Can Cats Eat French Fries: 4 Reason Why They Don’t

Can cats eat french fries ? Even for us human beings, French fries are not that healthy. But they are delicious. And with ketchup as a side dish, resisting them is hard. If you’re enjoying your fries, you might think of sharing some with your cat. But is it is okay for cats to eat French fries? The short answer is no. It’s not okay for your pet to eat them.


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However, if your cat already ate some, don’t panic as fries are not toxic to these pets. But, it’s not recommended that you make them part of your cat’s diet since eating them will do more harm than good. Here are some reasons why French fries are not a good meal for your cat.


can cats eat french fries


They Have Too Much Salt

One major problem with French Fries is that they contain too much salt, which can be dangerous to your furry friend. For example, a small serving of McDonald’s French Fries contains approximately 134 milligrams of sodium.

This amount is three times more than the recommended sodium intake levels your pet should take in a day. That means a cat can be poisoned with sodium from a snack. Plus, salt causes urinary complications such as kidney damage, seizures, etc.

They Have High Calorie and Fat Content

Cats also need fat to be healthy. But, not all fats are safe for consumption. Essential fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6 are healthy for cats. However, saturated fats are unhealthy, even for human beings.

Deep-fried foods like fries contain less essential fatty acids and more saturated fat. If you give such foods to your cat regularly, they’ll provide him with unneeded calories that would make him obese.

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Potatoes Aren’t Good for Cats

Deep frying potatoes may be delicious, but they’re not healthy. However, even plain cooked potatoes aren’t a good meal for your cat. Cats need mostly proteins to thrive, but adding some few carbohydrates will not harm. However, carb content should be kept low. And most commercial dry foods for cats already contain high levels of carbohydrates.

This means that it’s a bad idea to give your cat carbohydrate-rich treats if he already ate dry kibble, for instance. Again, the green parts of raw potatoes can be toxic to your pet. Not to mention that he can’t digest raw potatoes.

However, cat canned foods contain a rather low amount of carbohydrates, which means you can occasionally offer carbohydrate-rich treats, but don’t make it French fries.

What about Ketchup?

French fries plus ketchup make a delicious meal. If a cat already ate French fries, probably, he had some ketchup too. Well, like fries, ketchup is also not the best thing to offer your cat. It contains too much sodium levels, which are dangerous for cats.

And apart from that, most kinds of ketchup have onion powder, and onions are toxic for a cat. Additionally, ketchup is very acidic for cats. That means even if your ketchup didn’t have onion powder, it still could cause stomach upsets to your pet.


Well, from the above discussion, it’s unsafe to share French fries with your pet. Fries contain high calorie and salt content, which doesn’t provide any nutritional value. And worse is if they’re covered with extra flavor such as garlic or ketchup sauce, which can be dangerous for cats. Sweet potatoes are human foods I would be careful about feeding a cat that type of food.

Cats can eat potatoes as an occasional treat however eating fries can cause health issues. In general people foods are meant for people. And although the potato plant is healthy potatoe chips are not and feeding you cat this type of treat can mess with the cat’s digestive system.