Best Way To Potty Train A French Bulldog Puppy On A Budget


Best way to potty train a french bulldog puppy ? Training a puppy is hard work. Let’s face it, there are new things they need to adapt to and new skills they need to learn. It isn’t going to be easy to teach it to them.

Especially not how to use the bathroom outside or anywhere in your house set up for that specific reason, such as puppy pads. There are certain techniques you can use to potty train your French Bulldog puppy that they will carry into their adolescent life.

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Things you may need:

Puppy pads- If you don’t currently have an outdoor space or simply just wish to potty train your french bulldog in your home, you should set up puppy pads and encourage and teach them to go to them whenever they need to use the bathroom.

A good dog leash- A dog leash is important in getting your dog where it needs to go and is highly recommended if you are in an unsecured area.

Dog treats- Your puppy’s favorite part about training with you is going to be the treats. You should always have extra on hand to reward your puppy during its potty training.

Puppy crate- Your puppy might need to be at night but having a puppy crate in which you line half the crate with soft bedding material and the other with training pads, may be beneficial in stopping them from peeing on the floor while also training them that puppy pads are where they are allowed to go pee.

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Where to Start:

Bathroom breaks- Take your puppy outside or to puppy pads inside your house for consistent bathroom breaks. It’s better to start early in the morning when you first wake up. Adding this into your everyday schedule will make it easier for both you and your Bulldog puppy to get used to it. The more times you bring your puppy outside or to their puppy pads to use the bathroom, the more they will become accustomed to it. You should also take them outside when they’ve been playing for a long time, and after they have eaten or drank out of their water bowl.

Signs- There are going to be signs that your puppy needs to go to the bathroom. It’s important to recognize them and immediately lead them outside or to their puppy pads in your house so that they do not feel like it’s okay to go to the bathroom wherever they feel like it.

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Phrases- While potty training your French bulldog puppy, it may be beneficial to use a word or praise that they will adapt to and carry into their later life. Constantly saying something like “go toilet” or “go pee” when potty training your puppy will help them realize that they come outside or to their puppy pads to pee. Say your word or phrase right when they start peeing so that they understand that what they are doing is what you are referring to.

Reward your puppy- Rewarding your puppy will encourage good behavior and constantly doing it will provide better results and progress.

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Potty training a French Bulldog puppy isn’t easy, but it is much better than having your puppy go to the bathroom wherever they feel like it. Enforcing good behavior and potty habits while they’re young decreases the chance of them misbehaving when they’re older. The word or phrase you use to train them will be one they remember for a very long time and getting them into a routine with going to the bathroom outside or on puppy pads will help them learn tremendously. Rewarding your puppy has many benefits too, but doing it too much may result in them wanting a treat every single time they do something they’re supposed to, even in their adolescent life. Your puppy will grow up to be your best friend, enforce good habits now in all areas of training. It’s worth the struggle, and the time. Your puppy will put in the effort, as long as you do.

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Potty command is normally used for french bulldog puppy during the potty training process and you need to pay attention to the warning signs when teaching your dog hours before bedtime during the pet training process.

Dog owners need to create a schedule and have your dog wake up after playing and then train your french bulldog. French bulldog easy to potty training during crate training since this is the time you word do the training. Indoor accidents should have an enzymatic cleaner in which you can potty train a french or frenchie puppy. You want to positively reinforce your dog with puppy pads for a clean breed.