Best Litter Box For Large Cats: 5 Clever Choices

Best litter box for large cats ? It is incredible how a litter box is often determinative of the comfort of your cat. Unless you go for a box in which the cat can stand, squat, and even turn around without any hassle, it will be a disservice to your pet. Things could get worse if you have a large cat. We explore some of the top litter boxes that you should get if you have a bigger pet.

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1. Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box

By Measuring 24*18*10 inches, this cat litter box is large enough to accommodate any kitty. It is not only large but also high-sided. You will also witness that it is made from BPA-free plastic. This way, both you and your cat are confident of minimal susceptibility to cancer.

It comes with a non-stick feature, which is essential in scaping dried litter from the bottom of this box. Besides, it contains an anti-microbial coating that plays a significant role in preventing the smell of urine from building up. Such will often be essential since large cats are more likely to produce more waste.

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2. VanNess High Sides Cat Litter Pan

The Van Ness cat litter pan is ideal for cats that are not more than 15 pounds. It measures 21.25*17.75*9 inches. Besides, you will note that this cat litter pan will often be more suitable for diggers since their backend is usually facing the wall.

Additionally, it is quite friendly to the environment. It is made from recycled materials that are not only biodegradable but also organic.
However, they come with a low entry that could result in too much litter and waste on the floors. Such could be unhealthy for you in the long run.

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best litter box for large cats


3. Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Scoop

Besides looking stylish and sleek, the Iris top entry cat litter comes in a modern design that will seamlessly blend into any room. It will hardly eat up much of your space as it measures 20*14.75*14 inches.

It contains fragrance and prevents litter tracking. Remember, it has a top entry design that plays an essential role in removing any little particles from the paws of your favorite pet.

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Its small scooper will also help in disposing of waste without too much hassle. Given that it traps most of the scent inside, it could be hard for you to notice if you do not keep checking.

4. Scoopfree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Do you want an automated litter box? The Scoopfree self-cleaning litter box will often be essential for you. Instead of worrying about scooping waste daily, the self-cleaning litter box will carry out this task for you.

However, it will be upon you to dispose of the disposable tray from time to time. Usually, this tray has sensors that will ensure that the tray starts disposal as soon as the cat enters. Such disposal will often help after every twenty minutes. They also absorb moisture and dehydrate any solid waste.

This litter box is one of the most effective in eliminating odor. Besides, it is relatively affordable.

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natures miracle


5. Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Advanced High Sided Litter Box

This litter box measures 22.8*17.8*11 inches. This way, it is not only spacious but also high-sided. It ensures that large cats get in or out without too much hassle.

You will also witness that it comes with an anti-microbial coating that is essential in keeping odors at bay. With its high sides, it will be much easier to prevent spraying as well as scattering.

One thing that will endear you to this litter box is the presence of handles. It is impressive how this litter box prevents pee and any other waste from getting to your carpet. Eventhough, it could be relatively costly for some people.


Choosing a litter box for your large cat is not only essential for its comfort but also your convenience in the long run. From those mentioned earlier, you could easily get one of the most reliable litter boxes for your favorite pet.

Hooded litter box are a device that are for cats they have varied types of litter in them you maybe can find one with a carbon filter. The catit jumbo hooded cat litter pan is an extra large pan for big cats some also has a litter tray as well.

There are multiple cats with the biggest litter boxes that are built for larger cats and the large litter box should be easy to clean as well.