Border Collie German Shepherd Mix Personality

Border collie german shepherd mix ? Although the origin of this crossbreed is unknown, it is strongly believed to have come from Scotland. It is thought that early Collies were bred to do things that they usually do nowadays – to herd and protect. This mix is popularly nicknamed as Shollie, which is a clever mix of bits of the parent’s names.

Border Collie is one of the sheepdogs that are believed to have existed for centuries, although the American Kennel Club didn’t formally recognize the breed until 1995. When you consider proper training for the dog and great socialization with other dogs, there is a high chance you can prevent the fierce personality that it tends to have.

1. Personality

The Shollie is quite similar to the GSDs since it is a trainable dog and is very intelligent. They also have a working mindset and are not that friendly with kids. What Border Collies do best is to protect their owners and home very fiercely. However, there is a positive side to this personality; in that, you can prevent it with early training and socialization.

Naturally, the Shollie is a curious dog. It doesn’t enjoy sitting idle without any job or game to play. Therefore, this personality leads the dog to result in destructive behavior, which might not be that pleasant to the owner.

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2. Weight and Height

The good thing about the Shollie is that it has the potential to become large or medium-sized. If it takes after the GSD parents, then it can mature and grow to be between 80 to 90 pounds. However, if the pup takes after the Border Collie parent, then it can grow up to only about 40 pounds.

border collie german shepherd mix

Most of them fall there in between the weights we’ve mentioned above. German shepherd Collie crosses are expected to reach a maximum height of 22 to 24 inches at their shoulder.

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3. Shollie Color

It is quite challenging to predict the color of most hybrid dogs. It is also hard to predict the length of their coats. Therefore, the parent is the only option you have to tell the color of kids they might be able to produce.

Hybrids can look like a mix of their parents or appear nearly similar to one of the parents. For instance, if a Shollie takes the genes of the GSD parent more than those of the Border Collie parent, they may have the signature of a German shepherd, which is a strong coat with black points.

4. Coat

The Shollie may inherit the medium length and double coat signature of a German shepherd. This is an undercoat that is quite soft and normally found below the topcoat, which is quite rough. They may also inherit the medium-length coat of the Border Collie or a coat that is in between the two mentioned characteristics. The good thing is that a breeder may have an idea of the kind of coat the dog might have by the time you bring her home.

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There are plenty of facts about the crossbreed between the Border Collie and the German shepherd. The advantage of this hybrid is the fact that it is easily trainable and very beneficial to breed. You can check out more info online to learn more about the hybrid.

Family members will love this family dog if you get it from a reputable breeder the shepherds and border collies come from great parent breeds and makes for a great guard dog. It is a large dog similar to german shepherd dog and is easy to train, if your dog has health issues or health problems the german shepherds and border are considered designer dogs and need quality healthcare. The collie german shepherd mix or border collie german shepherd are high energy level. It also has a double coat and time owner of the shepherd border collie mix should spend quality time with the dog.

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