Blue Pitbull : Appearance, Color, And Coat

Blue pitbull ? Is the American Pitbull dog. In the recent past, the Pitbull dog has got a bad reputation since it has become popular for being utilized in dogfighting. Most individuals contemplate they are dangerous.

However, for several centuries the American Staffordshire Terriers has been known as a “Nanny Dog” because of its reliable personality with families and small children. They are loyal and affectionate to the people they know, and they love playing, which makes them excellent family dogs.

Blue Nose Pitbull : The Breed Of Choice For Dog Owners

If you want to find out more about the Blue Nose Pitbull, read on.

What Is A Blue Nose Pitbull ?

The American Staffordshire Terriers is either, an American Staffordshire dog or American Pitbull dog, or a mix of both. They have special genes that make them have a blue-like color. They are unique dogs because the coloring is as a result of recessive genes. For these genes to be expressed, breeders require two blue parents to produce blue puppies.

The blue color is caused by a reduced black pigment known as eumelanin – the same pigment also causes the blue nose and eyes. The American Staffordshire Terriers has a long ancestry; it was originally bred for hunting in England. When the breed moved to America, it was used as a farm dog for protecting land and hunting as well as for companionship.

There are a billion reasons why you should own and love the American Staffordshire Terriers. These dogs have adorable blocky head and face designed for petting. As a American Staffordshire Terriers owner, you have a deep chest making them look like a little tanker made for petting.

Recently, American Staffordshire Terriers has gained some bad reputation since they became famous for use in dogfighting competitions. Most individuals tend to believe that they are dangerous. Nonetheless, for several years, the American Staffordshire Terriers was referred to as the Nanny Dog due to their reliable temperament with families and small children.

The American Staffordshire Terriers are affectionate and loyal to people they know the best. Furthermore, they are playful and often make the best family dogs. A American Staffordshire Terriers is an incredible dog; if you are willing to fall in love with these adorable breeds, carry on reading this article and find out more about them.

History of the Blue Nose Pitbull Dog

Pitbulls came into existence in the 19th century in the United Kingdom as a result of terrier and bulldog crossbreed. This breed was carried out as a way of promoting athleticism in dogs and give them muscular stature. When the American Pitbull moved to America, they were used as hunting dogs, farm dogs for companionship, and protecting land. On the other hand, Blue Nose Pitbull is a regular type of Pitbull except for the change in their pigment.

Nowadays, there are three types of Pitbulls; the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Pitbull Terrier. The Blue Nose Pitbull is not one type of dog breed. However, they can be any type of Pitbull; it often depends on the genes present in a specific dog.

The Blue Nose tends to be more evident in the American Blue Nose Pitbull. A Non-Blue Nose Pitbull is capable of giving birth to American Staffordshire Terriers puppies; it is more likely to happen when two Blue Nose Pitbulls have been bred together.

Blue Nose Pitbulls have blue noses due to genetic problems that are often a result of black color dilation in their skin. As a result of pigmentation, the Blue Nose Pitbulls turns a slight bluish-gray color.

Nonetheless, the American Staffordshire Terriers often suffer several health issues due to the genetic change that often causes their genes to malfunction. Some of the problem this breed of dog often experience is premature hair loss as well as a poor immune system.

What to expect from a Bully Blue Nose Pitbull ?

If you are convinced that the American Staffordshire Terriers is the perfect dog breed for you, there are plenty of things you can expect from them. First and foremost, you will need to know who will be living in your house with the American Staffordshire Terriers around. You should note that this dog breed is not a breed for couch potatoes; they are athletic and tend to be very active.

Furthermore, American Staffordshire Terriers can be very destructive in terms of chewing and destroying everything in your house. As a result, they must exercise regularly to exhaust all the energy build up in their body. You will be guaranteed to have a better dog for it.

If you want to adopt or purchase a American Staffordshire Terriers, you will need to have a high fence. This is vital since they tend to be excellent jumpers. Ensure that the wall is pretty much high since the bet is that they can jump over it. In addition to that, training and socializing are essential for these smart and a strong dog breed.

