Best Dog Food For Chihuahua : Wet Or Dry

Best dog food for chihuahua ? The Chihuahua breed of dogs derives their name from a Mexican state where they were discovered around 1850. Some experts claim it is the Incas or Aztecs who discovered them.

There are some reports though that claims the breeds can be traced to Spanish breeds as far back as 1500. Chihuahuas are small, sassy dogs with infectious personalities.

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They have the undistinguished title of being the smallest dog breed in the world. They are excellent family pets when treated with respect. Besides, they are good companions and extremely loyal to their owners. They can weigh as little as two pounds and seldom exceed six pounds

Chihuahuas have domed skulls, and some have a soft spot on top of the head where the bones do not join. It is called the molera. Their ears are large and prickly while their muzzles are pointed. The eyes are large and round.

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Best Dog Food For Chihuahua : Coats

The Chihuahua coats come in many colors and patterns. Generally, they have two coat varieties. One that is smooth and short while the other is longer and softer, but with fringed legs and ears.

Chihuahuas are excellent companion dogs and live relative long years by dog standards. The life expectancy can go on upwards of sixteen years.
General care for the Chihuahuas.

best dog food for chihuahua


Chihuahuas are small lap dogs and will often seek the owner’s attention. Most of the time, they will be on the lap. Due to this and coupled with their small stature, they are prone to become overweight quickly. However, they need not be the case.

Chihuahuas are very active and require moderate amount of exercise to maintain an ideal weight.

It can be achieved in the comfort of your home and apartment. However, do not be lazy; take your pet friend out for a walk! It is a brilliant way to spend time together. Chihuahua coats also have minimal grooming requirements.

best dog food for chihuahua

In this article, we will strive to offer a comprehensive guide on the best feeding method for your Chihuahua.

They are also prone to specific health concerns which we will also address. From caring for your puppy or even if your pal in his/her golden years, we got you covered.

General Nutritional Requirements For Chihuahuas

Dogs generally have similar nutritional needs. In some cases, the requirements may differ from one breed to another. Chihuahuas are small breeds, and hence the thrive on foods suitable for their little jaws.

Chihuahuas have an average activity level so their diets should mirror this. Be sure to look for a diet containing a moderate amount of proteins and fats.

Chihuahuas are prone to obesity, so in their early stages of life, keep their diet protein-rich at about 40 percent protein. Be sure also to avoid foods that consist of ingredients with additives, gluten, some specific animal fats, and corn syrup.

Caring For The Dietary Needs Of A Chihuahua Pup

Chihuahua puppies grow at a fast rate. With approximately only six months between weaning and switching them to adult food. It is imperative to make sure to give them a diet that gives him enough energy.

At this stage, they also need to build muscles, bones, and grow bigger and stronger. It is recommended that their food should contain about 20 percent fats and 30 percent protein.

Besides, consider foods that also features veggies as those are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Last but not least, do not forget to keep them hydrated.

best dog food for chihuahua

Once he is about eight months old, you can start going slow on growth-related foods. You can now start focusing on providing a balanced diet to maintain the ideal weight.

Protein should now consist of twenty-five to thirty percent. In later stages, as they head to adulthood, they will require about forty calories daily for each pound they weigh.

One should Scout for brands with natural sources of fats and lipids such as chicken fats. Check out for brands that are genuine and with a proven track record.

If your small friend is sedentary and not very active, aim for ten to twelve percent percentage.

If they are active and all over the place, aim for a figure of fifteen percent. Do not give a lesser amount of the recommended portion of fats and lipids even if your pet is sedentary and less active.

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Unless you have a photographic memory, you might not be able to remember all these figures. Do not fret on cramming. There are Dog Food

Calorie Calculator Charts That Are Readily Available

It should be used in tandem with serving recommendations written on the Chihuahua Food Bag. It should assist you in all the calculations to get a balanced diet for your furry-pal.

What Way Forward: Should I Go For Wet Or Dry Food?

When choosing the best option, owners should go for the type that works for you and your fluffy pal. Some people find wet food to be relatively costly.

Take into consideration factors like storage and refrigeration. Well, the good thing is, you can mix between the two options. Besides, you can switch the two options or even mix then in a single meal.

The most important thing is to note the type of food your pooch prefers.
If you are unsure or are yet to try, start by offering him either option and take note of the one he prefers more. We all know that Chihuahua can be picky.

Be keen on how he also eats his food. If he does not seem to be eating but instead gobbles down whole kibbles like it the end of the world, consider reducing the kibble sizes.

