Can Dogs Eat Lima Beans: 4 Concerns To Look For

Can dogs eat lima beans ? 

Lima Beans: A Fabulous Way to Add All-Natural Nutrients to Your Dogs Diet

Rich in B vitamins such as folate, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and pyridoxine, lima beans are also an exceptional source of soluble fiber, iron, carbohydrates and protein.


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These legumes have been feeding hungry civilizations for centuries, but what about your canine companion? Can your dog eat legumes, or more to the point, lima beans?

Well, the answer to that is–Yes! Adding lima beans to your dogs diet as an occasional meal or tasty treat is a healthy way to help your dog maintain their optimal health and well-being.

can dogs eat lima beans


Proper Preparation of Lima Beans is the Key

In order to get the most for your companion, proper preparation is crucial. For instance, while not deadly to your dog, it’s not a good idea to feed them lima beans straight from a can.

Canned lima beans contain additives such as salt which is not advisable for your pet, so prepping them from scratch is the only way. First, soak your beans overnight, before you boil them.

This ensures they cook thoroughly, and limits any flatulence your dog may experience. When it comes time to serve them, try blending them with dog food, or mixing them together with some freshly cooked rice.



An Alternative to Pricey Supplements

All in all, the mighty lima bean is a superb, natural, and inexpensive supplement for your dogs everyday diet. Fresh limas are void of chemicals, cholesterol and processed animal fats, and they don’t make a hole in your wallet.

Let’s face it, commercially prepared dog supplements can be expensive for some. Lima beans, on the other hand, offer the perfect solution for those of you trying to steer clear of pricey, commercially prepared dog treats, while looking to add more natural supplements to your dogs diet.

As part of a healthy diet sources of protein is needed however it could be gassy dogs syndrome and be bad for dogs, kidney bean and dried beans are also healthy as well.

But homemade dog food may not be the right route to go when dealing with your pet. Green beans can help regulate blood and dogs are omnivores so dog love what is safe for dogs and good for dogs as well.

They should eat things that will not cause them high blood sugar and provide health benefits as well. Butter beans is pretty good for humans but I am not sure for canine.