Can Dogs Eat Kiwi : 9 Ways To Sunday

Can dogs eat kiwi. Despite it different taste and look, kiwi is a delectable and sweet fruit loved by many people. Available mostly in deserts, kiwi is usually made into purees or consumed in smoothies.

While it is safe for human consumption, pet owners looking to give their dogs a tasty snack, the question is whether kiwi is safe for dog consumption.



Is Kiwi Safe For Dogs : 5 Things To Keep In Mind



The answer is definitely yes. The nutrient-dense fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins that are not only beneficial to humans but also dogs and as a result, has been listed by several studies as one of the edible fruits for canines. 

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Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi, named after a New Zealand bird, is a furry brown fruit belonging to the genus Actinidia, and that is believed to have originated from Eastern and North-central Asia.

Formerly known as yang tao or strawberry peach, it was later renamed the Chinese gooseberry by the Europeans owing to its taste and color.

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There are over forty varieties of kiwi fruit in the world. Abbot kiwi fruit is the most common type of kiwi fruit.

Although kiwi fruits have several flavors (sour and/or sweet), they possess the same aroma and tang as strawberries. This is not entirely surprising given that kiwi fruits are technically berries.

However, they can also have a slightly tart and delicate flavor. Lest you forget, the fruit is not the only part that is beneficial to your dog. The liquid extracted from kiwi plant’s leaves and branches, for instance, can be used to cure mange, a terrible skin condition, among dogs.

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Kiwi Fruit’s Nutritional Benefits for Dogs

The pocket-sized fruit has a nutritional value belying its small size. It has a number of benefits for your dogs. Some of these benefits include:

Impressive Amounts of Vitamin K

A 100g of kiwi fruit is believed to contain about fifty percent of Vitamin K which is essentially for blood coagulation as well as body building. The fat-soluble vitamin is also beneficial to humans as it helps most of our enzymes to function properly.

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It is a Good Source of Vitamin C

Fun fact: kiwi fruits contain more Vitamin C than fruits such as oranges. I bet you did not know that. A 100g of kiwi contain as much as 155 percent of Vitamin C. While a dog’s body is capable of creating Vitamin C, offering the dog fruits such as kiwi which are rich in Vitamin C won’t harm them. Instead, it can assist in maintaining and developing their gums and teeth.

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An Excellent Source of Potassium

In order to meet your pooch’s dietary needs, which should comprise of approximately 0.6% of potassium, you should give it some kiwi.

Contains Antioxidants to Boost Your Dog’s Immunity

Giving the kiwi fruit to your dog can help to boost its immune system. Just like human beings find it hard to deal with diseases when their immune system is weak, dogs also need to eat fruits like kiwi in order to strengthen their immunity to fight diseases.

A Good Source of Fiber

For people who have overweight dogs, a high-fiber diet is usually recommended by the vet. A medium kiwi contains 8 percent of fiber that could make an ever-hungry canine feel full. In case your dog is suffering from diarrhea or constipation, giving it a kiwi fruit is an effective remedy.

Does Not Contain Saturated Fats

A piece of kiwi is a wonderful treat for obese canines since kiwi does not have any saturated fats. Balancing your dog’s fat intake is helpful to maintain the dog’s healthy weight or shed off the extra pound.

Kiwi Can Help To Fight Cancer In Canines

Just like people, dogs are also susceptible to cancer which can be as a result of environmental factors or genes. Some breeds are more susceptible than others.

Similarly, cancer has been found to be common in dogs more especially the older ones. While it is true that some things are way out of our control, ensuring that the foods that we give to our dogs are healthy is one of the ways through which we can help our dogs fight cancer.

Several studies have shown that the kiwi fruit is a good natural anti-cancer fruit that you should add to your dog’s diet.

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Has an Impressive Amount of Copper

Your pup requires about 3.3mg of copper every day for connective tissue formation. Even though dogs already possess some amounts of copper in their bodies, it is still a good idea to give them fruits that are rich in copper such as kiwi which has 5 percent of copper.

However, it is advisable to first consult your vet before incorporating high-fiber diets on a daily basis. The reason for this is because every dog is different and even though other dogs may benefit from high-fiber diets, it does not necessarily mean it will be the same case for your dog.

You should also be careful not to over-feed your dog on kiwi as it tends to give canines an itchy tongue. Consuming too much Actinidain, an enzyme found in kiwi, mangoes, and bananas, and which acts on tongue cells, can irritate your dog’s tongue afterwards.

The skin can also be toxic and as such, should be peeled before giving it to your dog. When offering kiwi to your dog, ensure that it is organic, fresh and sliced into small pieces to avoid choking.

Canned kiwi should be avoided as they contain a lot of syrup. You should also keep a keen eye on signs of potential allergies.

In conclusion, kiwi is a nice treat for your dog. However, it should be given in small servings as it contains a lot of fiber. Your dog may enjoy the sweet fruit but that is no reason to give it all the kiwi fruits you have; a slice is enough. Kiwi is a human food. When you cut the kiwi it does not have added sugar which is toxic to dogs, and safe for dogs to eat. Kiwi is good for dogs has health benefits. A dog a whole kiwi equals a good life.