Blue Pitbull : Appearance, Color, And Coat

Blue pitbull ? Is the American Pitbull dog. In the recent past, the Pitbull dog has got a bad reputation since it has become popular for being utilized in dogfighting. Most individuals contemplate they are dangerous.

However, for several centuries the blue pitbull has been known as a “Nanny Dog” because of its reliable personality with families and small children. They are loyal and affectionate to the people they know, and they love playing, which makes them excellent family dogs.

Blue Nose Pitbull : The Breed Of Choice For Dog Owners

If you want to find out more about the Blue Nose Pitbull, read on.

What Is A Blue Pitbull?

The Blue Pitbull is either, an American Staffordshire dog or American Pitbull dog, or a mix of both. They have special genes that make them have a blue-like color. They are unique dogs because the coloring is as a result of recessive genes. For these genes to be expressed, breeders require two blue parents to produce blue puppies.

The blue color is caused by a reduced black pigment known as eumelanin – the same pigment also causes the blue nose and eyes. The blue Pitbull has a long ancestry; it was originally bred for hunting in England. When the breed moved to America, it was used as a farm dog for protecting land and hunting as well as for companionship.

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Blue Pitbull Appearance

The Blue Pitbull looks like the American Pitbull dog, but blue in color. It has a short muzzle and a broad face. The eyes are small and blue in color, and the nose is light gray. Their body is strong and fit and muscular.

blue pitbull


The Blue Pitbull has a short and rigid, smooth coat. You will only need to brush it occasionally. The fur does not shed throughout the year; they shed like two times in a year.

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The Blue Pitbull is not actually blue, its light gray. Their fur is usually a solid color, and sometimes can be spotted to look like it has tiger stripes. Sometimes they can have white marks between the eyes and down the nose, on their feet, and their chest.

Weight and Height

Weight can differ depending on the parents’ genes and size. However, females tend to be smaller than males. An adult blue Pitbull weighs between 30-60lbs and a height of 18 to 21 inches.

Blue Pitbull Personality and Character

The temperament of a blue Pitbull is like that of any other American Pitbull dog: loyal, affectionate, and playful. Although this breed is loving towards humans, they are not good with other dogs. They are aggressive to new dogs and not people. They are also very energetic.

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Like most active dog breeds, they get bored by inactivity easily and will chew everything they come across. Also, they are strong diggers, so it is an excellent idea to have an allocated area in your backyard where your blue Pitbull can burn off some energy. They form strong bonds with the owner quickly and will become attached easily. They suffer from separation anxiety and become destructive when left alone for long periods due to frustration.

A Blue Pitbull is an excellent family dog as it is great with children if socialized and trained well at an early age. They love kids, but it is good always to supervise the dog with your child. Since the Blue Pitbull was bred for hunting, it is prone to chase prey and other small animals, as well as your kids.

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Caring for Blue Pitbull Dogs

The Pitbulls are very energetic and require constant attention. They don’t do well on their own for long periods and are not suited for apartments.

Shedding and Grooming

Grooming the Blue Pitbull is somehow straightforward. They don’t require high maintenance. Their coat is short and stiff and only requires bathing and brushing occasionally. You should brush the dog’s teeth frequently to maintain its oral hygiene. Also, ensure that you clip your dog’s nails regularly to prevent splitting and overgrowth. Check the ears for debris and wax buildup to prevent infection.

Ensure regular grooming is a positive experience for your Pitbull as it will assist in building a strong connection with your dog.

Diet and Feeding

For your dog to live a healthy life, it will need to eat a balanced diet. The amount of food you should give your dog depends on its age and weight.

Exercise needs

A dog like this is very playful and energetic, and it requires regular exercise to prevent obesity and boredom. They should have at least one and a half hours of exercise every day. That can include regular play, jogging, and walking.


Dogs are best suited for owners who are not afraid of its bad reputation. They will show unconditional affection to you and your family members. They require a lot of exercises to keep them occupied and prevent obesity. They don’t need a lot of grooming as they don’t shed a lot.

This dog has a unique coloring and is also known as a american staffordshire terrier, if you can get one from a reputable breeder with blue coloring that would be cool. Also you need to introduce positive reinforcement, the american pitbull terrier has red noses and it is a good idea for these dog breeds like the staffordshire bull terrier need to be trained and socialized.

If the have health problems the blue nose pitbull puppy may have a recessive gene and it is a good idea to exercise them at dog parks. The pitbulls loves there exercise and for a dog lover that is a great thing. The american pit bull terrier can be blue nose pit bulls as well.