Best Dog Food For Yorkies : What Are They ?

Best dog food for yorkies ? Shopping for food for Yorkies can be surprisingly overwhelming. Dog food comes with so many ingredients, kibble sizes, flavors and even the life stage at which it needs to be fed to the dog. So how do you tell which is the appropriate food for your fluffy Yorkies? Consider the following guidelines:

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

1. Yorkies eat often.

Buy food that can be fed three times a day. Unlike the bigger dog breeds that often feed once in a day, Yorkies are small dogs and love to eat small quantities of their favorite meal several times a day.

Starving them with just one meal a day would be atrocious and could cause hypoglycemia (deficiency of sugar in the blood). For these reasons, consider buying a meal that can be fed at least twice in a day without causing stomach upsets. Best dog food for yorkies with out a doubt.

The most frequent eaters are puppies; buy food that can be gobbled up as much as five times in a day. Youngsters aged between three months and one year should eat at least four times a day. Adults aged over one year are okay with three meals in a day.

Dry kibbles and fish oil can be food for yorkie puppies it all depends on the amount of food. Vitamins and minerals for toy breeds are very essential so that they don’t have low blood sugar. Wet dog food is a great alternative as well to get good nutrition.

2. Yorkies are free feeders.

Buy food that won’t go stale easily when left in the open for some time.

Free feeding means that you will leave a plateful of food in the open for the Yorkies to get at it at their convenient time. Unless you’ve accustomed your Yorkies to a feeding schedule (which means food will only be served when needed, at a specific time) you will need to buy food that doesn’t deteriorate when left in the open. Best dog food for yorkies without a doubt.



3. Dry food is always the best

Although a lot of dog owners prefer wet food to dry food, wet food isn’t especially great for your Yorkies, and any other breed of dog too. Wet food doesn’t promote healthy gums and teeth. Also, it can lead to the passing of runny stool.

Worse yet, wet food tends to become stale quite quickly when left in the open hence may not be good for free feeders. For these reasons, you Yorkies are better off accustomed to dry food right away after birth. If you must include canned wet food in your dogs’ feeding plan then consider mixing it with dry food.

best dog food for yorkies

4. Grains versus Grain-free food

Long before researchers looked into this matter more closely, dog owners were almost always advised to exclusively feed their dogs with grain-free foods, especially for dogs with allergies.

However, it was later discovered that just a few grains with gluten were triggers. Going entirely grain-free had its problems too, including causing the dogs to develop dilated cardiomyopathy – a cruel heart disease for dogs.

It is prudent to consult your Yorkies’veterinarian to determine whether your dogs have underlying allergies to some grains or not. The veterinarian will also tell you more about the appropriateness of exotic meats to your dogs’ health.



Food to avoid

Food with cocktails of chemical preservatives which could be carcinogens
Food with artificial flavoring and coloring
Food made in China. That’s controversial but food sourced from China has a reputation of not being healthy
Food with low-calorie content (because your Yorkies need to grow and build muscles)
Food that contains fillers

Top Recommendations

1. Natural Balance’s Original Ultra Whole Body

Food for Yorkies whose weight need to be managed. This meal is suitable for Yorkies who won’t stop shedding pounds or are under-feeding. The recipe is packed with proteins and whole-meal carbs in addition to plenty of vitamins and amino acids.

The core ingredients include roasted Chicken, peas, brown rice, chicken fat (with tocopherols as preservatives), dried tomato pomace, duck meal, flaxseed, oat groats, and carrots. The protein content of the entire pack is 27%. Carbs and fat consist of 38% and 35% respectively.

2. Taste of the Wild’s Appalachian Valley Smaller Breed Dry Grain-Free Dog Food

Great for Yorkies that are sensitive to proteins. This meal contains novel proteins as well asprebiotic and probiotic fiber that’s easy to digest. The novel proteins contained therein are sourced from venison, egg, lamb, and ocean fish.