How popular is A Blue Nose American Pitbull Terrier ?

American Staffordshire Terriers is an American breed of dogs; however, they are characterized by their unique blue color noses. Well, the American Staffordshire Terriers is not different from other Pitbulls, and it is becoming increasingly popular among breeders. However, they remain to be a rare find.

American Staffordshire Terriers temperament

The American Staffordshire Terriers is known for having human-like emotions. Furthermore, they are brilliant at letting their owners know how they feel. Usually, Pitbulls don’t have violent nature towards humans; however, they tend to be less tolerant towards other animals.

If you are on the lookout for an extremely friendly, affectionate, loving, highly intelligent, and docile dog, the American Staffordshire Terriersl will be perfect for you. In addition to that, these dogs are well-known for being protective of their owner. They tend to be very aggressive whenever an individual threatens their family. If you own other pets, you should always keep in mind that these dogs are not known to be playful with other animals.

Usually, most individuals tend to have a stigma when it comes to Pitbull dogs; that they tend to be dangerous and always prone to attack. However, this is not always the case. These dogs possess some beautiful temperament as well as are loyal and loving. Moreover, they are goofy dogs, which makes them excellent companions.

Blue Pitbulls are people’s dogs, which means that they love socializing with other humans and always love to be included in family activities. However, when placed in the wrong hands, Blue Pitbulls can become vicious. Nonetheless, when loved and nurtured, these dogs tend to be great having them by your side.

What is the lifespan of a Blue Bully Pitbull ?

The Blue Pitbulls are said to have a lifespan of approximately 8 to 15 years. For your dog to have the maximum life expectancy, you will need to exercise them regularly and ensure that they have proper nutrition. It would be best if you also considered having a regular visit to the vet and ensuring that they are given the correct vaccine. Your vet will always help you with all of these vital processes. This is by far the best way to extend your dog’s life expectancy.

Taking care of a Blue Pitbull

Taking care of your Blue Pitbull is vital, and the first thing you should consider doing is socializing your pup at an early age. Since Blue Pitbulls are not friendly with other pet animals, it is highly recommended that you get your puppy socialized at an early age. Ensure that the pup is associated with all kinds of situations, from being around other dogs to strangers, riding cars, grooming, and going to the vet, among different critical situations.

There is no doubt that starting at a young age is the best way of acclimating your Blue Pitbull pup to several situations where they will be comfortable in them and be people and pets. This will help them not to be anxious, fearful, or even aggressive. It is the best way of reducing the aggressive type of behaviors.

In addition to socialization, your pup will require to get his or her shots. You will want to ensure that your Blue Pitbull gets the recommended vaccinations and always take them on regular check-ups to ensure that they are healthy. When you skip vaccination, you can make the previous vaccines they had received infective, and they might end up with several pup’s illnesses such as Distemper or Parvo.

You should have a regular trip to the vet; this is highly recommended since it ensures that your dog grows on schedule and that no problems are developing. The Blue Pitbulls are prone to several congenital health problems due to inner breeding with family members to help keep their breed line going. It is recommended that you ask your vet on concerns you might have regarding possible hereditary problems for your dog.

Some of the health issues Blue Pitbulls are prone to include;

· Skin problems

· Knee complications

· Allergies

· Hip Dysplasia

· Thyroid problem

· Ichthyosis

· Gastric Dilation- Volvulus

· Cerebellar Ataxia

· Cataracts

· Heart diseases

Feeding your Blue Pitbull

There is nothing good than a healthy meal. Therefore, you should ensure that your Blue Pitbull gets all the required nutrition. Setting the right nutrition at a young age and in the future ensures that your pup starts getting and enjoying the right diet of the best foods.

