Best Food For German Shepherd Puppy : Yum Yum

Best food for german shepherd puppy ? It is first costly to adopt a German shepherd. This means that they should be taken care of just as we do to our kids.

These are lovely puppies whom we have fun living with. Most people who have such puppies report that they are very sensitive. Both their skin and the stomach are very sensitive.

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This would mean that you must feed them on the right type of food if you desire to give them a happy life.

It can be very frustrating to realize that the puppy is having retarded growth or repetitive stomach complications. You have no reason to worry much about such a problem.

This guide will let you know the type of food that you can comfortably feed your dog on.

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The Nutrients Requirement For German Shepherd Puppies

Before getting down to the exact food that you should give to your German shepherd puppy, it is good to understand the type of nutrients that the puppy should be given.

Having such an understanding will help you to come up with the right menu for the puppies even far from the specific examples that you will get suggested on this guide.

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When well kept, German shepherd puppies grow very fast during their first eight months of growth. After the first eight months, their growth rate gets down.

For the early stages, the puppies will need high-quality nutrients which can serve for bone formation and immune system as well as a boost to the digestion system.

Good food supply at the tender age can prevent some health issues like arthritis, bloat, obesity, and hip dysplasia. You should, however, note that there are feeds which are specifically designed for the large breed puppy formula and others specifically small breed formulas.

For instance, the large breed puppy formula has a high content of calories, calcium, and carbohydrates. The small breed formulas have lower fat contents and calories.

Adult dogs and large breed dogs need fatty acids and that could be done through foods such as taste of the wild. Glucosamine and chondroitin are good for bones in royal canine, you also need protein sources to help protect skin and coat. Adult german shepherds need vitamins and minerals which are good dog food for german shepherds.

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German shepherd puppies require about 500 per day. This is needed in this amount to allow the puppy to have the right weight and bone formation.

The number of calories should, however, be increased as the puppy gets to grow. At a young adult stage, the puppy should be fed on 1,500 to 1,700 calories per day.

At the early stage also, the puppy should be given enough calcium and phosphorous. These are very key if you need to have an energetic puppy. They help in tooth and bone formation.

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If you do not give enough of such nutrients, you are likely to have an underdeveloped dog who will not enjoy having outdoor walks. The teeth will as well be weak so that he cannot feed on hard food which otherwise should be helping him to develop the teeth formula.

Types Of Foods Best For A German Shepherd Puppy

1. Dry kibble dog food

The dry kibble dog food is one of the best types of food for your German shepherd puppy. You can buy this even in a large package without the worry of it going bad. It does not need refrigeration, but it won’t go bad very fast. The composition of this food is as well fantastic. It contains all the essential nutrients that your German shepherd needs. It is well palatable, and so your dog will always be waiting for the eating time. There are different flavors that you can go for, especially if your puppy is picky about food types. You need to know the taste that is most preferred by the puppy. You can, however, add some water to the kibble dog food to make it a bit soft hence eaten easily.

2. Semi-moist Dog food

This is another alternative food type for your picky German shepherd puppy. It is about 60% of the water in its content. Most brands will give it out with a high percentage of sugar, salt, and some chemicals. It is such contents that make this food most preferred by your dog. It is, therefore, your responsibility to be checking the sugar and salt content before you buy and also give it to the puppy in small amounts. You should learn to avoid cheap brands which add a lot of preservatives to your food. If anything, you should control the sugar, salt, and general chemical intake to your dog.

3. Dehydrated dog food

This is yet another category of dog food that you can trust for your German shepherd puppy. It is made from entirely raw natural ingredients. These ingredients go slightly through processing but with keenness so that they don’t lose their organic contents. Once they have been somewhat processed, they are then dehydrated to remove all the water content. Once it gets to you, you can be sure that your puppy will get all the nutrients as well as the enzymes which are responsible for their growth. Before serving it, you can add some little water to keep it moist and soft for your dog to enjoy.

4. Wet canned dog food

Do you have a just recently born German shepherd puppy? This is one of the best foods that you can trust for the growth of the newly born puppy.

From the name, it is wet and so as young as the puppy is, he will still enjoy the food. It is easy to chew and would be digested very fast since it contains up to 80% water.

This food category is rich natural meaty flavors which will be attractive to your puppy. You can even mix it with dry foods to confuse those picky eaters outside there.

The only disadvantage of this wet food is that it needs some refrigeration so that it does not go bad quickly.

Best Food For German Shepherd Puppy

You could be wondering which food brand is relevant to your puppy in regards to the types of food discussed above. 

Generally, puppies need food which has high protein content, low fiber, and medium fat content.

The following foods are most recommended to your puppy regardless of the type of food.

