Can Dogs Eat Cake : 5 Sugar Facts Each Owner Need

Can dogs eat cake ? Cakes are delectable desserts whose sugary goodness means that you might be tempted to give a slice or two to your dog. After all, isn’t sharing part of caring?

Well, no in this instance. While a little bite of cake on rare occasions will not do your dog any harm, it is a habit you would probably not want to develop.

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For starters, even when taken in moderation, cake is not known as one of the most nutritious food option for human beings or dogs. Also, given the wide variety of cakes available and their varying ingredients, it is advisable not to feed any cake to your canine friend since some of the ingredients would be toxic or unhealthy. 

can dogs eat cake


Why can’t dogs eat cake?

Most people wonder why they should not give cake to their dogs, even in small amounts. As stated above, while a slice would probably not harm your pup, it is not really a good idea. It is best to keep your dog away from cake celebrations more especially if you are not sure about the cake’s ingredients.

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You may not know it but some of ingredients and/or the items such as chocolate and macadamia nuts used to decorate the top of cakes might be toxic to your pooch. As much as you want your dog to join in the celebrations, it is just not worth it!

You can’t give chocolate cake to your furry friend because it could be bad for dogs, this cake is toxic to dogs. If you love dogs then keep them away from your birthday party where it may have birthday cakes.

Do cakes have any benefits for your dog?

The amount of fruit that a cake contains (dried, candied, or fresh) does not have enough nutrition value to your dog’s body to justify the harm that the cake would potentially cause.

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Cake is generally not considered a healthy food option owing to its high sugar content. As a consequence, feeding to your pup on a regular basis, even in small and seemingly harmless amounts, would have potentially serious health implications in the future.

This is because some of the ingredients and cake decorating items would cause toxicosis, or even death in extreme cases. You are better off giving your dog healthier treats and cake is definitely not one of them.

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Do cakes have any potential side effects on dogs?

Given its high sugar content, cake can lead to obesity in dogs. Cakes are typically sugar-heavy due to their ingredients and if fed to dogs regularly, the dogs will over time gain weight which would result in obesity.

Unchecked weight gain or obesity would give rise to other health issues including diabetes, heart diseases, and arthritis.

Feeding your dog on cake would also have adverse effects on its dental health even if its teeth are brushed on a daily basis. Besides oral health such as cavities, decaying teeth, bacterial infections, and bad breath, consumption of high sugar content foods such as cakes would lead in the development of other health complications in your pooch’s body.

Bacterial infections in the canine’s mouth would also find their way into the bloodstream before spreading to the other parts of the body. These infections can potentially damage your dog’s kidney, liver, lungs, brain, and heart which would cause death.

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As explained earlier, some ingredients used making some types of cakes would be toxic to your pup, even when given in small bites. It is important to check for some of the following items in cakes before offering them to your dog: grapes, macadamia nuts, coffee, raisins, chocolate, candy, nutmeg, and vanilla extract.

Some dog owners may opt for sugar-free cakes thinking that they are healthy choices. While these cakes may not contain added sugars, the items used as replacement are not any less harmful. For instance, xylitol (a frequently used sweetener) is toxic even when consumed in small amounts.

A small amount of xylitol can act as an insulin stimulant in dogs which cause hypoglycemia, or rapid blood sugar drop. This would cause seizures, coma, weakness, lack of coordination, or death.

In conclusion, an occasional slice of cake will not harm your dog but it is best not to take chances given the fact that dogs have different sensitivities. If you must treat your pooch to a cake, buy or bake dog-friendly cakes whose ingredients are safe for your dog.