Best Mini Goldendoodle Breeders : 4 Choices

Best mini goldendoodle breeders ? You must be having a great desire for raring Goldendoodle. However, you might be wondering about the best breeder who you can buy the pet from. Worry no more as this review is discussing the best breeders who are reliable in selling Goldendoodle.

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1. Aussie Labradoodle

A widely known breeder who is found in the central if Ohio on the east of Columbus. Besides, they are specifying in the keeping of Australian Labradoodles. More also, they are conducting screening tests on their breeding dogs from time to time. The screening is done on PRA, thyroid, elbows, and hips. Besides, there are also more tests which are conducted in PRA, thyroid, elbows, and hips.

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Additionally, they are also providing two years’ good warranty. Shipping is also conducted, and the customer is supposed to cater to shipping costs. Training is offered when then the spot is opened. All their pets are raised both in under feet and in-home. They have varying guardian families who have guardian families with children who are involved in whelping and raising of pups for the sake of ensuring all doodle babies are socialized with activity home life, dogs, cats, and children.

best mini goldendoodle breeders

2. Brewers Goldendoodles

A breeder who is located in Sardinia in Ohio U.S. They are involved in the F1B and F1 miniature and Goldendoodles of Moyen sheep doodles and F1 standard. Screening is also conducted on various dogs on patellas, elbows, and hips using small studs through AVA/BVA.

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Furthermore, it might be cardiac, CERF, or PennHIP testing on multiple dogs and also the measurement of males using PRA and Vwd. Besides, they have two years of health warranty, and puppy replacement is also done. Additionally, shipping is present.

3. Farmer Doodles

They have their location in Medina, Ohio, which is a short distance from southwest of Cleveland and only one hour and thirty minutes in the north of Columbus. Besides, the Golden doodles breading size is F1b’s and F1’s Mini to the medium size. Furthermore, screening is conducted on varying breeding dogs ofvWD, CERF, Heart, elbow/hip/OFA.

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More also, its good warranty involves two years for use in genetic diseases and hip dysplasia. Besides, shipping is also provided. Training is present as they are starting with the basic manners which are involving crate training. Other training options are yet to be started. The doodles are home bred as all the various dogs are living indoors in a conducive home environment.

4. Keepsake Doodles

They are located in Norton in OH 

Which is 45 minutes away from Cleveland and also one and a half hours in Columbus North? They are breeding two kinds of Goldendoodles, which are involving F1B and F1 and Multigenerational. Additionally, screening is done on various dogs on OFA BAER, Perthes of leg-calve, eyes, cardiac, patellas, elbow, and OFA hips. Besides, it has two years’ health warranty. More also, the doodles are home bred with all puppies and dogs raised and living at homes as part of the family.

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You now have the best mini Goldendoodle breeders in the market. As a result, it’s now upon you to determine from which breeder you will purchase. Buy the Goldendoodle today and get a taste of their goodness.

Golden retrievers poodles are a combo breed that many pet owners would love to have. With the golden retriever and the goldendoodle breeder you are getting the best of both worlds. The goldendoodle puppy in North America are known to be breeding dogs with that specific coat type and are used in breeding program with health testing.