Can Dogs Eat Lasagna : Does It Provide Any Health Benefits ?

Can Dogs Eat Lasagna : Does It Provide Any Health Benefits Or Will It Blow Up Your Pet Like A Balloon ?

We all tend to share our food with our pets which are both adorable and a caring gesture to the pet. Lasagna is a typical dish on our tables that is made chiefly of onions and garlic. A question will always arise, can dogs eat lasagna? As much as this food is very healthy to humans, the simple answer to this question is no.

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You should not let your dog eat lasagna. Lasagna ingredients primarily include onions and garlic, both of which are toxic for dogs. The solution to this dilemma is straightforward: please keep yourplease keep your dog out of it if you have leftover lasagna.

Is This Lasagna Healthy For My Best Friend ?

If you are quietly munching on your lasagna and you realize that your dog is staring at you, well, you are allowed to be a little selfish. It is both healthy for you and the dog!

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There exists scientific proof that most of the ingredients in a lasagna can be toxic to dogs if ingested in considerable amounts. Let us discuss some of these ingredients and the effect they have if consumed by your dog.

can dogs eat lasagna

What Are The Ingredients For This Dish ?

Most lasagna recipes often include cheese. At a basic level, cheese is harmless to dogs. If it is, however, ingested in large amounts, your dog could develop stomach complications.

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It gets even worse if your mutt is lactose intolerant. That is right; just like humans, some dogs are lactose intolerant and have difficulties digesting dairy products. Feeding your lactose intolerant dog with lasagna would complicate its digestive system to fatal extents.

What A Dog Owner Should Be Aware Of With This Meal ?

All factors aside, the cheese amount found in lasagna recipes is relatively too high for dogs. Dogs that consume too much cheese are more susceptible to overweight issues, pancreatitis, and heart problems. It is rare to find lasagna that lacks a mixture of onions and garlic.

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Of all the ingredients of this delicacy, onions and garlic are the most toxic. They contain an element known as thiosulphate, which is poisonous to dogs but harmless to humans. This element leads to the damaging of red blood cells and increases the chances of your dog contracting hemolytic anemia.

What Is Tiosulphate ?

Thiosulphate in the dog’s body limits blood circulation, and oxygen transportation to the various parts of the body is derailed. In the worst scenario, you might have to rush your dog to the vet. More sensitive dogs may require a blood transfusion.

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Research suggests that as little as 15 to 30 grams of garlic per single kilogram of body weight have adverse effects on the dog’s blood. Although this may seem too large for a dog to ingest from eating lasagna, some dogs tend to be more sensitive to thiosulphate toxicity.

Also, toxicity resulting from garlic and onions tends to build up over time. If you regularly feed your dog with lasagna, the effect may hit hard when least expected.

What Should You Not Do ?

How about we keep to the safe side? After all, intentionally feeding your dog with lasagna containing garlic may be termed as a recipe for disaster! You love your mutt past this, now, don’t you?

As harmless as they may seem, tomato sauce in a lasagna can at times be toxic to your pet. Partially ripe tomatoes have considerable quantities of alkaloid tomatine which is significantly toxic for dogs.

Although ripe tomatoes contain little of these toxins, prolonged exposure can build up the concentration of alkaloid tomatines to levels fatal to your pet. Additionally, most tomato sauces contain onions and garlic, whose effects are worse. Some tomatoes are acidic and can cause stomach upsets for your dog. Some dogs also have sensitive teeth that are easily eroded by these acids.


If you feel too selfish not to share lasagna with your dog, you can make dog-friendly lasagna at home. All you need to do is exclude onions, garlic, tomato sauce, and cheese in your recipe. If you fancy lasagna too much, the taste may be a little off-putting.

But is this not a sacrifice worth making for your little furry friend? At the least, you have a chance to give him a bite of your food without being worried about his health.

For puppies, the effect of eating lasagna may be a little too harsh. With their weak immune systems, they cannot cope with the toxins. At least not without vomiting or breathing difficulty. Cheese consumption can be fatal to puppies, way far worse as compared to the effect in adults. At all costs, avoid feeding your pup with lasagna.