Best Dog Food For Weight Gain

Best dog food for weight gain? Obesity is becoming a worrying concern and trend among the current generation. Both pets and people have fallen prey and victim to the wrath of being obese.

The condition has an extreme effect on the health of an individual or pet since it is tied down with potentially life-threatening side effects. The opposite of being obese is not highlighted that much since people commonly go for weight loss solutions compared to weight gain.

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Best Dog Food For Weight Gain

The same scenario is pretty much the same for our canine friends. There are some that suffer in the silence of their owners with weight loss issues and conditions.

The effects of surrounding weight loss issues could be pretty much severe than those revolving around obesity.

Weight loss in pets is prone to occur when their calorie intake is less than their daily calorie burn.

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It could also be as a result of a severe illness that lowers the level of satiety, thus depriving the dog of essential nutrients for normal body function.

Pets that are highly active, lactating, expectant, and young need huge calorie intake to cover the energy deficit lost. There are a variety of reasons why pets shed weight, and they include:

-Malnutrition caused by a deficiency of nutrients.
-Dental issues that hinder proper food intake.
-Serious illnesses and conditions.
-Anorexia caused by constant stress.
-Prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions.
-A low-quality diet.

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A significant weight loss should be 10% of the body weight, but you should be quick to react whenever you note irregular feeding patterns in your pet.

It could be an indication that your canine friend is in serious trouble. Visit the veterinarian as soon as possible to have the pet examined to help determine the ideal course of treatment.

Diagnosing the situation will help mitigate the underlying problem affecting your dog’s feeding habits. Dogs with malnutrition could also benefit from a good diet that is high in calories.

Adding some changes to the food and lifestyle could be the missing jigsaw piece to the weight loss puzzle.

Below are some tips to help your underweight pet gain the ideal weight.

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-Strive to offer quality in their diet to improve on issues related to nutrient absorption and digestibility.

-Exercising is also a vita combination for perfect and good health.

-Entice your dog to eat by including a meal topper or wet food formula.

-Depending on the dog’s energy requirement, feed them with high-calorie snacks throughout the day.

Remember, there is more to the quantity of food you give them. Ensure it matches with the quality required in terms of the nutritional value for the development of good lean muscles as well as accumulation of fat.

Pet owners should be thorough when purchasing dog food ideal for weight gain and muscle building.

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There should be more to the calorie content, and focus should be on the general nutritional gain. Whenever you base your selection in regard to the nutritional value, the food fat and calorie proportion will follow suit depending on the owners’ desires.

For adult dogs its important to maintain a dog’s weight. There are many different food brands on the market that can help you achieve that goal. However as dog owners you must keep in mind that dog’s weight is not just important but it is critical to the survival of the dog.

There are such things as healthy fats that will enable you to feed your dog so that it gets the proper nutrition that it needs. A great option for these would be to continue to read further in this article where I make suggestion as to what I think are the best foods to get for your dog. Dogs need to gain weight should be able to do it at a healthy pace.

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Factors to consider before buying food for weight gain purposes.

Natural ingredients

Your dog’s diet should mainly compose of natural ingredients that are much more easier to digest compared to by-products and fillers. The whole-food ingredients should consist of ideal fats, vegetables, animal protein, and fresh fruits.

Sufficient calories

Due to the active nature of most dog breeds, it is wise to try and balance their calorie uptake and use. The average amount of calories in one cup of the dog’s food is about 400 calories. Always aim for food products with around 430 – 450 calories per cup.

Ideal animal proteins

Proteins are an important inclusion in the diet of a pet that is underweight. Proteins are responsible for putting on weight and muscle development. A properly balanced meal should contain a good protein proportion. As the owner, shop for food products that are rich in animal protein such as seafood, meat, poultry, etc.

Adequate fat content

Whenever you decide to choose a perfect meal for your dog, consider one that has 18-20% of fat in your dog’s diet. Fat is a wonderful component, especially for underweight pets. It should also emanate from animal sources for good reasons.

Nutritionally balance

It is always essential to consider a complete and balanced nutritional diet for your pet for good health. Ensure you check for the AAFCO acknowledgment for ideal nutritional levels as well as natural ingredients and condiments.

Digestible carbohydrates

Dogs need a limited intake of carbohydrates for ease of digestion and absorption. Some dogs do great with whole grains, while others develop digestive issues. Accommodate a considerable amount of carbohydrates and choose options such as starchy vegetables, legumes, peas, etc.

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Below are some of the best dog food for weight gain.

Blue Buffalo

This meal is ideal for muscle development and growth. It is ideal for adult pets with joint, muscle, and weight loss issues. It constitutes of lamb as the main ingredient as well as a perfect combination of vegetables, grains, and whole grains.

Blue Buffalo is rich in vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, which are essential for perfect health and strong bones and teeth. The food product has 505 calories per cup, which are sufficient for a lively and active pooch. It also has omega fatty acids that are great for the joints and skin.


The Merrick food product is ideal for any dog, including those with special needs and allergic reactions. The nutrient combination facilitates perfect digestion which reduces stomach upsets and good nutrient absorption. It caters for the general health of the canine with weight gain being the main contribution.

It has 38% of animal protein that constitutes of turkey meal, deboned chicken, and salmon. Other ingredients include blueberries, flaxseed oil, and fish that are a good source of antioxidants which is ideal for an improved immune system. When consistency is achieved, the dog will gradually gain weight.

Nature’s Logic

Some unscrupulous manufacturers label their food products as natural, which is usually a scam. However, Nature’s Logic is known to contain 100% natural whole foods. Some of the prime inclusion in this product is chicken fat and chicken meal which are prime protein sources.

Since improper digestion could contribute to poor eating habits, Nature’s Logic is well bestowed with plasma proteins and digestive enzymes that aid in digestion. It is considered as one of the best natural formula for your pet with additional nutrients, vitamins, natural minerals, albumin, and globulin proteins.

Earthborn Holistic

The Earthborn Holistic is yet another fantastic option for weight gain desires. It sources protein from bison and lamb, which facilitate muscle development and gain. It is also a grain-free diet which keeps strives to maintain perfect health for your pet.

The deficiency of carbohydrates facilitates proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Other condiments for this food product include dog vitamins, probiotics, and minerals that facilitate weight gain. It also has L-Carnitine, which is responsible for promoting lean muscle mass through the conversion of fat into the energy-giving source.

Purina Pro Plan

The diet offered by this food product is all round in terms of weight gain, muscle development, and calorie uptake. The Purina Pro Plan Sports diet has good proportions of both protein and fat with 30% and 20% respectively.

A meal with such a ratio combination is ideal for putting on weight. The diet will align perfectly with your weight gain needs with a high concentration of fat and protein, which are necessary for muscle building and good health for a lively pooch.

It constitutes of chicken which is a protein that facilitates lean muscles and proper digestion. It also has a combination of glucosamine and fatty acids that are good for the muscles and joints. The other constituent is the antioxidants which kill the free radicals for an ideal healthy immune system.