Just like any other dog, it is recommended that you feed your Blue Pitbull a diet that is rich in protein as well as vegetables such as peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes, and other nutritious foods that will help your dog grow into a healthy adult. ‘

If you are an individual who doesn’t love cooking food from scratch, such as turkey, check, and other lean meats, you can always find out the best dog food for your Blue Pitbull. Ensure that the food is full of essential nutrients that will sustain your dog in every feed. You can always check for the best line of dog food brands in the market.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you set a regular feeding schedule as well as monitor how much your dog eats in every meal. It would be best if you considered feeding your Blue Pitbull in small increments. To achieve this, you should break their meal into smaller dishes and then spread it out over three meals per day.

As your Blue Pitbull grows older, you should cut back the meals to two per day and then never let him eat excessively. When you break a smaller amount of food into several feedings helps in preventing bloating, which often a common digestive disorder that is caused by overeating among dogs. It is said to be dangerous and can be fatal when not treated accordingly.

Grooming of a American Staffordshire Terriers

Despite the fact that Blue Pitbull has a short coat that lies flat, it is highly recommended that you groom them consistently. In addition to that., offer them a healthy diet that will ensure they have a glossy and beautiful coat.

As a dog owner, you understand that a rich, health, and gloriously shiny coat is everything you need for your four-legged friend. This is something to admire, especially in a Blue Pitbull. Well, grooming a Blue Pitbull isn’t rocket science since it features short hair that lies flat and very tight against their body.

Despite the fact that it is relatively easy to groom a Blue Pitbull, it is recommended that you do it regularly. It would be best if you also fed them a high-quality diet to help in keeping their coat glossy throughout.

How to exercise a American Staffordshire Terriers ?

Dogs are known for having lots of energy, and they often need to expend their energy. However, most large breeds tend to have more energy, and they will need to release them. The Blue Pitbull is among the large breed of dogs that have plenty of energy and need attention and frequent exercise. Therefore, you will need to ensure you take your Blue Pitbull outside regularly to run as well as play.

It would be best if you always played games with your Blue Pitbull that will engage their mind and their physical needs as well. Some of the fun activities to do with your Blue Pitbull include tug of war, chase, and fetch, among other favorite games among Blue Pitbulls.

Training a American Staffordshire Terriers

With several training methods as well as philosophies available today, choosing the best way of training your Blue Pitbull might take you on a spin. However, you should never be fooled by the profound looks of the Blue Pitbull; the truth is that they are loving creatures and very soft on the inside.

Training a Blue Pitbull is not that much challenging. With positive reinforcement training, the use of several praises and giving rewards will help in building a strong bond and helps in making the training process much fun and rewarding for the Blue Pitbull pup.

A Blue Pitbull pup can be trained as early as eight weeks old. Always consider the simple commands since they often come in handy in several circumstances. Usually, these commands are taught through positive reinforcement and often used in a training technique called Luring.

Some of the basic commands you should consider training your Blue Pitbull include;

· Sit

· Come

· Laydown

· Watch me

· Loose-leas walking

· Stay

Blue Pitbull frequently asked questions

Why does it have a Blue Nose ?

This is by far the most asked question about Blue Pitbull. The blue nose on a Blue Pitbull is a rare blue-gray hue to the skin, nose, toenails, and eyes. Sometimes you can find Red Nose Pitbulls as well, whose eyes, skin, toenails, and nose have amber tone.

The red or blue coloring is often as a result of two parents with recessive coat-color genes breed that often doesn’t occur naturally. The recessive genes often trigger decreased melanin production. Melanin is a vital bugger in the skin that determines skin color; it is the one responsible for tanning in humans while under the sun.

Does the Blue Nose have an effect?

Yes, this is because the coloring of the nose occurs as a result of a recessive gene. Since there are few Blue Pitbulls, inbreeding is a common thing to help in the continuation of the breed. However, inbreeding is said to create major long-term issues, including reduced immunity, cancer, heart disease, grass allergy, and even cataracts.

