Black German Shepherd : Traits And Characteristics

Black german shepherd ? There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the Black German Shepherd dog breed. They’re commonly mistaken as a mixed or other dog breeds.

However, their distinct variations from the standard German Shepherd are very clear. Black German Shepherds are loyal, smart, as well as brave. As such, they make excellent companions. So what makes this dog breed unique? Learn that from this Black German Shepherd guide.

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History and Popularity

German Shepherds were bred in the 19th century to assist in shepherding larger, stubborn breeds of sheep. Horan von Grafhath was the first Black Shepherd dog chose by a man called Frederick von Stephanitz to help in shepherding.

But when shepherding became unfruitful, he promoted these dogs as military and police dogs. Soon after, they were known for bravery and intelligence.

German Shepherds were first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1908. Now, they’re a second popular breed after the Labrador retriever in the US. The Black German Shepherd although not a new breed, is relatively rare. It makes about only 6.8% of the total German Shepherd population worldwide.

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Spotting a Black Shepherd

You may feel scared when you first come face to face with a Black German Shepherd since it might resemble a wolf. But, there are more things to love than be afraid of from this dog breed. It has a long muzzle and a chiseled rounded face with semi-pointed erect ears. But note that some young breeds may have sloppy ears until the cartilage hardens then they’ll become upright.

Their eyes match their black nose and are shaped like an almond. They also have a study thick legs along with a straight back that ends with a bushy tail. 

black german shepherd

Genetics and Appearance

Black coat color can be dominant or recessive which means that a non-black German shepherd can have the gene and produce a Black Shepherd puppy. For those who want to breed their Black Shepherd dogs, should find out their dog’s bloodline and ancestry. One can determine this breed’s color as early as six-eight years old.

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The Black Shepherd shows the traditional look of the German Shepherd look. Their coat length can either be long or short. Also, they have a feathery, flowing, or skirting appearance.

Genetics and Variations

Black German Shepherds are purebred. They are a similar breed as the Standard German Shepherds and most of their aspects are similar including size, temperament, and appearance. However, Black Shepherds tend to have straighter backs, longer mane, and at times, maybe larger than German Shepherds.

Also, note that not all German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) are born black. But, some puppies tend to change their color as they grow old. GSDs are born one of three colors; black, grey, or white, and may change their colors may change depending on their lineage as well as parents. As they grow, these puppies will start changing to their true colors. But, Black and white shepherds will retain their black and white colors. Grey ones can change to Blue or Sable.

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Size of Black German Shepherds

These are generally large-sized dogs that grow up to be the same size or bigger than the standard German Shepherds. An adult male Black Shepherd measures 24-26 inches in height while females measure 22-24 inches. Also, males weigh 65-90 pounds averagely while females weigh 50-75 pounds. They reach their maturity and full-grown size between 18 months to 2 years old.

Personality, Temperament, and Socialization

This breed is usually non-aggressive. He takes time to make friends but once he does, he becomes super kind. He makes a great guard dog but needs much attention from his owner.

A Black GSD has a pleasant stable temperament. He is loyal and watchful. Since he always want’s express these traits to you, he’ll always protect you at all costs.

You, however, should allow early socialization to allow him to get used to different people, sounds, smells, places, and experiences. Also, you should train him while he’s still young.

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Black German Shepherds are low maintenance easy to train pets for first-time dog parents. Bring this rare breed home will get one a combination of courageous, loyal, and intelligent dogs. But, because this is a rare breed, these dogs may be pricey. Plus, they need daily exercise and too much attention.

The american kennel club can sometimes show case a pure black or black shepherds in the family dog breed standard. Black german shepherd puppy are good guard dogs and a working dog. Some times these breed can have health issues and are easy to train. The young age makes it great as family pets they also are highly intelligent and they also have a recessive gene with their coat color and a double coat as well. A black coloration between black gsds and black coat.