Best Pomeranian Breeders : What To Look For ?

Best pomeranian breeders ? When finding the best Pomeranian breeder, it is essential to find one that you can build a relationship with. As a potential owner, you need to inquire about some factors to determine a good Pomeranian breeder.

Ask for any opportunities to visit puppies in person and research on whether your breeder is a Pomeranian specialist. Also, check if the breeder has registered the dogs with the kennel club, ask for the dog’s or parents’ pedigree, which should be readily available, and screen for various medical issues, among other factors. Based on those factors, the following is a compilation of the best Pomeranian breeders.

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1. Alabama Keen Pomeranians

Careful selection of adult breeds, at this breeding center, ensures that they have a wide color range. This breeder provides a wide variety of exotic colors. All puppies at this center are born and raised there, socialized with other pets, temperament tested, trained, wormed, and vaccinated. This breeder tries selecting a puppy that best suits their client and supports them. Puppies more than eight weeks old have a checklist, health records, and puppy packets.

2. Arizona Sharp Poms

This breeder specializes in both rare and exotic colors. All the newborn puppies are born and raised by the Pomeranians. Worming and vaccinations are up-to-date, accompanied by the relevant health records for new parents. The puppies are all registered with AKC. Most puppies are picked up by the new parents and not shipped.

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3. California Paragon Pomeranians

This breeder has practiced breeding Pomeranians since 2006. The breeder breeds puppies on the back half of his house, whereas adults also live inside and allowed outside to a restricted fenced area. The breeder is a professional dog trainer. Puppies come with a limited AKC registration, puppy pack, health guarantee, and vaccination and worming records.

best pomeranian breeders

4. Michigan Magix’z Pomeranians

Located in Michigan, breeders in this club strive to breed puppies that meet AKC standards, train them for better performance in shows, and enhance a good temperament for them.

The breeders strive to match a new puppy owner with the most suitable pet according to their personality and activity. At nine weeks old, puppies receive medical checkups and vaccinations. All puppies are picked in person and come with a custom-made care package for each puppy.

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5. Minnesota-10,000 lakes Pomeranians

This breeding center has its locality on 125 acres of land in Northern Minnesota. The breeder breeds on selected individuals, which contribute to the improvement of the breed. All puppies have AKC registration, and breeders raise them in a loving environment. The breeder sells puppies only through strict neuter contracts and not to large kennels or puppy mills.

6. Regal Poms Ontario

The breeder has its locality in Ontario, Canada and has a Canadian Kennel Club registration. The puppies raising environment is loving and is well socialized. The area where they live is fenced and has stairs and ramps for exercise. The puppies’ grooming is regularly. The selling of puppies is through a strict spay/neuter contract. When selling the puppies, they are dewormed and have a 1-year genetic guarantee and health records.

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7. Montreal, Canada Pombrazen White, and Wolf Pomeranians

The breeders aim at producing high-quality, happy, and healthy Pomeranians. The breeders mainly focus on breeding and improving the whites and wolf sables. The breeder has no kennels, raises all puppies. The selling of all puppies is through spay/neuter contracts except for a few sold to show houses or other breeders. When selling the puppies, they are dewormed and have a 1-year genetic guarantee and health records. The breeder offers shipping services, at an extra cost, if you cannot pick it in person.

8. North Carolina/Ohio Chelanes Pomeranians

The breeders specialize in a variety of colors. Pomeranians bred according to the standards set by AKC. The Pomeranians are highly-trained and well socialized as the breeders focus more on the quality and not quantity. Puppies are only available for sale at 10-12 weeks. Before selling a chelanes, it undergoes a ‘well puppy check’ and a set of puppy shots.

In conclusion, do not overlook or be shy to ask any questions about a Pomeranian. Finding the best Pomeranian breeder requires you to take time and review various aspects, such as their previous records. Inquire more, to find out the best Pomeranian breeder before making that decision to buy a puppy.

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