In addition to that, Blue Pitbulls have low levels of melanin; this means they are susceptible to the nervous system and immune system dysfunctions. Some of the problems they often face include poor vision, deafness, alopecia, skin spots, and bad temperament.

Are the Blue Pitbulls smart dogs?

Yes, there is no doubt that Blue Pitbulls are among some of the smartest dogs out there. Due to this, Blue Pitbulls are highly trainable, and they have an excellent ability to learn some sophisticated tasks. Blue Pitbulls are also great for search and rescue dogs.

Can you put Blue Pitbulls together with other dogs ?

Blue Pitbulls are known to be aggressive among other pets. However, you can train them to be social at an early age. If you have other pets around, it is recommended that you train your Blue Pitbull to be social among them at an early age.

The Blue Nose Pitbull is becoming more common among breeders nowadays, even though it is difficult to find. It has a few differences from the other breeds. It is ideal for crossbreeding due to its blocky face and admirable body. Its name might seem to deceive, but it is very loyal and gentle, mostly with young ones. Unlike other breeds, this dog wasn’t bred for aggressive purposes despite it being very muscular. It might seem intimidating at first glance, but it is very calm. It has a high intelligence that makes it ideal for your homestead.

People have used them for fights in the past, thus the thought of it being dangerous amongst most of us. Gang leaders would accompany them to the rings during these fights. This breed is mostly found in kennels since most people fear having it as a pet at home; they instead go for species that look less frightening. Their gentleness has them ranked as the most loving dogs in the universe. The most pleasing fact about this breed is its nose color hence its name. In this article, we equip you with all you need to know about the Blue Pitbull.

All you should know concerning the Blue Pitbull
This dog breed is not on every breeder’s wish list. Try reading the following information to have knowledge that will make you know more about this pit bull.
Its history

This breed first existed in the 18th-century in the UK after the bulldog and terrier were crossbred. The purpose of the crossbreeding was to enhance its sporty abilities and improve its muscular frame. It is a well-known dog breed, the only dissimilarity being its nose.

What causes its blue color ?

The blue color on its nose happened due to a genetic factor led by a dark dilation on their skin. Its nose then turns bluish due to pigmentation. Because of genetic alternations, this dog is at risk of having health issues that lead to gene malfunctioning. Such conditions are loss of hair and a weak body system.

Looking after the Bluenose Pitbull

The blue nose Pitbull does not need a lot of grooming, but that does not mean you should not brush them or bathed them once in a while. Below we look at tips you can utilize to ensure it remains neat.

1. Brush it often

Brushing the dog at least once a day is essential in ensuring it is in good health. Brushing enables you to eliminate dust and its components. This is also the quality time you can spend with the dog. However, you are warned against using brushes with stiff bristles because it has somewhat sensitive skin. This prevents skin irritation. It would help if you used a glove that has plastic bristles. This doubles up as petting your dog as well as eliminating dead skin and hanging fur on their bodies.

2. Wash them

You are not always required to wash your dog; you should do it at least once a month. Please use shampoo and conditioner whenever you are cleaning it. This ensures its skin remains free from irritations because it is softer than other shampoos. It would also help ensure the shampoo is free from any toxic chemicals that might turn their ears red.

3. Look after their ears.

Remember, it is vital always to ensure you check its ears. Bacteria might seek refuge in their ears even though they do not have fur in them. There might be cuts in its ears that occur after it scratched them accidentally. This makes it key to ensure you always check them to detect any abnormalities. Please clean the ears immediately you see anything funny in them. Use clean towels and specific ear washers for dogs. It would help clean only its edges and not the ear interior as this might take dirt deep in the ear leading to further complications. Dry the ears completely after cleaning them to eliminate any moisture that would trigger bacteria growth.

How to make these dogs more social ?

It would help ensure you socialize this dog properly to get along well with other animals. Here are some tips that will make that possible.

1. Commence slowly

It is vital to start slowly when making your dog more social. They might scare humans suppose you force them to socialize immediately. This makes it more stubborn. Please ensure you commence slowly as you train it.

