Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu With Sensitive Stomach

Best dog food for shih tzu with sensitive stomach ? When it come to your Shih Tzu, you probably know that you want the best for your little friend. That’s why it can be difficult to see them suffer.

A Shih Tzu with a sensitive stomach will probably present with digestive symptoms like watery stool and just a general lack of energy. You can tell that your pup is having problems digesting its food in this manner. In the following article, we will explore the best dog food for Shih Tzus with sensitive stomachs:

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Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu is already susceptible to having an upset system. This is why the dog needs some special attention in this department. A Shih Tzu blog called “Shih Tzu 4u” has some advice when it comes to the best brand. They recommend Royal Canin for Shih Tzus. They recommend this brand because of the ingredients and how much nutritional value that it provides. They even cater to the size of the bites to fit the tiny jaws of this dog.

Additionally, when you look at what your dog consumes, remember that this breed has a host of foods that are toxic to it. These foods are avocados, raw bread dough, caffeine, cherries, chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes, macadamia nuts, mold, mushrooms, peach pits, apple cores, green potatoes, raisins, artificial sweetener, and alcohol. Again, this information is courtesy of “Shih Tzu 4u.”

best dog food for shih tzu with sensitive stomach

Other blogs have different opinions. On “Labrador Training HQ,” they mention that this breed has several tendencies to underlying illnesses. The illnesses listed are dental problems, allergies, joint problems, and hypothyroidism.

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All of these conditions relate to eating and movement. It’s advisable then to take your little pet to the vet and to make sure that the animal doesn’t have another condition that presents like a purely digestive issue. If the animal has dental problems, then these need addressing or it will feel uncomfortable eating food.

Additionally, if the pet has allergies, then you will need to look into medication and limit exposure to the allergy-causing substance. Joint problems and hypothyroidism will also need medical care. If after the animal has gotten a clean bill of health it is still suffering, then the pet will need special food.

Royal Canin for Shih Tzus is at the top of this list as well. Also, the author recommends Merrick Lil Grain-Free Small Breed. Other notable brands include Wellness CORE and NUTRO. Pets, just like humans, can have grain intolerances. If you suspect that the dog is sensitive to gluten, then you need to get the animal grain-free pet foods.

There are plenty of grain-free pet products on the market. You can also look into the common allergen of lactose. There are lactose-free pet products as well. Allergy testing is a great way to eliminate concern about food allergies. Even if a pet doesn’t test positive for gluten or lactose, a sensitive stomach might do better without either. Just as these ingredients can cause intolerances in humans, they can also be triggering for pets.

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The Shih Tzu is a special companion dog. These dogs are easier to train than other larger dogs. They also are clean animals that love to cuddle. If you are looking for a dog that goes along to get along, then this is your pet. You will enjoy your walks with this animal as well as reading with your dog on your lap. It counts to be kind to your Shih Tzu because the animal is generally just trying to make your life a joy. Repay the favor by looking after your Shih Tzu’s digestive tract.

When you are feeding your small dogs you want to give them fruits and vegetables such as sweet potato if they have a sensitive stomach. Foods for shih tzus has an ingredient lists that should be monitored for food allergies.

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Feeding your shih tzu and different dog breeds or small breeds should be top priority and royal canin shih tzu may help with health issues. Brown rice and good protein content should help if your dog is picky eaters. Adult shih tzu need natural ingredients along with vitamins and minerals. There immune system should only have limited ingredients.