Best Food For Pugs With Skin Allergies

Best food for pugs with skin allergies ? Pug is a breed of dog that has wrinkled short muzzle face, short fur and their tail is usually in a curly form.

The dogs also have smooth fur that has different colours and spots. Just like other breeds of dog, they are bound to develop allergies from various types of food that shows on their skin; hence, the need to find the right food to find them. The following are the best foods to consider as advised by veterinary.

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1. Wellness Limited Ingredients Grain Free Turkey and Potato Formula

This food consists of ingredients recommendable for all dog breeds with any form of food sensitivity. The food has a single source of protein for easy and fast digestion process.

The food is made of natural ingredients thus does not have any filler or additives. Considering there are no carbohydrates or even preservatives, this wellness formula guarantees to supply your dog with natural and safe nutrients. The main ingredients on this formula are the Turkey and potatoes, plus it does have any grains.

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best food for pugs with skin allergies

2. Natural Balance L.I.D limited ingredients Diet.

This formula consists of a dry diet that is suitable for a pug with any allergy-related to food. It consists of about 26 pounds of dry food packing and single animal protein for total strength and muscle building in the animals. This diet has a high content of fibre that ensures an improved digestive system of the animal. There are no artificial or additives ingredients in this formula unlike in other animal foods.

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3. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet canine hydrolyzed Protein diet
This food is recommendable for pugs that are already affected on the skin as it helps to repair the skin. The food works magic in reducing allergy associated with foods as it has high levels of protein ingredients for repairing the skin. The food takes little time to digest and aids in improving the immune system of the dogs.

4. Wellness complete healthy natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

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This food is another diet from Wellness recommended for small puppies that have developed skin allergy. It consists of high content of Turkey, oatmeal and even salmon that helps to strengthen and add energy to the small dogs. There is no food colours, additives or even preservatives added to this food thus, making it safe and healthy for all animals. This diet is ideal for both dry and wet feeding routine. For wet diets add two tablespoons of water to a 1/4 cup of the food.


Pugs just like human beings tend to develop an allergic reaction to certain food. therefore, as the owner, you need to figure out the food that works for your dog and what does not which can be a bit challenging. In this case, use the elimination diet to determine the foods that your dog is allergic to. This process involves one identifying the ingredients and food items that do not work for your dog.

The sweet potato is deemed to be good for pug dogs and has quality ingredients. You should have limited ingredient diets to avoid weight gain and also have fruits and vegetables that will help to maintain your dog healthy weight.

You also want to deboned turkey and make sure that dog food for pugs has brown rice and omega fatty acids. Pug adults need to have good dog food brands to avoid health problems and be able to feed your pug and small breed dogs. The vitamins and minerals and chicken meal should have natural ingredients.