The pack provides 32% crude proteins, 18% crude fat, and 4% crude fiber. Total microorganism content (which includes Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus subtilis, Enterococcusfaecium, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Bifidobacteriumanimalis) is 80,000,000 CFU/lb. Calculated metabolizable energy (calorie content) is 3,719 kcal/kg (or 370 kcal/cup)



3. Pedigree’s Small Dogs Complete Nutrition

Budget Yorkie Food. This is the best budget meal pack for your Yorkie, it costs less than US$14.00 in most dog food outlets. It is a complete and well-balanced meal with antioxidants, minerals and plenty of omega-6 acids.

The ingredients include roasted chicken, whole grain corn, dried peas, poultry by-product, folic acid, and brewer’s rice.

The protein and fat content is 21% and 11% respectively. Another similarly prepared and priced variety of this meal is Pedigree’s Small Dog Dry Food Vegetable and Steak Flavor
The calculated calorie content is 3,490 Kcal Me/Kg or 342 Kcal Me/Cup

4. Merrick’s Grain-Free Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Puppy Food
Best for Yorkie puppies

This meal is made from natural grain. It is formulated to provide maximum nutrition to Yorkie puppies while supporting complete digestion at the same time.

The ingredients are selected to support fast growth in puppies and include deboned chicken, potatoes, chicken fat(tocopherol preserved) flaxseed oil, deboned salmon, apples, and blueberries. A limited amount of fermentation product is added.

Protein, fat, and crude fiber content is 28%, 12%, and 4% respectively.
The calorie content is 381 kcal/cup or 3,400 kcal/kg.

5. Purina’s Pro Plan FOCUS puppy Rice & Chicken Formula Dry Food
Best for Yorkie puppies

Chicken is a top ingredient in this meal. It is rich in DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) that is essential for vision and brain development in puppies. The antioxidants present in abundance helps in building the immune system of the young Yorkies.

The chief ingredients include Chicken, corn gluten meal, animal fat (tocopherols used as preservatives) corn germ meal, whole grain corn, whole grain wheat, dried egg product, fish meal, brewer’s rice, animal digest, and brewer’s dried yeast.

Protein, fat, and crude fiber content is 28%, 18%, and 3% respectively.
Calorie content is 4,191 kcal/kg, 1,901 kcal/lb, or 468 kcal/cup

best dog food for yorkies

6. BLUE Wilderness Nature’s Evolutionary Diet for Small Breed Adult Dogs ( a Blue Buffalo’s product)

The main difference between this meal and the Wellness CORE is that it has a higher fat content, comes with five strains of probiotic bacteria that improves digestion, and provides more calories in one serving.

The fats and proteins contained therein are sourced from natural ingredients which include deboned chicken. Blue Buffalo’s own LifeSource Bits packs just the correct amount of phosphorus, calcium (which is essential for bone development) to nourish your Yorkies with all essential nutrients they need.

The main similarity between this meal and Wellness CORE is the presence of plenty of glucosamine which helps manage tracheal collapse. The high-calorie content is appropriate for constantly exercising Yorkies.

Perhaps the best thing Blue Buffalo did to this meal was to neither use artificial ingredients nor cereal grains. The meal instead comes packed with wholesome and antioxidants-enriched vegetables and fruits.

Nutritional facts
• Provides 426 Kcal Me in every served cup
• The primary ingredients are chicken meal, deboned chicken, and vegetables.
• Provides up to 37% protein and 15% fat
• Contains up to 5% fiber and 10% moisture
• The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is 6:1
• It is fortified with five strains of fermenters

best dog food for yorkies


7. Yorkshire Terrier Breed Healthy Nutrition Adult Dog Dry Food (a Royal Canin product)

Royal Canin is known for preparing formulas that are breed-specific. This formulation, for instance, comes with just the correct amount of proteins, calories, moisture, and fats that Yorkies may need. Better yet, it is formulated with DHA and EPA to promote the development of a smooth coat.

The downside, though, can be the fact that this Royal Canin Yorkie meal contains substantially low protein compared to other foods on this list. It contains cereal grain that may be a concern to some Yorkie owners who don’t regard gluten-rich cereals highly. Royal Canin probably knows what it is doing –wheat is a good source of amino acids which a Yorkie would be glad to gobble up.

