Can Dogs Eat Papaya ? Enzymes, Seeds, And Peel Oh My !

Can dogs eat papaya ? Pet owners are sometimes in constant weary of what to give and not to give in regards to their dogs’ diet.

Dogs, specifically, are affected negatively by various human foods due to different toxicity levels.

One will find that in a fruit, the seeds may pose a problem to a dog’s digestive system while other parts of the same fruit play a significant nutritional value.


So, can dogs eat papaya? Yes, they can consume papaya as it is not toxic to them. Thus, toxicity should not be an issue as to why one should not feed papaya to dogs now and then.

The benefits of papaya are not only seen in humans but also dogs making the fruit a good-to-go in many instances.

This has made papaya fruit a common ingredient in a dog’s diet nowadays.

Pet food companies have added papaya as an ingredient in their products, mainly due to the advantages this fruit has on the digestive problems commonly experienced by aged dogs.

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The papaya enzyme can assist with intestinal blockage. Using this papaya seeds in small amounts may not be toxic to dogs. Dog love vitamins and minerals it helps the immune system particularily if they are high in fiber.



What is papaya?

Papaya also referred to as pawpaw, is a tropical fruit. The papaya is generally green when picked but later changes colour into yellow as it ripens. The fruit has a sweet taste, and it is in many instances used in sherbets, salads, juices, and pies. The skin and the seeds of the fruit are not ingested.

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How to feed papaya to your dog ?

Any pet owner must be smart when feeding a dog any food. As much as papaya is seen to be advantageous to dogs, different animals react differently to various foods.

One ought to take a significant step of finding out if a dog is allergic to a papaya diet. If the dog is not allergic, one can go to the next level, which involves the actual feeding of the dog.

However, the pet owner also needs to remove the seeds of the papaya and peel away its skin as these parts have been known to cause digestive problems for dogs.

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Thus, the safest and best way to give the papaya fruit to a dog is in small sliced pieces without the skin or seeds. The papaya, when prepared well, is known to improve a dog’s digestion as it is rich in fibre.

Choosing between Dehydrated Papaya VS Fresh Papaya

A pet owner always wants the best for his or her dog. One has an option of choosing between dehydrated papaya (also referred to as dried papaya) or fresh papaya. It is always advisable to go for fresh papaya due to various reasons.

One, although dehydrated papaya is found to be tastier in comparison to fresh, they contain less water and more sugar. This is not healthy for one’s dog as it may lead to cases of diabetes in a pet is fed a diet high in sugar levels.

Such scenarios are the ones that trigger a dog’s owner to always carry out due diligence before feeding anything to a pet.

An individual may not know it at the time because he or she wants their dog to enjoy its food, but what a dog is feeding on maybe a potential death trap if due diligence is not carried out.



Choosing between Hard Papayas and Soft Papayas for Dogs

It is advisable to feed not only a dog fresh papaya but also soft ones instead of hard.

Soft papayas are known to be more abundant in antioxidants in comparisons to hard papayas and thus more beneficial to a dog’s health.

Softer papayas are also tastier as they are ripe and yellow in comparison to the hard ones which are green in colour.

Papaya Supplement Tabs

This gives dog owners a chance for their dogs to enjoy papaya benefits without having to eat the papaya fruit necessarily.

Just the same way humans consume omega-3 supplement pills without the need of consuming whole fish is the same concept for dogs.

However, it is more advisable that one feeds his or her dog with fresh papaya instead of relying on supplements. Supplements should be given in exceptional cases, for example, on advice from the veterinary.

good for dog


Papaya Benefits for Dogs

First, it is essential to note that if one wants their dog to benefit maximally from papaya, he/she should feed it with ripe fruit. With that in mind, papaya benefits to dogs include:

• Papaya is rich in fibre, and most pet owners have reported good relieving results on their constipating dogs after being feed some papaya.
• Papaya reduces the possibility of excessive gas, bloating, and indigestion in dogs.
• Papaya fights intestinal worms and parasites in dogs.
• The fruit is packed with vitamin K, E, C, and A, which offers significant nutritional value in dogs.
• Papaya is an excellent dietary source of calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.
• Papaya promotes cardiac health and assists in fighting cardiovascular illnesses in dogs.
• It is a low-calorie healthy snack for dogs and easy to prepare.
• The fruit improves the skin and coat of a dog.
• Papaya is known to have prophylaxis effect against colon cancer in dogs.


With this information, it is correct to say that dogs can eat papaya. The only requirement is to feed papaya to dogs in the right way, and one’s dog will reap the benefits of the fruit.