Can Dogs Eat Carrots ? 8 Reasons To Do It

Can dogs eat carrots ? The most popular pet is a dog. A dog is an animal that is easy to live with and take care of.

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Dog owners know all too well that there are vegetables that their pets can eat and those that should be avoided.

The big question we are asking today is, can dogs eat carrots and if they can, is the vegetable any good to a dog?

Carrots provide the human body with essential healthy nutritional components. The same is true about carrots to dogs.

Dogs get nutritional value when they eat carrots. Most dogs enjoy eating carrots. Moreover, the crunchiness with which carrots have helps at making a dog’s teeth stronger.

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Just be careful not to feed your dog too much of this vegetable as you could be overfeeding your dog with carbohydrates.

Unlike a chew toy carrot sticks in small amounts are very safe for dogs. Carrots are good for the older dog as well.

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Is it advisable to feed carrots to a dog?

Many people will continually ask themselves, can dogs eat carrots? This is because dogs are carnivores and carrots are very crunchy vegetables.

When you feed a dog some raw carrots, you might find some of the undigested pieces in the feces.

This is because a dog’s metabolism is not designed to digest raw carrots.

But let us look at the numerous benefits that a carrot meal affords a dog;

Why feed carrots to your dog?

1. Carrots are cheap everywhere in the world- It is a cheap source of nutrition for your dog. And since the dog loves eating carrots, why not make them part of the diet?

2. A rich source of Vitamin A – Vitamin A is vital in a dog’s life because it helps the dog grow and even have a healthy body. Carrots play a critical role in boosting a dog’s immune system as well as the skin.

3. A good source of beta-carotene – Just like it is the case with humans, a dog that is regularly fed with carrots enjoys improved eyesight. Beta-carotene serves as an antioxidant and also as a precursor of Vitamin A. The cellulose in carrots is surrounded by a wall, and this makes it impossible for raw carrots to be digested by dogs hence the need to steam the carrots.

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4. Low-calorie – Because carrots are low in calories, you will find it easy to give your dog carrot treats instead of biscuits. The low-fat vegetable is a healthy option, especially if your dog is diabetic or overweight. Just be careful not to feed it with a lot of carrots as this can end up making the dog obese.

5. The fiber in the carrots – There is a high concentration of soluble fiber in carrots. A dog that has loose stool might benefit from eating carrots. A carrot meal will help add some bulk to the dog’s stool.

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6. Improved dental health – There are those pet lovers who are diligent enough to brush their dogs’ teeth. Many pet owners can’t get it around themselves to brush the teeth of a dog. Well, an easy way to keep your dog’s dental health intact is by giving it carrots. When you feed frozen carrots to your dog, its teeth get gently scrapped, and this prevents any buildup of plaque.

7. Teething of the puppies – When puppies chew frozen carrots, discomfort is reduced both in the gums and their young teeth.

8. A deworming technique- The presence of Vitamin A in carrots helps get rid of any roundworms and other worms that your dog might have. To get the best results, you should chop or grate the carrots before adding to the dog’s food.

The different ways to feed carrots to your dog
Just like it is with your children, most dogs will be happy to chew a carrot. There are those fussy eaters that will need a little nudging though. Here are the different simple ways that you can add carrots to your dog’s diet;

• Shred the carrots – You should consider adding some grated or shredded carrots on to your already prepared dog’s food. This adds flavor and nutrition.

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• As part of a balanced meal – For better palatability and nutrition of the food, you should consider adding carrots as an ingredient.

• Feed your small dogs steamed and mashed carrots. When you mash the already steamed carrots into a paste, your young dog will have an easy time feeding. You can opt to blend the steamed carrots too.

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• Frozen carrots for young dogs – Frozen carrots are perfect for teething dogs. Break down whole size carrots into flakes before freezing them to help the puppies with the digestion. Avoid using baby carrots as they can choke the young dogs. Frozen carrots work magic at relieving teeth discomfort.

• Make juice for your dog – like us humans; many dogs do love carrot juice. It can be a great way to introduce carrots to a puppy.

What to avoid when feeding carrots to your dog ?

Before introducing your dog to carrots, you should visit your veterinarian first. The vet will advise you on the best quantity to feed the dog. You will also know the frequency at which you should feed carrots to your dog.

Take it slow. At first, the dog can have some gas and some digestion problems because of the fiber in the carrots. But with time, the dog’s body will adapt, and you will be able to feed the dog its right share of carrots.

Because dogs cannot metabolize nutrients found in raw carrots easily, you should cook them. To provide your dog the full benefits that carrots come with, experts advise that you cook the carrots lightly. The carrots will retain most of the nutrients when lightly cooked.

Do not feed your dog with too many carrots. There is always the danger of ending up with an overweight pet since carrots mostly contain carbohydrates. Moreover, lots of Vitamin A found in carrots can be toxic and dangerous to the dog. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and hence the danger of it building up in the body.

Finding the best wholesome dog food

Can dogs eat carrots? Well, dogs are carnivorous animals, and this means that meat should be a big part of their meal. However, studies done by the Purdue School of Veterinary medicine revealed that dogs should eat vegetables as well.

In a 2005 study, Scottish terriers were fed with vegetables thrice a week were found to be between 70 and 90% less likely to get bladder cancer.
There are many vegetables that you can feed your dog.

A well-balanced meal ensures that not only your dog lives a healthy life, but remains happy. Some of the other vegetables that you can feed your dog include spinach, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, and green beans. You should steam the vegetables to make it easy for the dog to digest.

Many are the times that we see our dogs like some garbage bin. Don’t give your dog all manner of junk food. According to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, around 54% of American dogs are either obese or overweight.

Such dogs encounter several health risks like respiratory diseases and diabetes. By giving your dog carrot treats instead of a piece of a burger, you will be working towards making it healthy. So, yes, a dog can and should be fed with carrots, but in moderation.