Nutritional facts
• Every cup of this meal provides 339 Kcal ME
• Contains glucosamine, DHA, EPA, lutein, and chondroitin
• The main ingredients of this meal include brewer’s rice and brown rice
• Provides up to 28% protein and 14% fat
• Fortified with ascorbic acid, biotin, vitamin E, and taurine
• Provides up to 10% moisture and 5% fiber

8. Wellness Natural Pet Food’s Complete Health Small Breed Dry Dog Food

This meal resembles Wellness CORE but provides more calories per cup. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-7 fatty acids is closer to the ideal 1:3; that’s highly desirable because it’s just the right ratio to ensure the development of a smooth and healthy coat – the defining feature of a

Yorkie is a silky and downy coat. This meal also ensures good digestive health by incorporating over 20,000,000 CFUs of gut-friendly probiotic bacteria.

It’s worth celebrating that this meal’s 3 of its core ingredients are a great source of protein. Although the total protein content of this meal is significantly lower than that provided by Wellness CORE, the source of its proteins is not allergenic.

Hence, instead of sourcing its protein from cereal grains, it utilizes those derived from salmon, turkey and chicken. It’s always good to accustom your Yorkies to lean and healthy meat.

Nutritional Facts
• Provides 493 Kcal ME in every cup
• Ingredients include chicken meal, salmon meal, and deboned turkey
• Provides up to 32% and 16% protein and fat respectively
• Contains chondroitin, glucosamine, and taurine
• Enriched with 20,000,000 CFUs of gut-friendly probiotic bacteria
• Fortified with Vitamin E, C, and A
• Provides up to 10% moisture and 5.5% fiber

9. Whole Earth Farms Dry Grain Free Small Breed Dog Food

This is one of the easily affordable (US$28) small breed dog food that is cooked with naturally extracted and healthy ingredients.

Besides being affordable and natural, this meal is one of the dog foods on this list that is boasted to have been cooked in the United States (it matters a lot if you’re keen for the source of your pet’s food).

The size of the Kebble is small and good for small breeds. The absence of grain in this meal not only helps evade allergenic tendencies of your Yorkie but also ensures easy digestibility. Also, no soy and poultry by-products were used.

Nutritional Facts
• Primary ingredients include dried potatoes, chicken fat (with tocopherol as a preservative) natural flavor, peas, and chicken meal
• Provides 26% and 13% of protein and fat respectively
• Moisture and fiber content is 11% and 4% respectively
• Provides 475 Kcal ME in every cup
• No colorings and artificial flavors
• Multiple minerals, vitamins, and protein sources
• No wheat, corn, or poultry by-product

best dog food for yorkies


10. CANIDAE Grain-Free Petite PURE Breed Puppy Dry Food

This is one of the best meals for Yorkie puppies. It is designed for puppies with sensitive stomachs whose diets are limited to a small number of ingredients.

The primary ingredients of this meal include salmon meal, salmon, peas, lentils, canola oil, tapioca, and garbanzo beans. Besides being packed with just a few ingredients that you can easily recognize, it incorporates

HealthPLUS solutions (CANIDAE’S own nutritional trio of antioxidants, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, and probiotics). To create an irresistible taste that would keep your Yorkie coming for me, they coated each batch with a roasted and freeze-dried salmon.

Nutritional information
• The calorie content is 3,500 kcal/kg or 1,587 kcal/lb per cup
• Protein and fat content is 24% and 13% respectively
• Moisture and fiber content is 13% and 4% respectively
• The primary ingredients are natural high-protein sources and include salmon, peas, and tapioca

While choosing from the above-listed meals and others for your Yorkie, it is important to be aware of your dog’s health – whether the dog is allergic to grain or not and if the stomach is sensitive to some types of ingredients.

This can, of course, be realized by taking your Yorkie to a veterinarian for an examination. You also need to conduct your research about some recommended meals because not all meals suitable for small breed dogs are good your Yorkies.