Best Deshedding Brush For Labs With Long Hair

Best deshedding brush for labs ? It is not easy to keep your dog looking at his best all the time. However, having the right tool can make the grooming task easier.

While it can be tempting to walk into a pet store and buy the first brush you see, bear in mind that Labradors, as cute as they are shed a lot. So, before wasting your money on the wrong brush, you should know the different types of brushes for this dog breed.

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Since Labs have a double coat, you’ll need certain types of brushes for removing hair before they coat all your clothes and furniture. If you own a Labrador, this guide will enlighten you on the best brushes to buy.

Best Deshedding Brush For Labs

Types of Dog Brushes Available

Regularly brushing your Lab will ensure that they look neat, clean and attractive. Brushing helps circulate their natural oils, remove dirt/debris and keep their coat healthy.

Bear in mind that Labs are naturally active dogs that love getting muddy and wet. As such, you need to ensure that they haven’t carried any insects in their fur from outside. While there are many brushes, most of them fall into these categories.

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1. Slicker Brushes

These are specially designed for dead undercoat removal on Labs. They consist of rows of wire pins that are bent at their ends. These pins remove tangles and can be either soft or hard depending on your pet’s needs.

2. Pin Brushes

Pin brushes are useful in removing tangles from dogs that have long hairs. They resemble brushes used by many people as they come in oval shapes. They have wired pins on top that remove loose hairs from dogs before they begin to shed on your floors or furniture.

3. Bristles Brushes

These are mainly used for removing dirt or debris from your pet’s coat. They can either be natural or man-made depending on the brand. These brushes are good for everyday quick brushing as they promote a shiny coat.

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best deshedding brush for labs

4. Undercoat Rake

These are specifically for removing undercoat when your dog sheds and tangles from the fur. They have longer ‘teeth’ for getting the deepest loose hairs.

Best Deshedding Brush for Labs

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

We love this brush as it caters for most needs of any dogs. As it has a smooth easy to use design, it ensures that your Lab feels comfortable during brushing. Using it regularly can help reduce shedding by approximately 90%.

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FURminator is designed to reach both top and undercoat. This brush comes in three different sizes for short or long-haired dogs. It also comes with a button to remove dead hair from the brush. However, this hair release button might stick. Plus, the teeth size may not be long enough to get through winter coats.

KONG Zoom Groom

If you have a Lab that sheds heavily, this is the right brush. Kong Zoom Groom brush is perfect for brushing and shampooing your dog. As it is rubber made, it creates a massage-like feeling when used. It helps in capillary stimulation and natural oil production. As such your dog’s coat and skin remain healthy.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

It is a strong long-lasting brush that’s comfortable for both the dog and the owner. It has a simple anti-slip handle that helps get knots in your dog’s coat easily. Plus, it ensures a firm grip hence individuals can use them to remove dead hair from their pet’s undercoat.

It features a button that makes bristle retracts hence you don’t need to scrape between tiny pins to remove the collected hair. However, it’s not a large brush. Therefore, it’s not a suitable choice for puppy grooming or making your dog get used to having his/her coat brushed.

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Labradors are undoubtedly excellent pets. They’re loving and playful hence make great companions. But, their fur can become burdensome. That’s why you should brush them regularly using an appropriate tool for this breed.

You can brush your dog with a stainless steel material for all types of dogs. Labrador owners have a great choice to use natural oils on long haired dogs or a dog s coat. Brushes for labradors can remove loose hair.