2. Walk with it

This is the best way to make these Pitbull’s more social. Random walks help in exercising and enable it to meet other people in the process. With these walks, you will train them how to behave, and with no time, they will increase their social levels. Ensure to remove your dog from any situation that might make them nervous during these walks
What should you need to know about these dogs?

Below we look at exciting facts you ought to know about this dog breed;

1. They have high intelligent levels.

The majority of pit bulls have a fierce countenance, and because of that, most of us don’t expect them to be intelligent. Their faces are always goofy, thus increasing the thought that they are not smart. However, your assumptions are wrong. It is a brilliant dog that forever yearns to make its owner happy. These features make it very easy to train because they always desire to please their guardians and have the necessary intel. They have a better response to positive behavior.

2. They don’t watch over well.

Some of us see this breed as good for watching over, but it is not. It has a scary face that makes it look like it has the right technique to ensure you are safe from intruders in case of an ambush. They are messy when security is concerned. You should train them to bark; suppose you want them barking at these intruders. They do not watch over even if they are loyal. It has a soft spot for its guardians and also intruders. All you should do to get its attention is volunteer to guide it and approach it with a great mood. It is very welcoming that someone can enter your compound and engage with it, and you will not know because it will not bark towards them. However, it would help if you dealt with this by teaching it to bark at strangers until when told to stop.

3. They jump greatly

It would be best to change your dog breed; suppose you do not enjoy dogs jumping on you. This dog breed is a great jumper that jumps not only high but also leaps vast distances. It can quickly jump six feet from its location to get something and deliver it to you quickly. It is possible to play many games on it, but it needs extra training to limit furniture and other humans. Their excitement levels might rise when playing, so you should ensure you train them this. These excitement levels rise after seeing their owner, might tempt them to tackle you, but they do it in good faith. You should take charge and show them when it is time to joke and when not.

4. They hate other dogs.

This breed does not coexist well with other animals, unlike other dogs. To ensure it lives well with other animals, you should train it from a young age. This training should strive to ensure it becomes more social and friendly with the rest of the animals from a young age. Avoid buying a grown breed pit bull; suppose you have other pets at your home. The reason behind this is young dogs are easy to train compared to adults. Cats and other pets should live away from this breed because they can get aggressive towards each other, causing damages to your house.

5. They relate well with young ones.

Most people fail to acknowledge that a breed with all this intimidation is only a big teddy bear. This dog is frank and loving when trained in the right manner. It is known to be kind to young ones and guardians; it might even come on your furniture to cuddle you. It has a significant pain tolerance level, thus making them withstand the torture from children. It rarely hurts children, branding them as the ideal pet even if most people would not want them in their houses.

6. They fall sick

Like all human beings and other living creatures, they are not perfect. They are at risk of catching diseases like all of us, even though they are healthy generally. They remain among the healthiest breed, but it has several health risks such as grass allergy, a bad condition for any dog breed. They are more likely to get heart infections, cataracts, and other diseases. This is a call to the owners to make veterinary appointments all the time. You should avoid taking this dog to the veterinary only when it falls sick, but rather, have the veterinary doctor conduct thorough checkups to diagnose the disease at early stages.

7. Its feelings are almost similar to that of a human

It is difficult to acknowledge that the blue pit bull’s method of reasoning almost resembles a person. It is a very sentimental dog that makes more irrational decisions compared to the other dog breeds. You will relate better with this one than the rest of the species. However, it is difficult to deal with them when they are emotional since they get more stubborn. They tend to get hurt more often because it reasons almost like a person. Your means words towards it might have the same impact as those directed to a fellow person. At times after it gets emotional, it can give the silent treatment.

