. Instant Pride Cat Food

This cat food is ideal for cats as it is high in moisture and is made from chicken plus other chicken products. Other ingredients include flaxseed; ground, guar gum plus small amounts of pumpkin to make the food for cats is fiber rich to ease digestion.

Price: $23.64

In conclusion, unless the cause of the cat constipation is due to blockage or ingestion of foreign objects, constipation is mostly a result of poorly feeding the cat. If you love your pet you have to take good care of it the same way you take care of yourself.

Make sure water is available every other time as this is one drink that aids from constipation. Then ensure that your cat takes in the required amount of food as overeating can also lead to constipation. Most importantly you have to watch what your cat feeds on to ease its food digestion and avoid frequent visits to the veterinarian.

Its very important for cat owners to give there cat fatty acids and high protein for bowel movements however you don’t want to over stuff the cat’s body or digestive tract.

Dry cat food is good but this is also why we need a litter box or nature’s variety which might have insoluble fiber and vitamins and minerals which can help the intestinal tract. Soluble fiber helps move thing along but also you want it to be grain free if the cat is suffering from constipation.