Can Dogs Eat Basil Leaves : What Is Effect Of Eating Them ?

You are trying to grow basil leaves in your backyard, but your pet loves to go there every now and then! You are worried about your little bundle of joy. You are constantly thinking can dogs eat basil leaves? If that’s the case then you are in the right place.

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Basil Leaves for Dogs

If your dog has consumed the basil leaves in small quantities then you need not worry about it. In fact, basil has many health benefits and you can add it to the diet of your pet. However, it’s important for you to keep in mind that if your pet has an underlying medical issue or concern and if there is an allergy to herbs then it’s best to consult with your vet. It’s better to be on the safe side, right!

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There is tons of information available online, but you can ask the vet to tell you what’s the best for your pet. Make sure you act as per the recommendation of your vet.

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Health Benefits of Basil for Dogs

You might want to know and understand the health benefits of basil for dogs. In fact, it’s good to know the relevant health benefits so that you can add a good food item to the diet of your precious pet.

Can Dogs Have Basil : Is This The Best Herb For Them ?

Consider the following:

Basil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, you can add it to the diet of your pet and take benefit of such properties. It’s important to give healthy food to your pet. You want the best for your little furry friend especially when it comes to diet and food.

Basil can help in the prevention of cellular damage. It can help in healing cellular damage. So adding basil to the diet sounds like a good idea.

You can use basil for preventing cancer. It means that basil would be suitable for the health and well-being of your precious pet, but in small quantities so always keep that in mind.

If you are concerned about arthritis then start giving basil to your pet. In fact, you can gradually add it to the diet of your pet and see if there is a change in health. You should always wait and see if there is a possible reaction.

Not just arthritis, but your dog might suffer from other age-related issues and concerns. Thus, adding basil to the diet of your pet can help with the age-related diseases of your pet. If your pet is getting older, you have to be extra careful of the diet as it would be important.

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There are many health benefits that might want you to add to the diet of your pet, but you better know what your pet likes!

Possible Reaction by Consuming Basil

Even though it’s okay to give basil to your pet in small quantities you should look for the reaction, if any. If the pet experiences vomiting or an upset stomach then let your vet know about it.

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If your dog develops a skin issue like itching or anything else then it could be an allergic reaction so it’s better to ask your vet what you can do about it. Taking care of the health of your pet is your responsibility so you should be careful with it.

Make a list of the possible allergy reactions that your dog gets from other food items. If your dog is allergic to certain herbs and spices then you can ask your vet to recommend you if adding basil to the diet of your vet would be a suitable idea or not.

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How Can You Give Basil to Your Dog

Your dog might be consuming the basil leaves from the backyard, but you are also thinking of the ways you can serve it to your pet. If you plan on making pesto, you can remove garlic from it as it’s toxic.

Your pet might like it, but you have to be sure whether it’s suitable for the health of your dog or not. If your pet has a medical issue, you should always check your vet before making any decision of feeding a new food item.

You have to gradually introduce basil to the diet of your dog. Your dog should be getting basil or any other new food in small quantities when you are adding it to the diet. Don’t give a large number of basil leaves to your dog especially if you don’t want to upset the stomach of your pet. Plus, it won’t be suitable for the health of your dog if you give it in large quantities.

Just add the basil to the food ingredients or maybe add it to the top. After all, garnishing the dog food with basil can definitely help with the flavor. You want the best for your pet and thus, it’s important that you know what food items are suitable for consumption for your pet and what is not suitable.

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Wrapping It Up

If your pet is eating the basil leaves in small quantities and occasionally then you need not worry about it. However, it’s important to make sure that the pet is not consuming it in large quantities. When you are not sure about the allergic reaction or worried about the health condition of your pet then let your vet know about it. Your vet can suggest to you what’s best for the health and well-being of your pet.