Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows As A Sweet Treat ?

Can dogs eat marshmallows ? You have surely noted that your dog will be waiting to eat anything that drops on the floor. Whenever you are snacking on anything, your lovely dog will be staring up at you hoping that you drop a piece of what you are having. While most of the things we eat may not be harmful for your dog, you might be wondering what is good for them.

There are also those times that you will generally feel pity as your dog looks at you with those giant and cute eyes, and you feel obliged to cut a small piece of what you are having.

But you may be wondering what is good and what is bad for them to eat. Particularly, we will dwell on whether marshmallow is good for your dog. Is there anything wrong when your dog feeds on marshmallow?

Is Eating Marshmallow bad for your Dog?

Your greatest concern is the safety of your dog, and as such you may be wondering if it’s actually dangerous for your dog to eat marshmallow. Sometimes, you will accidentally drop a piece of marshmallow on the floor, and it could be immediately eaten by your dog.

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This leaves you wondering if it is toxic for your lovely dog. Fortunately, it is exciting to note that a regular marshmallow will not outrightly harm your dog. You will note that the contents of marshmallow are gelatin, sugar and water.

Well, when we analyze the ingredients that make up a marshmallow, water is definitely not harmful. Gelatin is also not bad as it is derived from collagen that comes from certain body parts of animals. What is not very good for your dog is the sugar in your marshmallow. This is because, just like in us humans, sugar is not great for the teeth if taken in huge quantities.

can dogs eat marshmallows

Sugars are Bad for Your Dogs Teeth

You will note that sugary foods will definitely take a toll on your dog’s teeth, and as such you should regularly brush their teeth. This will effectively get rid of plaque that may have build up over time, which will ensure that their teeth are safe from decay.

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You could make your dog’s life miserable if you allow for the condition of their teeth to deteriorate. You dog will not be able to eat properly when its teeth are decaying, which could take a toll on its general health.

Gaining weight

Since marshmallow has a log of sugars, it has the ability to facilitate exponential weight gain in your dog when taken in large amounts. So, you should be very careful with this kind of treat for your dog. It is also not good to feed your dog on foods that do not have any nutritional value to their diet. You should rather consider all the other options that are healthy for your lovely dog.

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It is important to ensure that you do not feed your dog with marshmallows that account for more than 10% of their daily calorie intake. This should be true of any other foreign foods that you give your dog as a treat. This will ensure the safety of your dog as they remain healthy with the appropriate meals.

Are Marshmallows Toxic for your Dog

You do not have to worry about sugar marshmallows as they aren’t toxic to your incredible dog. However, it is sugar-free products that you should be afraid of such as those with xylitol. Xylitol is a substitute for sugar in such products and it is not good for your dog.

It is very dangerous to feed your dog with such products that contain xylitol, and it could have fatal consequences. If you feed a small dog with just two sticks of any chewing product containing xylitol, you will end up killing your dog. If your dog is lucky and does not die from eating that product, chances are that it will have a damaged liver. You will, therefore, note that it is really important to be aware of what your dot is consuming at any one time.

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It is always safe to ensure that your dog is only eating healthy foods that will not have a lasting side effect, or even kill them. Marshmallow are not necessarily dangerous for your dog if taken in minimal quantities, but they should never be sugar-free ones.

You should be very mindful when you have working with a dog digestive system and using peanut butter and giving dog marshmallows as sugary treats is not the best idea.

Occasional marshmallow in small amount is ok when feeding your dog however bags of marshmallows or a dog eat marshmallows in large amounts can prove to be toxic to dogs. Dog treats are safe for dogs and provide health benefits. Mini marshmallows as dog food is not recommended maybe sugar free marshmallow may be better in the end you want to give a dog treat that promotes good health.