Can Dogs Eat Cheerios: 7 Ingredients You Care About

Can dogs eat cheerios ? Cheerios are known around the world. For some people, it is their favorite breakfast item. You must have enjoyed Cheerios with your friends and family members. Your kids might love it too. But, what about your precious pet? Would it enjoy Cheerios too?

When you sit down for breakfast, you enjoy cheerios as breakfast. Your dog would be looking at you with those beautiful puppy eyes. You might wonder “can dogs eat cheerios?” Well, if you want to know the answer, read on!

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Digestive System of Dogs

It is important for you to keep in mind that the digestive system of dogs is very different from human beings. What you as a human being can digest easily could be difficult for your dog.

There are certain enzymes released by the human body that aid in the process of digestion. Dogs are different and thus, there should be a different diet for them. You should provide a healthy balanced diet to your dog. After all, your precious bundle of joy deserves it!

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can dogs eat cheerios


Ingredients In Cheerios

Cheerios mostly contain the following as their ingredient (depending on the flavor you are buying):

Modified corn starch


Whole grain oats

Wheat starch


Honey (depending on flavor)

Vitamin E

Natural Almond Flavor (depending on flavor)

And other ingredients as per the flavor

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Cheerios As Pet Treat

It appears that none of the ingredients mentioned above would be of many benefits to your dog. Cheerios could be good as a treat but occasionally and not on a regular basis. If you are keeping a close eye on the diet of your dog, giving cheerios would not be an issue. You have to consider the flavor of the cheerios as well since the safety of feeding cheerios to the dog would also depend on the relevant flavor too.

However, always ask your vet as they would be able to give a better answer based on the health history of your dog. Make sure your dog is not allergic or has any issue with the ingredients in the cheerios.

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have multigrain


Consult Your Vet

It is always best to consult your vet for more information. Your vet knows what is best for your dog and based on the preferences of your dog, you can prepare a diet plan. Sometimes your dog might not indulge in healthy eating and it would prefer to have cheerios instead since it is crunchy and has a good taste as well. Ask your vet whether it is suitable for your dog when it is not feeling well. You can ask the following questions to your vet:

Are Cheerios a healthy option for my dog?
Do you think it is safe for my dog to try Cheerios?
Can we share Cheerios with our dog?
Is Cheerios a good option for my dog?
Can I give Cheerios to my pup?
My dog loves treat but can it try Cheerios?

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These questions might sound annoying but these would clarify your confusion. Good luck with that!

Final Words

Anything in moderation usually won’t be harmful. However, if you provide the dogs with an excess amount of cheerios, it is not preferable. Always consult your vet when your dog is not feeling well or showing signs of weakness.

Always read the ingredients on the packet of Cheerios before considering to give it to your pet. It is always best to be aware of the health history of your dog.

A dog’s diet that include breakfast cereals may have empty calories especially if it is chocolate cheerios, it may cause allergic reactions or harm your dog. You should feed with something that has a nutritional benefit. There is nothing wrong with feeding your dog treats but just make they have no side effects.