Best Dog Food Brand For Siberian Husky Puppy : Which One Is King

Best dog food brand for siberian husky puppy ? Alaskan and Siberian huskies are a special breed of dogs. While many people consider their cute appearance to be captivating, huskies are mainly reared for their working capabilities than their nice looks.

The two species of huskies, more so the Alaskan husky, are capable of surviving in the extremely cold and snowy conditions of the arctic region while being used as means of transport – dragging bulky loads for long distances on the tundra.

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Best Dog Food Brand For Siberian Husky Puppy

This special capability calls for a special diet for them. Yet not all owners of huskies keep them for that purpose. The nutrition requirements, however, doesn’t vary much between the two species. Here is what to keep in mind when buying food for your huskies:

best dog food brand for siberian husky puppy


1. High animal protein content – Huskies need to develop robust muscle mass while they’re still puppies to grow into hardy adults. For this reason, their food needs to be rich in protein, especially animal protein. Best sources of proteins are poultry, fish, and red meat.

Best Food For Husky : Nutritional Value

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2. Digestible carbohydrates –Plenty of carbohydrates helps to keep your huskies energetic at all times regardless of their age. Vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain are great sources of digestible proteins.

In case your huskies are intolerant of grain-based carbohydrates, try substituting them with tapioca or sweet potato carbs. There is a growing concern that legumes cause cardiomyopathy dilation in dogs, so you would want to avoid legumes altogether.

Don’t shy away from omega fats, however, because they help your huskies to form healthy coat and skin.

When taking care of your dog your food for siberian husky will be the key to your dogs health. The reason is that proper nutrition can keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny.

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Why Fats Are Good ?

Less shedding can also be accomplished as well, although some dogs do shed a lot. Having a great meal plan for your dog will help them to be strong.

The key to good nutrition is finding products that matches your dog needs. It is best to go with food that is either natural or organic. Yes even in dog food you should try to eat as clean as possible.

Dog food for siberian comes in all different flavors and choices and you as a dog owner will need to understand your dog preference. Ultimately the choice is yours but you don’t want to buy food that does not have quality ingredients as this will short change your dog on good nutrients.

What Are Work Dogs ?

Work dogs which are defined as dogs that do heavy pulling as in the case of huskies need to have good food to replenish there needs. Fruits and vegetables are essential even in dog cases but you have to be aware of which foods are best for them.

Protein and fat are needed to help them build muscle and make them strong. High quality food for husky puppies are also sound advice because as they are growing they will need proper vitamins and minerals that can come in the form of the food they eat.

Some advocate brown rice but make sure that is edible for dogs in general. Keep fat contents to a minimum but you want enough fat that will give them a nice shiny coat. Some puppy food can include a chicken meal but again make sure quality dog food is being monitored and checked.

3. Moderate-to-escalated fats and calories –Put a priority on animal fats such as those from chicken and Salmon. You can supplement animal fats with plant oils such as flaxseed and canola oil.

The fat intake should be kept low when your huskies are still puppies but escalated once they become young adults.

Physiologically, huskies need to develop a thick adipose (fatty) layer while young to prepare them for survival and working in the arctic weather. You should observe the same while rearing them even if you don’t intend to put them in front of the sleigh.

4. Mineral salts – Huskies, just like other breeds of dogs, should not consume high quantities of salt in their food. -it’s bad for their health. More than enough salt in food can drive your huskies incredibly thirsty.

Best Food Brand For Husky Puppy To Grow Up Strong

Salt also leads to sodium poisoning often manifested by depression, diarrhea, vomiting, and seizures. For this reason, keep salt to a minimum in your Huskies’ food.

5. Complete & balanced diet in one pack – The local pet food quality control agencies (such as AAFCO –Association of American Feed Control Officials) may flag certain foods from manufactures as being nutritionally complete in one pack but that does not necessarily guarantee the ingredients’ quality.

While buying such foods for your huskies, ensure that each pack contains sufficient minerals and vitamins and remember to verify that they are formulated for the breed size and age of your Huskies.

good treat



Having noted the above nutritional needs of your Huskies, you’re probably ready to embark on shopping. All the foods mentioned below are available on Amazon. Here are the best foods for your huskies:

For Adult Huskies

1. Beef proteins –The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Grain Beef
This meal is highly recommended for Siberian huskies. It is prepared with naturally dehydrated whole foods.

The low fat and low-calorie beef recipe make it great for adult huskies that are starting to build muscles and gain weight. Besides beef, the meal contains low quantities of organic flaxseed, organic barley, organic, oats, eggs, carrots, and potatoes. It can supply as much as 30% of your adult huskies’ protein needs. It also consists of 12% fat, 3.5% and can supply 350 kcal/cup calories.

What about Seafood ?

2. Seafood proteins – Taste of the Wild Pacific Dog Food
Huskies love to eat fish and would enjoy this recipe of smoked salmon as well. Seafood is known to be rich in iodine which is essential in hair development and prevention of autoimmune issues in dogs. Not only do

Salmon provide plenty of iodine but also supplies the much-needed proteins for huskies that have just reached adulthood.

This meal is reinforced with Vitamin E, selenium and zinc to reinforce the immune system of the dogs and speed up the healing of wounds. Fat and proteins are kept to a minimum of 15% and 25% respectively.

What Benefit Does Chicken Have ?

3. Turkey and Chicken Protein Dry Food – Wellness Core™ Grain Free Natural Dog Food

It is advisable to satisfy your huskies’ protein needs by feeding them with poultry proteins. They keep your huskies full for long especially if you want them to exercise more.

Poultry proteins should constitute as much as 34% of the total proteins consumed by your dogs. They have an advantage of coming infused with vitamin 16, plenty of Omega-3 and 6 and glucosamine. The above-mentioned brand of dog food constitutes 16% salmon fat hence can serve as one pack solution to your huskies’ nutritional needs.

4. Poultry and botanical proteins – Adult Dog by Orijen
Orijen is regarded highly among Husky owners for producing goods that mimic the natural food eaten by huskies.

They ensure that 90% of the nutrients in each pack are sourced from poultry, fish, and red meat while the remainder is derived from botanicals. This meal pack contains at least 35% fat and 36% proteins which entails a total of 13 amino acids. The ratio of omega-3 to -6 fatty acids is 5.5:1.

mineral salts


Husky Puppies

1. Lamb and Rice Formula –Purina Pro-Plan FOCUS

Rice and lamb provide a good natural source of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid, a type of omega-3 acid) good for the puppy’s young brain and heart. The lamb and rice formula comes with a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins that can be consumed while keeping the calorie intake by the young dogs down.

Talking of Purina Pro-Plan, it’s capable of providing 28% of your puppies’ protein needs to develop body muscles. It contains 1.1% Calcium, just enough quantity to build strong bones in puppies as old as 7 months. The accompanying 18% fat makes this pack an excellent two-meal-day food for vigorously exercising husky puppies.

2. Natural formula – Natural Ultramix Dog Food by Castor & Pollux
The natural consists of deboned chicken as the main ingredient and an array of other constituents notably pieces of vegetables, fruits, and a volley of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. It is grain-free. Small quantities of omega acids are added to promote the development of a healthy coat and skin in young huskies.