Can A Cat Be A Service Animal : 5 Items To Consider

Can a cat be a service animal ? It has been a common question for most people, can a feline be a service animal. Basing on the body size of a cat, most people doubt the ability of a cat being a service animal. However, out of my observation on the potentials of cats, I hereby acknowledge that a cat can make a very great service animal as it is easy to train and also a very royal animal.

Emotional Support Animal Cat : 5 Facts To Know

What is a service animal?

A service animal is an animal that lives with people living with different types of disability, and the animal, therefore, helps in some duties like driving the wheelchair, offering companionship for mentally disturbed people, or emotionally challenged people.

Some service animal has some advanced level of intelligence; hence, they can be sent to different places by the disabled person.

According to the Americans with Disability Act, they only accredit dogs and horses to be service animals as they have the energy and are easy to train. That means, according to the act, a cat cannot be a service animal.

Emotional Support Cat : 4 Processes To Get One

can a cat be a service animal


Why a cat can be a service animal.

– Cats are the most friendly animals, and they like staying close to a human being. Therefore a cat can be a great companion for a person who is emotionally challenged as they can the whole day next to a person without getting bored.

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– Cats are quite easy to train, once a cat is taught a certain routine, especially through the application, it will stick to that particular behavior hence making it a good service animal.



– Although small in size, it has some average strength to carry some items. A cat can be a service animal where it can be sent some small items like phones.

– Cats, unlike other pets and animals, are quite easy to maintain and to keep in your house, hence can be a great companion.

– Cats also like playing and, therefore, can work as a great companion for the emotionally challenged individuals.

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Federal laws and housing act are carried out throughout the united states depending on where you live some places may require you to pay a pet fee so that you can get an emotional support at that is individually trained.

A therapy cat animal including a cat as an esa or you may need an esa letter to express depression anxiety will help you attain such an animal. As with any animal pet deposits may be needed like for service dogs which are specifically trained, if you are going to travel you may need an air carrier access act.

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Service cats can be used in nursing homes as well as miniature horses. There may be a need for special training for an emotional support cat.