Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky : 5 Reasons Why They Should

Can dogs eat beef jerky ? You find yourself snacking on some delicious beef jerky, your dog sitting near you looking at it longingly.


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It is a piece of meat, but does that mean it’s safe as a delicious treat for your dog companion as well?

The short answer is yes, as long as it isn’t one of the flavored kinds like spicy or teriyaki and is just plain beef jerky!

Although if it’s a seasoning that comes from a green leaf, like parsley, rosemary, etc those have been shown to actually be healthy digestion aides.

Not only is it safe but beef jerky is MILES healthier than many dog treats for 5 main reasons.

can dogs eat beef jerky


Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky: Less Chemically Processed

We might all want to believe that our dog treats are safe. After all shouldn’t we be able to trust them? Sadly, the answer can sometimes be no.

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The American Chemical Society sampled some dog brand treats after some dogs in several countries fell ill and found that many of the treats we find on shelves not only contained illegal antibiotics but also contained chemicals exceeding FDA regulations.

Beef jerky, being a food made for humans as well, is significantly more controlled letting you rest much easier that there won’t be nasty additives from companies trying to cut corners to make themselves a quick buck.

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Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky : Higher Meat Grade

Going along with being less processed with harmful chemicals, dog treats can also contain a lesser grade of meat as explained by USDA regulations.

Namely, dog treats can contain grade E meat which effectively is the parts of the cow that humans don’t typically want to eat like certain pieces from the undercarriage of the cow, the mouth, tongue, and cuttings deemed unfit for humans to the point where it is actually illegal to add to human foods.

Beef Jerky cannot be made from these lesser trimmings and instead must be made from higher cuts of meat.

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You might not be buying prime cut beef jerky, also known as grade A meat, but anything fit for human consumption and is, therefore, going to be healthier pieces of meat, with better regulations, and better quality all around.

can dogs eat slim jims


Nutritionally Stable

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of beef jerky for dogs is that a pure meat treat is far more in line with what their diet should consist of.

According to PetMD, Beef namely is one of the highest protein foods that dogs can enjoy that is also very easily digestible. Widely agreed upon by the Veterinary Society of America is that dog’s diets should be meat-based. Pretty obvious right?

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But many dog treats contain filler ingredients like an excess of grains that have been proven safe in small amounts by the Journal of Animal

Nutrition, it shouldn’t make up the majority of their diet. Instead, a meaty treat is far healthier and in line with their diet.

Dried meat and human jerky can help with red blood cells and as a dog owner your dog’s health is very important for your furry friend. Chicken jerky along with dog beef jerky can give you dog the necessary nutrition it needs.

Dental Care

I doubt anyone thinks of jerky and thinks of dental care, but for dogs, their dental care consists almost completely of chewing.

The more chewing your dog does of bones and fibrous matter like jerky, the more build-up they can remove from their teeth.

The chewing motion a dog makes with their mouth when gnawing on a piece of jerky causes the meat fibers to run against their gums and leave them cleaner than before. Many crunchy dog treats don’t have this benefit and good dental care is incredibly important for many dog breeds.

can dogs eat slim jims


More enjoyment

Of course, perhaps the most important reason why you should feed your dog some jerky as a treat is because they will love it and they get more enjoyment from it!

Many dog treats disappear in a blink of a second but jerky will have to be chewed a bit more leading to at least a few more minutes of enjoyment for our best friends.

And more than anything else, we want our dogs to be happy and enjoy their time with us.

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