Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats : 4 Features To Know

Best cat toys for indoor cats ? Did you know that you can remove a cat from a jungle, but you cannot remove the forest from the cat? As much as you are keeping the cat indoors for whatever reason, you don’t have to follow the cat bored in the house.

Cats are known to be playful. You, therefore, have to provide something which can allow the cat to enjoy the stay within your home. Otherwise, it might end up losing the cat or having it destroy some of your property.

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Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

I don’t think you would have a cat stay in your house and enjoy the losses it is giving you. If you don’t give the cat toys, damage to other things might be inevitable.

Getting a toy for indoor cats might be difficult. If the cat is suffering from some chronic conditions like asthma, you might want to keep him in the house and buy some toys for him.

At times they end up not recognizing the toy you bring home. If this happens, do not blame the cat. Maybe your choice of the toy was poor. How then can you choose the best toy for your indoor cat? Use the following guideline in making the best decision:

1. The best toy should be stretchable

Cats love it when they scratch on things using their claws. Well, you might get disturbed by the noise that comes from the scratching, but then there is a lot that the cat is gaining.

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Healthwise, the cat, is merely trying to get some exercise that can help it to stretch the muscles. This is why, in most cases, the cat will be running from one end of the room to another and come back to scratch things like mats, especially the sisal, made ones. The toy you bring home should, therefore, have both the horizontal and vertical surfaces to give the cat maximum scratching.

best cat toys for indoor cats


2. The toy should give room for climbing

Naturally, cats love climbing on trees. If you choose to keep your cat indoors, then you should be prepared to provide the cat with something it can be climbing up and down for fun.

Cats feel safe when they are in a high vantage point. If you choose to bring cat trees into the house, be keen so that it does not pounce on you. Cat loves fun, and they might land on you from the tree when they think they are playing but end up hurting you.

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3. The cat should be able to chase the toy

For this, you have many options. You can have multiple options to have it well placed at a point, which makes it flexible. For instance, you can have some ball tied on a string and left hanging.

The cat will be running after such a ball, and because it is well tied somewhere, it cannot go beyond a given radius. This can give you some peace of mind that having the cat chase after your kids, denying them the peace that they deserve.

kitty tower


4. You need a toy that doesn’t need your supervision

You will attest to me that taking care of a cat and entirely giving it your attention cannot be possible. You don’t want to forgo your duties supervise your cat playing around with the toy.

Therefore, buy something that does not need any level of supervision. This means that the first aspect to put in mind is the safety of your cat as it plays around with the toy.

An example of such a toy is cat tunnels and balls in track toys. The cat will love it, and you won’t have to be worried about its safety when you are away.

If you give it something that needs many supervisors, you might end up losing focus on other essential activities.

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Not any toy can be best for your cat. Just as a mother would try to give the kids different toys but would realize the best toy group for the kids, you also need to get to know what entertains your cat better. Cats are somehow different, and so you should be keen to meet the specific needs of your cat.

Laser pointers en are great for creating cat activity for a cat owner and encourages your cat loss and keep the cat entertained while also promoting hunting instinct and it is also battery operated. A colorful ball can keep a cat’s attention for multiple cats and their furry friends. Catnip toys can be a very interactive cat toy along with a cat dancer and pet toy.