What matters most is the natural or organic ingredients and the reputation of the company. You do not just pick any food from any company. Remember the hygienic standard of the company matters.

Have a look at what you should be going for!

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1. Blue buffalo wilderness large breed puppy food

Even before I go ahead to explain what this food contains; I am tempted to recommend it for your German shepherd puppy, especially if you have a large breed puppy.

This food is grain-free, and it is the best for the carnivore nature of your dog. You know some times will live with these dogs in our homes and feed them what we eat to the extent that we forget that naturally, they belong to the carnivorous group of animals.

The blue wilderness is grain free but very rich in proteins. Its main ingredients include chicken and fish meals, carrots, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and cranberries.

Such a combination does not only guarantee the health of the dog but also adds some sweetness for picky eaters.

Going by the composition, this food contains 35% protein, 6% fiber, 14% fat, 1% phosphorus, and 1.2% calcium. It is time you moved from feeding your German shepherd on vegetables alone.

He is not herbivorous. Mixing the right composition for your puppy would be a tiresome work which in most cases might not be accurate. You don’t need to go through all this when you can walk to the market and bring back some blue buffalo wilderness for your puppy.

2. Wellness complete health large breed puppy food

Be assured that this is what your puppy needs. The ingredients are amazing. The primary ingredients include salmon meat, deboned chicken, peas, brown rice, and chicken meal.

What an excellent combination of sweet foods to make your puppy feed. With this food, you can be sure that your puppy will grow on robust bones and teeth, healthy eyes, and a sharp brain.

Its coat will as well be shinny. Who doesn’t want such as well composed puppy? I highly recommend this feed for your puppy.

If many favors attract your German shepherd, you can consider having this provision. It contains 29% protein, 5% fiber, 13% fat, 0.9 phosphorus, and 1.3% calcium.

Additionally, it contains 367 calories per cup. This means that it should be given to your puppy just once a day to control the level of calorie intake per day.

3. Instinct raw boost large breed puppy food

This happens to be the first brand of dog food that your puppy should not miss throughout his early stage. It is made of 33.5% protein, 15.5% fat, 4.5% fiber, 1.2%calcium and 1% phosphorus.

This is the exact food composition that you should be giving to your puppy. With this formula, you can be sure to have boosted animal health. In terms of taste, it has some freeze-dried chicken bites, which is one of its ingredients.

Other ingredients include fish and meat proteins. You should not hesitate to feed your lovely puppy on this feed if you want him to grow fast. You can be sure that the growth rate of the puppy can give you some joyful moments.

Avoid returned growth by allowing your German shepherd to take such food.

4. Holistic select large and giant breed puppy food

The composition of this food lays on the dry puppy food formula. It comes in two standard flavors; the lamb flavor and the lamb and chicken flavor. The two flavors do not contain grains.

The ingredients include digestive enzymes, fruits, and vegetables, anti-oxidants, DHA, prebiotics, and yogurt. From the ingredient list, you can be sure that this food is not only tasty but also healthy for your dog.

The formula for this food is 25% protein, 16% fat, 4.5% fiber, 1% phosphorus, 1.3% calcium, and 433 calories per cup. This is a beautiful formula for the growth of your German shepherd puppy.

You can as well consider to let your dog have a taste of this. It is not too expensive. If anything, storing it is very simple, with no need for refrigeration.

It is a good recommendation for you, especially if you have a German shepherd who has just been born. It goes well alongside weaning.

5. Wellness core grain free puppy food

All you need in your German shepherd puppy food is something that can guarantee its growth and offer good health. This is all that is contained in Wellness Core.

It is made of chicken meal, turkey meat, potatoes, piece, and chicken fat. These are the ingredients you need to have a fast-growing and developing puppy in terms of bone and teeth.

Apart from the protein contents, it also contains vitamins from carrot, spinach, bananas, and broccoli. These vitamins are responsible for boosting the immune system of the puppy. With this food, you can be sure you will have reduced vet visits.

In terms of composition, wellness core contains 36% protein, 17.5% fat, 5% fiber, 1.2% phosphorus and 1.5% calcium.

Also, it contains a total of 417 calories per cup, which gives your puppy some energy to burn as he plays around. Wellness core is a reliable company that you should not have any doubt when buying from.


It is very critical to know the type of food which you should give to your German shepherd puppy bore you get to the exact food to buy. I believe that this guide will help you to grow a healthy puppy even as he becomes part of your family.

You may have to choose how to balance the foods so that you do not expose your puppy to a single taste every day. Just as a human being, he might need a different taste, otherwise he will start rebelling the single food regardless of how sweet that food is.

If you know the flavors that your puppy loves most, you will not have a hard time choosing what to serve for him every mealtime.