Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop : 4 Great Choices

Best cat food for smelly poop ? All cat poops smell. As long as it is something that can be handled with proper ventilation and deodorizing sprays alongside some adequate level of hygiene, you should not be worried.

This is how a normal cat poop should behave. However, when the smell is far much beyond control, then there might be something wrong with the cat.

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In most cases, the extreme stinking can be as a result of the type of food that the cat eats. This being the case, therefore, you should be fast to change the food that you give to the cat.

Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop

You could be solving part of the problem, if not the whole of it. Which food should, therefore, serve this purpose? Here are some few suggestions of cat foods which can give you a difference

1. Kasik cage-free chicken formula grain-free canned cat food

This is the first option if you wish to reduce the smell of your cat poop. The primary ingredient used in making this given option is the boneless chicken, peace starch, calcium carbonate, and chloride. All these ingredients are geared towards making the final product easily digestible.

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The boneless chicken, which is the primary ingredient, gets well-digested, meaning that the cat will give minimum wastes, hence less smell. If your cat is allergic to many food varieties, try this option.

It has minimum plant content with a single animal protein and has no thickeners. Some users, however, reported that their cat doesn’t love the taste of the food and so you should start by a small package.

best cat food for smelly poop


2. Ziwipeak venison canned cat cuisine

If you suspect food allergies with your cat, this is one of the best foods that you should consider. The primary ingredients are the venison broth, liver, lungs, and heart. In most cases, cats should not feed on venison every day. The food is made of a single protein source and so unlikely to stimulate an allergic response.

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Generally, 93% of its total recipe is from highly digestible animal sources. This means that the cat will release less waste, which is less smelly. Most users who have used it, however, reported that it contains chickpeas that are not pleasant to most cat breeds.

3. Tiki cat hookena luau ahi tuna & chicken grain-free canned cat food

This is yet another excellent option for you of your cat poop gives an unbearable smell. The primary ingredients include chicken broth, tuna, sunflower seed oil, and unboned chicken. All these ingredients are highly digestible.

Additionally, the food type does not contain processed preservatives, and so it can be depended on for cats who are allergic to a combined animal food source.

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The dominant flavor for the tiki cat is the fish flavor, and so if your cat is most attracted to see food, you can have a try at this to reduce the intensity of the poop smell.

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4. Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw absolutely rabbit dinner morsels

Here is another suggestion for your cat. It contains rabbit ground bone, pumpkin seeds, potassium chloride, and olive oil as the top ingredients. It reduces both the volume of your cat stool and the general odor.

One thing that makes the food is its probiotics content, which gives the cat improved digestion hence reducing the general cat odor.

If you have to prepare the food under heat, ensure you do not overcook it. Proper hydration of this food may, however, take some few minutes before you can serve it. You should start the preparation earlier.

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At times, the choice of cat food might not fully solve the smelly poop problem. You, therefore, got to be flexible to change if the food choice is making no difference.

However, do not rush to conclude that the change you have done to the cat is not working. Give it at least one week to conclude whether it is working or not. If you see no difference after one week, you might have to consult your cat vet to get other ways of dealing with the problem.

Cat owners know from owning cats that they can sometimes have digestive disorders and a sensitive stomach. High protein might can cause bacterial infection although they have vitamins and minerals and should be part of a cat’s diet it should be consumed in moderation. Wet cat food is good as it has additional nutrients a cat may need.