Can Dogs Eat Eggs ? 2 Facts And 2 Side Effects

Can dogs eat eggs ? In earlier times, dogs would invade bird’s nests and snatch eggs which they would consume raw. Nowadays, pet owners are strict and carefully monitoring their movement.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the concept of feeding dogs raw and cooked eggs. Eggs have been associated with contents of cholesterol and salmonella, which pose a huge threat when consumed in large quantities. On the other side, eggs are rich in protein and several amino acids as well as fatty acids.

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They could serve as a wonderful dog treat in it’s cooked or boiled state. It is wise to include eggs in your dog’s diet due to their enormous health benefits.

Pay a visit to your vet and let them advise you further on the frequency and amount of eggs to feed your dog t avoid health risks such as obesity.

A good source balance diet for a dog will be much different than that of a human being. This why it is very important what you decide to put in the digestive system of your dog.

Scrambled eggs might be a good option as they require to be cooked on a stove top and that heat will ensure that whatever is in there will be destroyed.

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If you are talking about getting enough calcium and protein which will related to bones and muscle well fear not because eggs has everything you need regarding the most important nutrition for there bodies.

People food on the other hand takes a different approach and in some cases human beings may drink there eggs yuk !! which will be raw egg whites.

You can eat raw eggs however you could catch something in the tummy so that is not advised. Serve eggs that are cooked or at the very least boiled. Feed egg in terms of food for dogs which are good for dogs and will not cause upset stomachs.

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Feeding Dogs Raw Eggs

Eggs are ideal for consumption when cooked and boiled due to some health concerns. As a pet owner, you need to be wary of some side effects of feeding your raw dog eggs. Below are some of the things you should be cautious about before you feed your dog with raw eggs.


Salmonella bacteria are known to cause health complications in humans, and it exhibits similar effects when it comes to dogs. Raw eggs carry the bacteria, which makes the pooch susceptible to contracting it directly from consuming raw eggs. It is advisable to cook the eggs to kills the bacteria to lower the chances of your dog contracting the bacteria.

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Biotin Deficiency

Raw eggs also have a potential of aggravating biotin deficiency. The raw white eggs carry along with an enzyme that is responsible for destroying the biotin, which inhibits other processes like biotin absorption.

Biotin is a valuable complex vitamin which helps the body maintain perfect skin, metabolism, digestion, muscles, and cells. Most vets advise pet owners to feed their animals cooked or boiled eggs in the exemption of butter, salt, oil, and any form of additive.

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Let’s learn some other wonderful facts about giving your dog eggs.

They are a natural all-around food source.

Eggs could be referred to as the ideal nutrition source that carries most of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins needed in the body. The eggs are nutritious that they provide life to the living egg embryo constantly feeding it with nutrients that help it grow. They are rich in proteins and amino acids which are vital for the body and dog’s health in general. They also contain vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin, iron, folate, fatty acids, and selenium.



Egg whites possess enzyme inhibitors.

Puppies and young dogs could be at the receiving end of consuming raw white eggs which contain enzyme inhibitors that interfere with most of the metabolic process in the body.

Ensure you limit the number of eggs your dog feeds to avoid causing huge health issues associated with digestion issues, constipation among many others.

Introduce the eggs in a moderate and cautious frequency and be on the lookout for unusual signs and symptoms. Overcooking the egg white kills most of the nutrients which would make it ineffective.

Avidin is one of the most common forms of B vitamins inhibitors that cause sluggish metabolic reactions in the body. Biotin is responsible for good cellular growth as well as keeping the skin and the coat healthy. Biotin deficiency is a rare case since it would need a great number of eggs.

The good thing about the egg is their nutritional diversity which is also present in the egg yolks that are rich in biotin. Feed your pooch the whole egg to evade such health risks that could take a huge toll on the dog’s physical state.

As the pet owner ensure that your pooch gets the whole egg and cook the egg white to eliminate any possibilities of introducing the enzyme inhibitor.

It would be a great idea to include the shells which add to the nutrients and minerals needed for ideal health. They are valuable assets for dogs that are challenged by bones. Ensure you dry the shells and grind them for easy consumption. It would also be a nice thing to sprinkle the powder over the dog’ s food.