Black Mouth Cur Mix : What Is It And An Informational Guide

Black Mouth Cur Mix: What Is It And An Informational Guide About This Dog Breed

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Black mouth cur mix is a type of dog that is not black and white, but black and brown. These dogs are often black with tan or brown markings on the muzzle, underbelly, ears, paws and tail. They may also have black spots over their eyes. It can be difficult to tell what color these animals are due to their dark coloring.

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This blog post will provide you with information about black mouth cur mix so that you know more about this type of animal if one should come into your life!

What does a german shepherd and black mouth cur have in common ?

The black mouth cur, of course! This breed is a mix between the blackmouth cur and German Shepherd. It was bred to be an all-around hunting dog due to its intelligence levels. One example of this dog’s use in hunting would be for catching prey such as raccoon or bison by running them down with their speed and agility.

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The blackmouth cur is one of the oldest known breeds in North America, with roots going back to the 1800s when it was a popular hunting dog because they were bred with speed and agility.

The black mouth cur mix has been around since at least 1918, but became more widely available after World War II due to military surplus of black mouth cur bloodlines and the blackmouth breed experience a resurgence in popularity.

The blackmouth cur is an all-around hunting dog because of its intelligence levels, so this mix with German Shepherds would be bred for the same reason. One example of how they arethey are used as hunters would be to catch prey by running them down with their speed and agility.

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This mix became more popular after World War II due to military surplus black mouth cur bloodlines that were introduced into blackmouth breeding programs, blackmouths experienced a resurgence in popularity at that time too. The Black Mouth Cur Mix has been around since 1918 but started becoming more widely available after WWII when there was a military surplus of black mouth crosses breeds coming into North America.

Are they medium to large sizes ?

The black mouth cur mix is medium sized dog. They are often referred to as a “working dog” and historically have been used for hunting, guarding livestock, and herding cattle. The blackmouth cur crossbreeds are also known as Black Mouth Cur mixes because they commonly come from two other breeds of dogs: the black mouth muzzle type black hog hound-type dogs.

A blackmouth should not be confused with an American Pit Bull Terrier though both breeds can range in size but traditionally were bred to hunt wild boar or catch large prey animals like deer on foot which makes them agile hunters that will use their speed to run down their target.

Do they need a lot of exercise ?


A blackmouth cur mix needs a lot of exercise to maintain their fitness level and keep them from developing destructive behaviors. So if you are looking for a dog with excess energy this is the breed for you!

Are black mouth curs good dogs? Absolutely! They have great personalities, love children, get along well with other pets and people they know, can be trained easily even though some blackmouths may seem stubborn or lazy at first because these breeds are often used as farm work dogs. Plus there are many different black mouth cur mixes which means you will find one that fits your lifestyle perfectly no matter what it might be.

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Are they considered to be a good guard dog ?

Absolutely! Blackmouths are known to be very protective of their families and property, they have a strong instinct for survival which means black mouth cur mixes will attack anything or anyone who poses a threat.

What is the black mouth mix good for ?

They are great dogs as far as entertainment goes because blackmouths love having fun, it also does not hurt that these breeds can hunt on their own if you do not want to spend too much time hunting game yourself. Hunting blackmouths also make excellent watchdogs so think about getting one if you live in an area with large wildlife populations such as bears or coyotes.

How big do black mouth cur mixes get? Male black mouths typically grow between 17-24 inches tall at the shoulder.

Can this dog be a good family member ?

In general blackmouth cur mixes are great family pets, they can be a little aggressive with other dogs of the same sex and may require additional training to make them obedient. You should also consider that black mouth cur mixes are not good around large groups of strangers or small children because their instincts tell them to attack these people which is why it is always important to have your blackmouth trained before bringing him home so you know how he will react in certain situations

What do I need for this dog ?

Black mouths love living outside just as much as inside so when looking at homes for one, think about having enough room outside like a backyard or some sort of property where there is plenty of room for exercise. These breeds prefer warm climates but can adapt to colder climates as well

What is black mouth cur mix ?

A blackmouth cur mix dog is a crossbreed of the American black and tan coonhound, black-and-tan dachshund, redbone hound, bluetick or treeing walker. These mixes have been around for hundreds of years but they are one of the most popular breeds in recent years

The greatest thing about this type breed is that it has its own personality because each parent’s genetics influences how their children will turn out which means you never know what kind of combination your pup could be until he reaches adulthood. The biggest downside though can also come from these mixed breeds – sometimes an owner may not like certain traits.

What does the blackmouth cur mix and Australian shepherd have in common ?

The blackmouth cur mix and Australian shepherd have a few things in common including the fact that blackmouth curs are also sometimes called bluetick or treeing walker, they were around for hundreds of years, but their popularity has grown in recent decades.

black mouth cur mix

What can you expect when adopting this breed ?

