Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

Best cat food for older cats with bad teeth ? Everything and everyone gets old at some point of their lives. Others get their faster than others but all in all, we all get old and we need special care from our normal routine.

Our cats get old fast, at the age of 10, they are now considered “seniors,” they need our help and care for them to live healthier and longer. At the age of 10, they cannot produce as much calcium to strengthen their teeth and bones.

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In this article we will discuss on the dental health of senior cats. We will discuss on everything to do with dental hygiene from how to take care of their teeth to the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth.

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

Dental hygiene for senior cats

Just like human beings, cats also need oral health. Their teeth need to be taken care of to prevent diseases. Did you know that cats can also develop gingivitis? Which is bleeding gums. That being said, our cat’s teeth need to be treated like ours especially now that they are in their senior years.

Cat Food For Older Cats With Teeth Problems ?

best cat food for older cats with bad teeth


How to keep your senior cat’s teeth clean

Here are some of the ways to keep your cat’s teeth clean:

● Brush their teeth regularly
This task can prove to be difficult because it entails opening their mouth and brushing their teeth, but you need to do this to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Doing this many times will make your cat used to it. Brushing helps remove particular stuck between teeth which could cause decay.

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● Giving them a balanced diet
Now that they are old, they are not able to produce enor calcium to strengthen their teeth and bones, it is your responsibility to give this to them. Give them food with enough calcium to strengthen their teeth. You should also give food that is rich in protein to build their muscles.

● Maintain a culture of regular veterinarian visits
Your cat needs professional attention. Your veterinary doctor can perform checkups and update you on how they are fairing on.

● Have a good eye for signs
You know your cat best. So if you spot anything out of the ordinary, be quick to consult your vet.

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth ? 4 Reasons

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What to look for in senior cat’s food

Just like human diet, not all food serve the same problem, cat food is different. Now that we are looking at senior cats with teeth problem, these are the kind of things you should include in their new diet:

● Proteins
The food should be rich in protein. Look out for real raw meat like chicken, turkey or fish. Protein helps them build muscles that prevent joint issues.

● Fiber
Older cats have a problem with digestion. Food rich in fibers help cats digest their food faster.

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● Healthy supplements
Healthy supplements like omega 3 fatty acids help with adding more minerals to your cat’s body making them stronger.

● Little to no fat
You do not want to make your cat obese. Now that their metabolism is very low, digestion happens slowly meaning that breaking down of fats is difficult and they just settle in the cat’s body making them fat.

● Moisture
Their food should be moist to help them eat without trouble. Their weak teeth cannot handle hard food.

What is best, dry or wet food?

Now that your cat is old, the debate on which of these foods is the best. Dry food packs a lot of nutrients but is harder for cats to eat while wet food is easy for your cat to eat. Wet food is quick to rot once opened meaning that it goes to waste if your cat is not hungry. You can dissolve the dry food in water to make it easier for your cat to digest but this wastes a lot of time.
They key is to get the most nutrients from the easiest to digest, here are some of the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth:

1. Wellness complete health natural dry cat food

Protein content 38%
Fat content 13%
Fiber 4.5%
It has a high protein level because it is made from whole chicken and fish. It is therefore good for muscle formation. The fiber concentration also helps in digestion. It is ideal for older cats. Their packaging comes in different sizes and flavours giving your cat the liberty to choose their best kind.

● High protein content
● Fiber content
● Comes in different sizes and flavours

Some cats did not like it

2. Halo grain free natural wet cat food for senior cats

Protein 9%
Fat 7%
Fiber 2.5%
It is specifically developed for senior cats. It has no added preservatives like colour or flavor. It does not have grains or vegetables since senior cats do not need that anymore. The protein content allows for the development of leaner muscles.

● Good for senior cats
● No grains
● No preservatives
● Promotes healthy digestion
● Develops leaner muscles

● Has a strong unpleasant smell

3. Hill’s science diet senior wet cat food

Protein 6%
Fat 1.6%
Fiber 2%
This cat food has been recommended and recognized by many veterinary doctor. It does not only provide health to your cat but it also gives it a beautiful coat and skin.

● Beautiful coat and skin
● Gives overall health
● Has important nutrients

● Some cats do not like it

4. Nutro max cat chicken and lamb formula canned senior wet cat food

Protein 9%
Fat 5%
Fiber 3%
It has been scientifically designed for senior cats. The main ingredient used is lamb and chicken. It is boiled to a broth that cats love the taste of. It has added minerals and vitamins.
● High levels of protein
● Added minerals and vitamins
● Cats love the taste
● Slowly cooked
● Some cats got sick in their first trial

5. Royal canin feline health nutrition aging 12+

Protein 9%
Fat 2.5%
Fiber 1.5%
This meal is filled with omega 3 fatty acids to help with the cat’s joints. It also helps with kidney health because of the reduced phosphorus levels. It is very wet meaning it can be easily digested.

● Possesses fatty acids
● Easily digested
● Reduced phosphorus levels

● Some cats did not like the appearance

In conclusion, there are a number of cat foods to choose from. It all depends on the preference of your cat. Choose a meal that is healthy and nutritious and one that has protein and added minerals.

As a cat owner you want your feline to get the essential fatty acids so that they don’t have health problems, these animal proteins includes vitamins and minerals.