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Your furry bundle of love will depend entirely on you to give him the best and balanced diet. Always choose a genuine brand when buying his food. Remember to adhere to the recommended portions to ensure he gets a balanced diet.

Caring For The Dietary Needs Of An Adult Chihuahua

On average, an adult Chihuahua needs around 200 calories a day. Note that, most of the available dog food has 300 to 500 calories per serving. For this reason, it is recommended to feed your Chihuahua smaller but frequent meals, three to five times a day.

This unorthodox regime helps manage Chihuahua’s susceptibility to canine hypoglycemia. You do not want your pet-pals sugar crashing. This is a more natural way to manage and avoid that. The smaller the pooch, the more frequent you will need to feed him.

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A dog’s stomach is quite small so try to offer small food portions that can be consumed in about twenty minutes. You can start by small quantities then take note of how fast they eat to adjust the proportions in future. Be careful when offering treats in between meals to figure out the appropriate portions your pet is taking.



Try to discourage human food or “table teats” during your mealtime. These treats can easily lead to obesity.

Best Dry Foods For Chihuahua Adults

As discussed above the type of food whether dry or wet, should be one that is convenient for both of you. The best dry food should be one that packs a nutritional punch in each bite. Go for genuine brands that are recommended.

There are a handful of dry foods brands that offer breed-specific meals. The recipes are carefully tailored to the health and dietary needs of particular breeds. Protein-rich toy breeds with smaller kibble size and whole natural grains are also a good source of a balanced diet.

Best Wet Food For Chihuahua Adults

Sometimes, for tiny Chihuahuas, wet food can be readily preferred and tolerated than dry kibble. Another advantage of having your pet-pal used to wet food is that it serves the particular purpose of hydration. It can be particularly useful when your Chihuahua feels under the weather at specific terms.

At this stage, be sure to go for tasty foods. Chihuahuas are picky eaters and at this stage are bound to be choosy of the foods they eat.


At this point, it is easier to choose suitable food for your pooch. Barring any allergies or special conditions, buying food for your Chihuahua should be straight forward.

Caring For The Dietary Needs Of A Senior Chihuahua

Chihuahua can live for many years( By dog standards of course). They can live for more than sixteen years. It can be achieved with proper nutrition, exercise, and access to preventive veterinary care.

As your Chihuahua gets grows old, you notice that he starts to slow down. It means that he will be burning fewer calories and in turn, he will need fewer calories.

Maintain a healthy life style for your adult dogs and you can do that by ensuring your chihuahua’s diet is rich with vitamins and minerals, you can get that through sweet potatoes. Royal canin food include deboned chicken, brown rice, that your chihuahua dog can eat based on a hill’s science diet.

It is the stage they are most susceptible to obesity

Go for foods rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Look out for foods that have wholesome nutrients for a balanced diet. In addition, give them menus designed o boost their immune system.

Other types of Chihuahua foods available for consideration

Raw- some people may prefer to give their pets a raw at-home diet. Proper care should be taken as this diet can be dangerous and most of the time lack the correct amount of nutrients. However, ready-made raw food is available for purchase. It is a great option, and the recommended one if you prefer raw diet.

Semi-moist- it contains about sixty percent water. It can be a tasty treat supplement once in a while. Care should be taken as they tend to contain more salts and sugars than other foods.

Homecooked- currently, there are several freshly cooked dog food alternatives in the market. The downside is that most are expensive. If you can afford, they are a good option, and your Chihuahua will be thrilled with it.

Caring for Chihuahuas who need special consideration

The majority of potential health issues affecting Chihuahuas stem from lack of proper diet. The most common is obesity which can lead to a slew of problems. It is imperative that you feed your pet a balanced diet.

However, some natural factors can lead to your Chihuahua needing special considerations. If your pet is diagnosed with suspected food allergies, he may need a different kind of food. Sensitive stomach issues should also be watched out.

The treatment process begins by introducing your pet to a limited diet free from known common allergens like grains.

Before you make any decisions that may have repercussions on your pet’s health, it is advisable you talk to your veterinarian. Choose a brand that is convenient and suits your pet best.

No matter what the issue is, do not compromise your pet’s nutritional needs. Find a solution that addresses the underlying issues but meets all the dietary needs of your pet.

Proper care and attention should be taken when deciding on the best nutritional needs of your pet. Make sure the brand you choose is genuine and convenient for both you and your dog.