Best Raw Cat Food: 7 Amazing Choices

Best raw cat food ? Finding healthy cat food has become pretty daunting for cat owners, given the numerous manufacturers producing animal feeds and the increasing recalls on commercial pet food. As a result, many cat owners opt to feed their felines with home-prepared diets.

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The foods can be cooked or served raw to mimic a cat’s natural diet in the wild. Cats, being predatory animals, have bodies that demand high-protein, high-moisture diets. Proponents for raw food diet claim that raw cat food has a range of benefits:

Healthier coat: Raw foods contain essential vitamins and minerals that give the cat a shinier, healthier coat

Improved dental health: Feeding the cat with raw meaty bones helps strengthen their jaws and reduce plaque buildup

Raw Food Diet Delivery For Dogs And Pet Owners

Increased energy: Many cat owners attest to their felines becoming more active after changing to a raw food diet

Reduced waste: Raw foods are completely utilized by the cat’s body hence likely to emit smaller, less smelly stool

This raw food comprises uncooked animal products, including bones, muscle meat, fish, birds, rodents, and organ meat. Manufacturers have since developed commercial forms that mimic raw food diets. Here’s a roundup of you should consider:

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Primal Pet Freeze-Dried pet Food

This raw food is made of turkey, bone, and organs (93%). The turkey formula is free of corn, soy, grain, wheat, and gluten hence suitable for cats with mild sensitivity.

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The other ingredients comprise sunflower seeds, organic collard greens, almonds, blueberries, quinoa sprout, celery, and pumpkin, which are rich in supplements, minerals, and vitamins. Additionally, birds used to make this food are organic, i.e., they are raised without genetically-modified foods, antibiotics, or hormones.

Northwest Naturals Dried Raw Diet

This raw diet contains 98% of turkey muscle meat, bones, and organs, with just 2% of minerals and vitamins. It also contains nutrient-rich additives like fish oil, dulse powder, kelp, and psyllium husk powder, vitamin B, D and E supplements, ground flaxseed, and eggs. However, it does not contain grains, fruits, or vegetables.

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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Food

Rabbit is a favorite feline diet making this raw food a choice option for many cat owners. Its high protein content is sourced from bones, rabbit meat, and organs.

It also contains probiotics and prebiotics that keep the cat’s digestive and immune system healthy. Additionally, the food is produced under low temperatures leaving its delicate nutritional balance intact. It does not contain fillers, grains, or by-products.

Cat man Doo Life Freeze Dried Food

If you are looking for a pure fish diet for your pet, then the Cat Man Doo Dried Food will not disappoint you. It is made of 100% salmon hence pretty rich in protein, and the natural fish oils keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.

It does not contain preservatives or additives and is best served as dry kibble or a treat. The food is also an excellent choice for cats on a low-fat diet.

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Instinct Rawboost Mixer meal

The food is more of a treat used to add flavor to your feline’s diet. It is available in free-dried bits, which are enhanced with rabbit and chicken flavors.

Vegetables and fruits like apples, pumpkin seeds, carrots, blueberries, and broccoli are also added to provide minerals and vitamins for a well-balanced diet. It does not contain corn, grain, artificial colors, wheat, or preservatives.

Wysong Archetype Raw Feline Cat Food

The food contains a mixture of chunks, shreds, and powder made from freeze-dried meat. Note that while it has been freeze-dried, it is not heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes in different flavors, including quail, rabbit, and chicken, to supplement the veggies and fruits (plums, chia seeds, and blueberries).

The protein sources also provide healthy fats that protect your cat from free radicals or oxidation degradation. Wysong Archetype cat food is also fortified with probiotics, prebiotics, and plant nutrients. What’s more, being starch-free, it does not contribute to the common carbohydrate glut disease found in animals.

A diet for cats can be given from a variety of sources including a primal pet foods, and these foods should be high quality and if freeze dried cat food that will do also.

Instinct raw is what cats crave and raw meat can be found in homemade cat food and has nature’s variety instinct and you want to make sure that you read the ingredients include a complete and balanced diet that is good for organs and bone, chicken bones are good also and you want to make sure that the food is also grain free.