Best Dust Free Cat Litter: 4 Amazing Choices

Best dust free cat litter ? Cat litter makes it easy to scoop and dispose of your feline’s urine and fecal matter. The litter is made from different forms (silica gel, bentonite clay, natural litter) broadly classified into two categories: clumping and non-clumping cat litter. Clumping cat litter is the most popular as it forms hard clumps once it comes into contact with urine or feces; non-clumping litter does not.

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Natural cat litter, on the other hand, is a choice option for eco-conscious cat owners, but it does not mask odor as well as that made from bentonite clay. Most cat owners prefer clumping cat litter as it contains an absorbent material that binds when it comes into contact with any liquid to form solid clumps. The text reviews some of the best dust free cat litter:

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter

This non-scented and dust-free cat litter clumps making it easy to clean up. The manufacturer uses dense granules that make it easy to identify fecal matter when the cat leaves the box. Additionally, it is enhanced with hypoallergenic features, so your cat does not experience problems when using it.

You will also love the fact that it is formulated to reduce liquids from reaching the bottom of the tray. As such, you don’t have to spend time scraping off stuck litter from the litter box.

And while it is scent-free, the medium weight clay traps and reduces odors. If using the litter for multiple cats, it is advisable to change the litter more frequently.

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best dust free cat litter


Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter

This cat litter is 100% dust-free and guarantees a seven-day odor-free home thanks to its unique formula, which consists of Arm & Hammer’s famous baking soda. Since it is a clumping cat litter, it forms tiny rocks once it comes into contact with urine and fecal matter.

Cat owners will also love the fact that it doesn’t pick up clouds of dust when scooping litter. Also, it has a mild scent, which is tolerable given the odor prevention features.

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Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter

This cat litter is also dust-free, reducing odor for up to two weeks. It is made of clay and is made of three formulas; the four-in-one strength, Glade-scented, and the instant action formula. Also, the litter is a bit scented but not overpowering hence suitable for homes where litter boxes are placed in high-traffic areas.

ARM HAMMER Clump Seal Platinum Cat Litter


Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Litter

This premium cat litter is made from natural materials hence a suitable buy for cats sensitive to certain chemicals and fragrances used in clumping cat litter. Precious Cat litter is also an excellent choice for cats fond of cleaning their paws after relieving themselves.

The cat litter is dust-free and forms solid clumps that don’t break easily when cleaning up. It is this feature that makes Precious Cat Clumping litter suitable for pet owners who use mechanical litter boxes.

Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Senior Cat Litter

Most brands make cat litter using clay, but more brands are warming up to silica gel cat litter thanks to its ability to reduce mold and bacteria growth and absorb large amounts of liquid.

This particular cat litter is made from amorphous silica gel, which is not harmful when ingested or inhaled. Unlike clay, amorphous gel dehydrates the waste eliminating the need to scoop urine.

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The cat litter guarantees superior odor control and contains a herbal attractant that lures cats into using the litter box. Also, it makes an excellent buy for cats prone to kidney infections and UTIs as some clumping litters attract bacteria that cause such infections. It is also a suitable option for sickly or old cats.

Blue Buffalo Fresh Cat Litter

If you are the eco-conscious pet owner, then the Blue Buffalo cat litter is an excellent buy. It is made from walnut shells that are safe for the environment and your cat if ingested.

The cat litter is 100% biodegradable and absorbs liquid three times better than regular clay litter. It clumps easily when it comes into contact with liquid and solid waste hence easy to scoop and reduces odor. Blue Buffalo cat litter is also suitable for picky cats.

There is a dust free litter with recycled paper from yesterday’s news and the litter is easy and high quality, it could contain sodium bentonite which eliminates odors, and has an unscented litter with multi cat capability.