Best Food For Labradoodle : Proteins, Fats, And Carbs

Best food for labradoodle ?

The Best Food For Labradoodles in 2020

Labradoodles, like all dogs, have dietary requirements that owners need to be aware of. Missing those requirements could be detrimental to your Labradoodle’s health and happiness. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of brands of dog food out there to choose from.

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With so many brands and so many breeds, it can be hard to figure out with one is best for your Labradoodle. We’ll be going over the things that you need to look for in the dog food that you get for your Labradoodle and our picks for the best brands to buy.


The most important thing to remember when choosing your dog’s food is to focus on the nutritional value. Each animal needs a different amount of macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein). While all dogs need a mostly protein-focused diet, there are slight differences between breeds.

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Labradoodles are leaner dogs than Labradors, for example, so they would require less protein. Let’s go over the basics of what macros your Labradoodle should be getting in their food.


Overall, carbohydrates should be the base of any dog food you’re buying. Just like you would eat a meal with a base of grains like rice, dogs need those carbs as well. The reason for this necessity mostly has to do with fiber.

Fiber is just as essential to a dog’s digestive system as it is to ours. Fiber comes almost exclusively from carbohydrates. This can be grains, as mentioned previously, but it can also be any added vegetables as well.

Best Food For Australian Labradoodles ?


For Labradoodles, fat is going to take up about five percent of their diets. While this number may sound like very little, that fat is extremely important. Fats are what’s going to power your pup throughout the day. When looking for foods for your Labradoodle, check to see if the fats included are good for your dog.

The best choices of fats for Labradoodles are animal fats. Chicken fat, beef fat, or fish oil are all great additions to your dog’s diet. Avoid vegetable oils, as these are not going to include any of the amino acids that your dog needs for development.


The most important dietary component for all dogs is protein. A Labradoodle’s diet should be about twenty percent protein. Here, the protein source should be almost entirely meat. When looking for food, check the ingredients to see where the protein content is coming from. If the majority or even half of the protein in a food is coming from plants, it will most likely not sustain your Labrador properly.

While plant protein works well for humans, dogs are not used to getting their protein from plants. In the wild, dogs don’t naturally eat a lot of corn or soy, so their digestive systems don’t know how to properly function with them as a primary protein source. The safe thing is to stick with brands that use as much meat-based protein as possible.

Brands To Look For:

Taste of the Wild


When shopping for Labradoodle puppies specifically, there is a factor that you have to consider: growth. Puppy foods are made so that they can assist in the growth and development of the puppy into a healthy, well-balanced adult dog. So, the nutritional needs are going to be a bit more complicated than what we talked about above. Thankfully, there are plenty of brands that release puppy-specific foods.

Our Choice: Dry Food

Wellness Complete Healthy Puppy

This “complete” kibble is packed with animal proteins and fats. It includes ingredients that are going to help in heart and coat health, as well as cognitive development. It contains no plant proteins, like corn, so it’s easy to digest and will power your puppy throughout the day.

Our Choice: Wet Food

Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Plate

For puppies with sensitivities to grains, this grain-free food works perfectly. Instead of grains, the fiber your puppy needs is gotten entire from fruits and vegetables, like sweet potatoes and apples. The protein and fat are almost entirely from chicken, so there’s plenty of healthy macronutrients involved.

Adult Dogs

The nutrition guidelines for adult Labradoodles are exactly what we previously stated. Make sure that you are giving your dog enough fiber, protein, fats, and they will thrive. There are dog foods that are better than others for Labradoodles, however.

Our Choice

Taste of the Wild High Prarie

Adult Labradoodles very rarely need to be eating wet dog food, so we’re only recommending a dry food brand here. This Taste of Wild dry food is grain-free, but not too heavy on the protein. The protein that is included, however, is top-notch. Under ingredients, you will see venison and bison meat are included. While these meats are usually reserved for expensive brands of dog food, Taste of the Wild is moderately priced, making it the perfect intersection between affordability and quality.

For most adult dogs a sweet potato recipe that adult labradoodles use come with fruits and vegetables that has a puppy formula involved. Dog food for labradoodles can come from taste of the wild and does not contain food allergies and also can improve there skin and coat. Feed your dog a good source of protein that can help their immune system. Make sure to feed your labradoodle a chicken meal and animal protein.