You will never know what type of personality your pup may turn out to be because every dog is different due to genetics from its parents so it’s best not to judge before seeing how they grow up! The downside I mentioned earlier could come into play which is an owner disliking certain traits as well. For example: if you absolutely cannot stand hyper-active dogs then perhaps getting a blackmouth cur might not be the best idea.

How many inches tall are they ?

Blackmouth cur mixes can be as small or tall is their parents. With black mouth curs being medium-sized dogs, they will usually fall in the 30” to 40″ range when full grown but that could vary depending on how big the other breed was!

How much do blackmouth cur mix puppies cost ?

It really depends on where you are getting your pup from and what breeder they come from so it ranges in price greatly. If you’re looking for a black mouth cur mix puppy we recommend using Petfinders which has thousands of listings with information about them such as pictures and pricing. Be sure to read reviews though before finalizing any decision because not all blackmouths are created equal.

According to the American Kennel Club where do these dog breeds rank ?

The black mouth cur mix is ranked as the 164th most popular breed in America. This doesn’t include mixed breeds which are found to be quite common! The blackmouth cur also ranks at number 34 for popularity on AKC’s list of rare and unusual dog breeds.

What do blackmouths eat ?

A blackmouth can have a lot of different eating habits depending on their size, age, and activity level but they usually need around two cups per day. If you’re not sure what food your pup should be eating we recommend consulting with a vet or specialist that specializes in dogs since it can vary greatly from one person to another (unless if you know exactly what type of diet your pup needs).

How to keep these healthy dogs healthy ?

The blackmouth cur is a very robust dog and needs to be taken cared of.If you want your black mouth cur in good health, we suggest that they are fed twice per day with food that has been high quality, fresh, and natural for the optimal diet.

Dogs can also benefit from supplements like fish oil which helps their skin condition as well as keeping them healthy by providing fatty acids in order to maintain a nice coat! They’re not picky about what they eat so it’s easy to feed them some tasty tidbits too when needed.

What dangers lie ahead ?

Now there might be some risks or problems associated with blackmouths if left untreated but luckily they are rare cases.

Are these dogs considered to be a working dog ?

Yes blackmouth cur dogs are often used for hunting, herding or guarding.

Can they be trained to do other things ?

They can learn many different tasks no problem and will try their best even if it’s something new! It is important that the owner has patience with them as black mouth cur mix is an intelligent dog breed.

What about those who have a black mouth cur but want to train them in agility ?

This might seem like some cruel joke considering this task requires great skill of balance and speed yet these happy-go-lucky companions would love nothing more than running through obstacles without hesitation!

Are they considered to be a lab mix ?

No, black mouth cur mix is a type of dog breed that has no other breeds in it. It’s known for its black coat and white spots on the chest area.

What are their temperament ?

Black mouth cur mixes love people but require time to warm up to new ones as they have strong protective instincts towards those close to them which can make strangers seem like intruders at first sight! Generally black mouth curs are happy-go-lucky dogs with an intelligent disposition and eagerness to learn what you want them too.

They’re also very loyal and will follow commands well when trained properly from a young age so long as there’s patience put into training these playful pups – blackmouthcurmixguide .com” }

Are they specifically hunting dogs ?

Black mouth cur mixes are not specifically hunting dogs, they have the to be all-around family pets that can still go on walks and trips with you without any worries!

What is their average weight ?

Their weight varies depending on what type of black mouth cur mix it is but for most black mouth curs the average can range anything from 40 pounds up to 130 pounds.

Are they used as herding dogs ?

This dog is not specifically a herding dog but they can herd livestock if trained to do so!

What are their colors ?

Their colors range from black, brown, red and even white!

How long does it take for them to mature ?

It depends on the black mouth cur mix which ranges anywhere between one year up to five years of age before they’re fully grown. However all black mouth curs will be about 26 inches in height when fully matured at six months old.” } Are they used as hunting dogs?

Can anyone tell me what is a mountain cur what are the characteristics of this dog breed ?

A black mouth cur mix is not a hunting dog but they are used as herding dogs. One of this black mouth cur’s characteristics would be that their ears may stand up or hang down loosely and their tail will always curl over the back.”

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Are blackmouth curs good with people ?

Yes! Black mouth curs tend to get along well with children and other pets in the household. However, it should also be noted that black mouths can have an independent streak which means you’ll need to work on training them from early puppyhood so your pet gets accustomed to following commands!” } Is there any health issues I should look out for when owning one?

Are these dogs considered to be high energy dogs ?

Black mouth cur mix black mouth curs tend to have a high energy level so they need lots of exercise. They’re also not ideal for small living spaces because blackmouths are strong, powerful dogs with an independent streak which means you’ll need to work on training them from early puppyhood so your pet gets accustomed to following commands!”

