Bland Diet For Dogs: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Bland diet for dogs ? Dogs are known to have a very effective digestion system that readily accepts any dog food. Occasionally, however, you notice that some dogs would vomit when given some types of food. The remedy for this is to provide them with a bland diet. Such a diet will sooth the digestion system to restore the system entirely. Once you have bought a bland diet, how do you prepare it?

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How to prepare a bland diet for dogs and feed them

Generally, the bland dog diet contains lean meat and white rice or sweet potatoes, which are easy to make and are easily digested. The first step in preparing such food is to prepare your ground meat and chop it into very small pieces. Depending on the age and size of your dog, ensure that the pieces as not so huge that they will give the dog a hard time eating.

Once you have cut it into meatballs, you got to boil it until it is well cooked. When dealing with dogs whose stomach is sensitive, never risk giving then meat that is not well cooked.

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It will still cause complications in them even when it is a bland diet. When you are sure that it is well cooked, you can go ahead and drain the water that might have been left.

bland diet for dogs


The next step is preparing white rice or sweet potatoes and mixes it with the meat in the ration of 1:1. Ensure that there are no additives in the mixture, including oil or any seasoning. If you add anything more, the dog might end up vomiting, something that you are working against. Allow it to cool before you can serve it.

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The feeding

If you choose to go for a bland diet because your dog vomited the food given prior, it is recommended that you allow the dog to rest for at least two hours after the previous vomit. This is enough time to have the stomach settle so that they will not vomit again. After two hours, you can try to give water. Hopefully, the dog does not vomit. Again you have to allow the dog to rest for another two hours after the water. If he does not vomit, go ahead and give the bland food.

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You are dealing with a dog whose digestion system has a problem. This means that you should start with small amounts of the diet. A very small amount ensures that you do not destabilize the stomach. You can give as low as one tablespoon and monitor him. If he does not vomit after around two hours, you can add the same amount.

After another two hours, you can now increase the food gradually. If you realize that there is no vomiting, you can start mixing the food to the typical dog food gradually until he gets back to his normal food. This should happen within five days.

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Most dog owners give their pet regular food but you want to ensure that you have the bland diet recipes that are easy to digest that dogs love. Chicken breast cooked white rice might cause our dog digestive issues that could induce vomiting and diarrhea, you want to have a home remedy that can help your dog. Feeding your dog chicken and rice possibly can lead to pain in the within 24 hours also giving them hamburger and rice long term can also cause upset stomachs.