Can Dogs Eat Ginger ? : Lets Take A Closer Look

Can dogs eat ginger? This is a question many people have frequently asked online. There must be some reason why people go for ginger anytime they have a stomach upset. There must be something great about ginger and there are good reasons why your dog needs it.

Ginger is in the same family as turmeric and its root has been used as a medicine and spice in Indian, Asian and Arabic countries for thousands of years. Ginger is known for its benefit of aiding in digestion and nausea. There are numerous benefits about ginger you probably don’t know about. It can be used to control more serious conditions such as cancer and osteoarthritis.

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In humans the ginger plant can help with blood pressure as a natural anti inflammatory. You can bet that 98 percent of a dog’s upset stomach is due to a dog s diet. Ginger can thin the blood and improve blood circulation.

According to Steve Marsden, DVM adding raw ginger can aid in your dogs digestive system. Also, according to Shawn Messonnier, DVM ginger ale can reduce bloat in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Ginger : How and why your dog needs ginger

If it is helpful to people, can dogs have ginger? The answer to this question is yes. Many holistic practitioners have recommended incorporating ginger into pets’ diets with specific conditions as well as to maintain the general health conditions of pets. Below are some reasons why you need to give your dog ginger. When a dog eats especially eat ginger for dog owners it could have potential benefits. Dogs treated with ginger when you feed your dog it can act as an anti inflammatory agent.

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can dogs have ginger

can dogs eat ginger


There are many reasons why dog vomit and experience nausea. This may be when the dog is a little under the weather or when he has got car sickness. Sometimes dogs have nausea when they are under treatment for cancer.

Whatever reason for nausea in dogs, there is a good reason why you need to give your dog fresh ginger or powdered spice version to control nausea. If in any case your dog is car sick then you should give him ginger about 30 minutes before he gets into the car

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Bloat, also known as Gastric dilation volvulus is a condition that is life threatening to larger breeds of dogs.

The condition involves stomach expansion from built up food and gas that is stuck in the stomach. There are plenty of risk factors to this condition but an exact cause hasn’t been confirmed.

Ginger can help to relieve and prevent blat in dogs because it has the ability to stimulate the bowel movement in stomach and this accelerates emptying of the stomach.

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Arthritis is an inflammatory disease. Naturally, ginger is an anti-inflammatory. If your dog is suffering from inflamed joints then incorporating ginger into his diet can relieve him. Ginger is also showing some promise in studies for controlling arthritis in humans.


Ginger has shown some benefits to fight cancer in some studies. Ginger can slow the rate at which breast cancer grows in mice. Other studies have shown ginger to kill lymph sarcoma cells in a test tube.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory abilities because inflammatory plays a role in cancer development. Cancer can suppress immune system and therefore ginger also has some immune boosting powers.

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can dogs have ginger


This is a dangerous disease and you would never want your dog to get it. The conventional treatment options are difficult and risky. Conventional prevention options are full of chemicals and risks.

One scientific study has shown great promise in using ginger to treat heartworm in dogs. Ginger reduces the heartworm larvae concentration by approximately 90 percent in infected dogs.

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Ginger has a calming effect

Sometimes your dog may be stressed and inactive. Powdered ginger or ginger capsule can help to calm him. Dosing depends on their weight and you should consult your vet about dosing. You can also try the five flower remedy in case your dog is stressed.

This is a botanic supplement used to calm down stress in animals. Ginger cannot harm your dog unless you give it too much at one time. It may just make your pet a little uncomfortable or ill.

How to give dogs ginger

Can dogs have ginger? The answer is yes. Now another question arises, how can you give dogs ginger? Ginger is available in a variety of forms such as powder, tincture, pills/capsules and raw root.

You need to cut the skin off using a knife if you want to administer in raw form. There is a part of the root that is yellow and you need to finely mince this part.

You need to give dogs under 35 pounds a half a teaspoon. This should be considered for the miniature breeds. Larger dogs should be given three quarter teaspoon. Ginger can be mixed into dog’s food. If you are not sure about the dosing then you should seek advice from your veterinarian.

More about giving dogs ginger

Ground ginger is a yellow brown powder that is in the form of the herb and is available in supermarkets. It has an earthly aroma and flavor that smells like good clean soil. The smell makes it more acceptable to a dog than sharper taste of a fresh one.


If your dog will be undergoing surgery or if she is pregnant then you should avoid giving her ginger because it can thin blood. Also becareful of motion sickness.