8. They have a terrible reputation.

For a long time, this breed has had a low reputation that does not exempt the blue nose. They were killed as a sport in the old days. In the 1700s, it was put before huge audiences as a baited bull, long before the amendment of cruelty laws. The main aim of this sport was to make it angry so that it would respond. People who attended this sport loved it because it was full of blood, and on many occasions, a dog would die in the act. It seems disgusting to imagine what they went through, but it is the reality. Today, their ominous reputation is because their breeding was to make them stubborn and mean to everybody. But in fact, they are very kind and gentle.

9. They are always bubbly.

This dog is among the most active in the universe. Owners who prefer to lock themselves indoors and remain silent might find it hard to stay with it. It is best to have a park in your area so that it becomes possible to walk the dog at least thrice a week or build a back area where it can run during the day. This breed might become dangerous if they are forced to sit for long hours without activity. To avoid them unleashing their energy in your house, you should take it for walks frequently. It would help if you looked after your furniture while doing this since they are giant dogs. They should also stay at the right weight by often exercising as this discourages them from lying around. Allow it to go out once a day or make a spot in your backyard where they will eliminate their excessive energy.

10. This breed sweats profusely.

This breed is among the most active dog breeds in the universe. It enjoys jumping and exercising, activities that lead to a lot of sweating. Unlike the other dogs, it enjoys bathing. Please put it in a tub, rub it using shampoo and later rinse it. After you finish, go ahead and comb it. This dog does not sweat because they stay active. After all, dogs lack glands that help in cooling their bodies. They utilize sweat as a technique to eliminate the heat found in their bodies.

11. It is a healthy breed.

A normal Pitbull weighs from 40 to 60 pounds. Small dogs are bulky, too, and have physical prowess. It is an aggressive breed that rarely backs down from an encounter. To ensure it behaves well, you should train it well, and you might also consider calling out on an animal expert to offer you help.

12. They find solace from humans and not from other pets.

Remember, this dog is the crossbreed of two breeds, and like the terriers, this dog prefers human beings to other pets. It isn’t easy to find them getting along with the other pets. To tackle this problem, you should avoid visiting dog parks and social places with them. Ensure to leash them in public; suppose you are not familiar with its reaction. This breed has big jaws and a powerful grip that might cause fatal injuries during a fight.

13. They have a good temper.

This dog is among the friendliest and most kind breed you will ever come across. They are full of love, and they love life, carrying with them vast levels of energy. Most of its guardians have said it studies your feelings and responds correctly. They also coexist well with young ones, mostly if they are raised together.

14. You can train them efficiently.

This breed is smart and has the intel to learn simple rules and complicated ones. It would help if you taught it to manage its temper from an early age to prevent an accident in the future.

15. They need little or no cleaning.

This dog has a small and sleek coat, which is simple to look after than other breeds. It sheds since it is not hypoallergenic. To ensure its skin remains healthy and glossy, cleaning it once a week is a perfect answer. Ensure you trim its teeth and nails frequently to make sure it remains neat always.

16. It is a loyal dog

It is when you take these dogs to your house that you will find out how loyal they. It is a protective breed, and your safety is guaranteed whenever they are around. However, it might help to remember that it is not a social breed, so try ensuring those near you are within a safe radius suppose it attacks.

17. It lives longer when you look after it well.

It has a lifespan that almost resembles other dogs due to its terrier genes. Ensure you cover them well due to their proneness to skin issues. Think about using shampoos as well as other balms to keep it safe from random ambushes. When they get older, their joints might become faulty. It would help if you utilized joint aid to tackle this problem.

Blue Nose Pit : Why Do We Love Them So Much ?

Blue Pitbull Appearance

The Blue Pitbull looks like the American Pitbull dog, but blue in color. It has a short muzzle and a broad face. The eyes are small and blue in color, and the nose is light gray. Their body is strong and fit and muscular.

blue pitbull


The Blue Pitbull has a short and rigid, smooth coat. You will only need to brush it occasionally. The fur does not shed throughout the year; they shed like two times in a year.

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The Blue Pitbull is not actually blue, its light gray. Their fur is usually a solid color, and sometimes can be spotted to look like it has tiger stripes. Sometimes they can have white marks between the eyes and down the nose, on their feet, and their chest.