“Should I get one? Black Mouth Cur Mixes make great pets and terrific companions as long as the owner is willing to give it the attention that black mouths require.”

What do black mouth curs eat ?

The blackmouth will live about 12 years or more in good health if its diet includes plenty of protein, vegetables, meat and fresh water. Also important: A healthy dog needs yearly visits to a vet, including blood work and checkups.

“Interested in blackmouths? If you are ready for the commitment of owning a black mouth cur mix then head to your local animal shelter or rescue organization.”

“While not as popular as some other dog breeds blackmouths make great pets because they have so much love to give!”

A blackmouth has a personality that is full of energy, strength and intelligence which makes them an awesome pet! However owners should be aware that this breed requires special attention with training from puppyhood.

They need someone around at all times during their daily routine and these dogs do best when allowed inside (as long as there’s room!). Black mouths also require time outside every day where they can get good exercise.

What to do about ear infections 

Black mouths are prone to ear infections because of their floppy ears. The best way to help prevent them is by taking your dog in for regular hearing checks as well as using a good quality food that contains zinc and Omega-rich fatty acids, which will support the immune system and keep those blackmouths healthy!

What black mouth cur mix facts should I include ?

Black mouth cur mixes can be found all over the world but they originally come from North America. These dogs have been bred with other breeds so there’s no one specific type of blackmouth out there – this means you might find some smaller or larger variations than what we’ve seen before!”

Does this dog have destructive behavior ?

No black mouth cur mix does not has destructive behavior.

What can you do with blackmouth mixes ?

They are great dogs to have around the house because they’re loving and intelligent, but if you want a companion animal that’s going to be more active then this is not the right dog for you! You’ll need to take them on long walks or runs every day in order to keep their energy levels down.

Do they grow to be 25 inches in height ?

No blackmouth does not grow to be 25 inches. The average height is between 18 and 20 inches tall.

Do black mouth cur mixes have a high prey drive ?

Yes blackmouths are known for their high prey drive. They love chasing after rodents, cats, squirrels etc! This can make them a little difficult to live with if you’re thinking of bringing one inside your home as they’ll likely try hunting any rodent or cat that’s in the area too! You should also know that these types of dogs tend to have stronger jaws than other purebred blackmouths – which means this is why some people use them as guard animals on their property.”

What colors do black mouths come in ?

“Black mouth cur mixes can come in black, black and white, black with brown markings.”What is the temperament of a blackmouth?

A blackmouth has an energetic personality that makes them perfect for any type of activity. They are also very smart and eager to please their owner which means they’re generally easy dogs to train as well!”Do you have to exercise a blackmouth daily or else it’ll get aggressive?

No! Black mouths don’t need intense amounts of exercise every day like many other breeds do – but having one off leash in your yard will suffice just fine if that’s all you want for them on a given day.

Do they grow to be 16 inches in length or taller ?

No blackmouths will not grow to be 16 inches or more in length. They’re typically the size of a medium sized dog and are built very low to the ground.”

Do black mouths have black markings on their tongue along with white, black with brown markings?”In this breed there is no such marking – they only come in solid black coat colors”

What is the temperament of a blackmouth?

The blackmouth is a rather balanced dog in terms of temperament. It can be aggressive if provoked, but it’s playful and loving to its family otherwise.

What kind of prey do black mouths hunt ?

Blackmouths are excellent hunters with an impressive drive for hunting small animals like squirrels or rabbits.”

Do black mouths come from the south ?

No they don’t – blackmouths originated as hunting dogs on farms in England centuries ago.”Where did black mouth cur mix come from?”

A hybrid between two related breeds: The American Black Mouth Cur and the Southern Hound was developed by breeders during the early 1900’s”Are there any famous black mouthed curs?

If you want your potential pet to respond well around other people then it’s best if you get an affectionate Black Mouth Cur Mix! These dogs love being outside but also enjoy lounging at home just as much. As long as they can have plenty of attention from both family members and visitors alike.

Final thoughts about these type of dogs:

– black mouth cur mix is a hybrid between two related breeds: The American Black Mouth Cur and the Southern Hound

– black mouth curs are an affectionate dog that loves attention

– black mouth cur mixes can be found on farms in England centuries ago. They were bred for their hunting skills, but now they’re more commonly seen as pets.”Where did black mouth cur mix come from?” A hybrid between two related breeds: The American Black Mouth Cur and the Southern Hound was developed by breeders during the early 1900’s”Are there any famous black mouthed curs? If you want your potential pet to respond well around other people then it’s best if you get an affectionate Black Mouth Cur Mix!

Their black mouths, black noses and black ears contrast nicely with the rest of their white fur. You can also tell that they’re happy based on how often they wag their tail!

If you want your potential pet to respond well around other people then it’s best if you get an affectionate Black Mouth Cur Mix! These dogs love being outside but also enjoy lounging at home just as much.