Weight and Height

Weight can differ depending on the parents’ genes and size. However, females tend to be smaller than males. An adult blue Pitbull weighs between 30-60lbs and a height of 18 to 21 inches.

Blue Pitbull Personality and Character

The temperament of a blue Pitbull is like that of any other American Pitbull dog: loyal, affectionate, and playful. Although this breed is loving towards humans, they are not good with other dogs. They are aggressive to new dogs and not people. They are also very energetic.

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Like most active dog breeds, they get bored by inactivity easily and will chew everything they come across. Also, they are strong diggers, so it is an excellent idea to have an allocated area in your backyard where your blue Pitbull can burn off some energy. They form strong bonds with the owner quickly and will become attached easily. They suffer from separation anxiety and become destructive when left alone for long periods due to frustration.

A Blue Pitbull is an excellent family dog as it is great with children if socialized and trained well at an early age. They love kids, but it is good always to supervise the dog with your child. Since the Blue Pitbull was bred for hunting, it is prone to chase prey and other small animals, as well as your kids.

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Caring for Blue Pitbull Dogs

The Pitbulls are very energetic and require constant attention. They don’t do well on their own for long periods and are not suited for apartments.

Shedding and Grooming

Grooming the Blue Pitbull is somehow straightforward. They don’t require high maintenance. Their coat is short and stiff and only requires bathing and brushing occasionally. You should brush the dog’s teeth frequently to maintain its oral hygiene. Also, ensure that you clip your dog’s nails regularly to prevent splitting and overgrowth. Check the ears for debris and wax buildup to prevent infection.

Ensure regular grooming is a positive experience for your Pitbull as it will assist in building a strong connection with your dog.

Diet and Feeding

For your dog to live a healthy life, it will need to eat a balanced diet. The amount of food you should give your dog depends on its age and weight.

Exercise needs

A dog like this is very playful and energetic, and it requires regular exercise to prevent obesity and boredom. They should have at least one and a half hours of exercise every day. That can include regular play, jogging, and walking.


Dogs are best suited for owners who are not afraid of its bad reputation. They will show unconditional affection to you and your family members. They require a lot of exercises to keep them occupied and prevent obesity. They don’t need a lot of grooming as they don’t shed a lot.

This dog has a unique coloring and is also known as a american staffordshire terrier, if you can get one from a reputable breeder with blue coloring that would be cool. Also you need to introduce positive reinforcement, the american pitbull terrier has red noses and it is a good idea for these dog breeds like the staffordshire bull terrier need to be trained and socialized.

If the have health problems the blue nose pitbull puppy may have a recessive gene and it is a good idea to exercise them at dog parks. The pitbulls loves there exercise and for a dog lover that is a great thing. The american pit bull terrier can be blue nose pit bulls as well.

Final verdict

After going through this article, you now understand everything about the Blue Pitbulls. These gentle giants are undeniably adorable once you see their goofy little smiles along with the adorable blue noses.

If you are a new dog owner, the Blue Pitbull is an excellent option for you. This dog breed is relatively easy to take care of, and they also possess an affectionate personality that you will fall in love with easily.

It would be best to remember that Blue Pitbulls are very energetic and require lots of exercise. Furthermore, they also need to have plenty of sturdy toys that will keep them out of trouble since they will end up chewing or digging when they are bored.

If you are willing to give the Blue Pitbull the full attention they require, you will be able to fill your heart with laughter and love. With various dog breeds available out there, it’s never an easy task to choose one that will best suit your needs. However, you will never regret adopting or purchasing a Blue Pitbull. As we conclude, we hope that you found this article beneficial as I did.


These dogs can live for close to 14 years despite their health issues. Females can sire 6-12 young ones. It would be best if you enhance their health by looking after them. Provide these breeds with your time and affection, and they must wholeheartedly reciprocate the feeling.